Fortnite Launch Pad Fail! (BTS)

  • Published on: 11 May 2018
  • See the finished FORTNITE video here:

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  • Runtime : 13:6
  • fortnite launch pad fail bts bloopers behind the scenes nigahiga ryan higa higatv


  • Pasikhawm
    Pasikhawm   5 days ago

    now i gotta watch the actual Video Again

  • Cowta Playz
    Cowta Playz   1 weeks ago

    All the work you put in the video makes me want to watch the video 1k times for views

  • Hyper Karva
    Hyper Karva   3 weeks ago

    Hey 👋 HdbdhjdjddhdI wanna like do you watch his videos

  • Jonah Five
    Jonah Five   4 weeks ago

    Hey I really liked this video and my question is are though guns real

  • Paul Langley
    Paul Langley   1 months ago

    Love your vids I’m glad you speak freely in them you really open my eyes

  • Laicy Bing
    Laicy Bing   2 months ago

    Greg: hey.. I have a mustacheJanuary 2020: NOT ANYMOREEE

  • Terracota Army
    Terracota Army   2 months ago

    Dear Ryan, can you survive a zombie apocalypse?

  • The One
    The One   2 months ago

    Cool, but Fortnite still sucks.

  • Ruby Cortinas
    Ruby Cortinas   2 months ago

    and noticing that the RPG looks just like the one in chapter 2and thinking they predicted the future

  • ItsJae!
    ItsJae!   2 months ago

    Paco getting hit by a stickMe: ....I think I know how you feel..

  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player   2 months ago

    5:56 when an Asian dad sees a b- on his sons report card

  • Skelyboss
    Skelyboss   2 months ago

    Imagine if they actually shot for a Fortnight

  • SAMUKUN_99
    SAMUKUN_99   3 months ago

    Literally anyone: gets injuredGreg: DaNg DuDe

  • Dan Koji Maraya
    Dan Koji Maraya   3 months ago

    This video is like one of brave wildernesses vidryan:trips*camera crew:you alright?