• Published on: 30 April 2019
  • Norris Nuts losing memory prank on Mama. "YOU WON'T DO IT" https://youtu.be/7f42bjRMUHg 4 KIDS SWAP DIETS https://youtu.be/ElLwZmgGkyg STORE VS STORE https://youtu.be/OmH6FtKkExs BEST LAST TO LEAVE here http://bit.ly/2NCFjc3 Watch all to be a LEGEND

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    In this video do a family friendly prank on Mama pretrending to lose our memory. Or actually just Sabre Norris pranks Mama
    by pretending to lose her memory. FIrst Naz Norris distracts Mama by taking her to the shops where the rest of the Norris Nuts go skateboarding and then gather medical supplies for the lost my memory prank on mother at the store. Sabre then keeps practising losing her memory in this funny hilarious part where Biggy and Sockie for he Norris Nuts cannot stop laughing at Sabre's lost memory. Then Mama and Naz and Disco are home to get pranked by Sabre's lost memory where she can't remember any of the questions. #legends #norrisnuts #kidscontrol

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