Should We Colonize Venus Instead of Mars? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

  • Published on: 04 March 2015
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    Mars One. The Mars Rover. Bruno Mars. Mars Bars. It's pretty clear we're OBSESSED with the idea of Mars, especially in regard to it being a potential colony for earthlings. But is that really the best option? Is there a better place for us to colonize in our solar system? Well, how about Venus? Sure the surface temperature is over 450 degrees Celsius, with crazy pressure, but there might be a smart way around that, making Venus a better option for long term colonization than Mars! How? Watch this week's episode of SpaceTime and find out!

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    Hosted by Gabe Perez-Giz
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  • Runtime : 7:37
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  • Frank Hoffman
    Frank Hoffman   2 hours ago

    How do you reverse the rotation of Venus, then speed up its day? It would be an undertaking requiring a massive amount of energy - More energy than all the energy ever expended on Earth, multiplied by ten million. Assuming you could accomplish that impossible task it might thereafter be possible to introduce engineered life to do the rest, but absent an economical way to solve the rotational issue, Venus isn't worth thinking about.

  • JARI
    JARI   4 hours ago

    No water on Venus ...

  • Jan Forbes
    Jan Forbes   7 hours ago

    Who the hell said you could colonise ether !!!!! I own both planets. , so keep away or I'll blow earth up 😡😡

  • Walter Cagle
    Walter Cagle   1 days ago

    Cause the reptiles that rule humans use to live on mars millions of years ago and they want to go back

  • Martin
    Martin   1 days ago

    Venus is better for colonization, but the terraforming would take more work. Of course, it's nothing that a self-replicating race of constructor bots couldn't accomplish in a few years. If a robot could create a duplicate of itself in one month, then you would have over a billion constructor bots in 30 months -- and so on. The trick is that it has to mine all the resources in the environment and build facilities to create duplicates. No easy feat.

  • I K
    I K   1 days ago

    My town has been trying to fill the same pothole for seven years now and you mean to tell me we are trying to colonize Venus

  • dvfreelancer
    dvfreelancer   1 days ago

    There's ice on Mars, a lot of it. Is there enough water on Venus?

  • TheRandyWanker
    TheRandyWanker   1 days ago

    Send a few probes into Venus orbit, but let them float on balloons on high altitude, in fairly "safe" environment. This way they can collect more data about this planet.

  • Frances Hill
    Frances Hill   2 days ago

    Get yourself a P900 camera and youl see you wont be going there

  • Cosmo Genesis
    Cosmo Genesis   2 days ago

    For all you saying Venus has a planetary magnetic field, it does not. Do your research.

  • C P
    C P   2 days ago

    Yes send all the Democrats to Venus

  • lisa martin
    lisa martin   2 days ago

    Maybe Venus But There Is Bad Air So Maybe Mars

  • Michael Mariani
    Michael Mariani   2 days ago

    What if it gets no attention because the US is already there experimenting

  • AqWha Water
    AqWha Water   3 days ago

    yes i want to go to Venus and have my windpipe destroyed by my sulfuric acid in the atmosphere

  • alucard0712
    alucard0712   3 days ago

    is there anything valuable resource -wise to extract from venus? so no... we have enough space on earth that is easer to live in.

  • Frankie Gino
    Frankie Gino   4 days ago

    Phuck the youtube communitie guidelines. All the new standards and rules have forced me to be everything it says not to do.

  • Frankie Gino
    Frankie Gino   4 days ago

    Please stop talking. Its unhealthy for anyone to retain the sound waves you creste.

  • Frankie Gino
    Frankie Gino   4 days ago

    Your voice makes want to shove knives in my ears.

  • Raghab Panigrahi
    Raghab Panigrahi   4 days ago

    Earth is our only home..U can search far far away but truth is there is no second home..Better we care for our mother earth cares for us.

  • jaseem ihsan k
    jaseem ihsan k   5 days ago

    You forgot "The Final Countdown". They talked about going to Venus instead of Mars.

  • Mike Gorgichuk
    Mike Gorgichuk   5 days ago

    How would we go to Venus when we can't even go to the moon? 👽

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera   5 days ago

    In about a billion years the sun will begin its process to convert itself into a red giant. Why would we want to be closer to it in Venus. We should figure out how to be gone from the solar system and settle some where else. Ohh I forgot right after that Sun event we will have to deal with the collision of the milky way and andromeda galaxy. Renaming us Milkdromeda. Glad I’ll be gone to miss all of that headache. The human race will be extinct Like the dinosaurs in much less time than that. I give us (if we are lucky) 12 more years, due to the irreversible effects of global warming. According to AOC... LOL 😂

  • Cheese Block
    Cheese Block   5 days ago

    Venus would make the aliens jealous we made a cooler base.

  • Mrship ofSteam
    Mrship ofSteam   6 days ago

    So the Venus-Station from Wolfenstein is actually very accurate…

  • Fatima Hussain
    Fatima Hussain   6 days ago

    dude we can simply colonize venus if we keep on sending hydrogen bombs there which will create water over there

  • Mike Mason
    Mike Mason   6 days ago

    What has happened to our society for cripes sake??Colonizing Mars OR Venus is a RIDICULOUS notion.MARS IS FREAKING DEAD PEOPLE... It's core froze MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO... No magnetic field WHATSOEVER. No, none, nada, nein protection from the suns PUNISHING solar radiation. Mars is DEAD and will NEVER be a candidate for "terraforming".. The ridiculous idea only exists because of a few whackaloons getting government grants who keep harping on and on about it so that they continue to recieve the money..A manned trip to mars will produce ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except to confirm what science already knows. That its core froze millions of years ago.. It's too close to the sun even if it did have a magnetic field. Even with liquid water and an atmosphere with breathable oxygen, it would still be 190-200 degrees on a cool day. It dosent have an axis tilt to allow for seasons, no tidal locked moon...jeez, on and on i could go.For the love of pizza people please use your time and energy on other things besides wasting it on full blown NONSENSE.

  • ObiWill1
    ObiWill1   6 days ago

    Problems on Earth:1.) Over population2.) Green house gas emissions causing too much CO2 in our atmosphere.3.) Which is making rain in certain areas moderately acidic. . .Solution:1.) Continue to reproduce at an exponential rate just move the excess to Venus ^.^2.) Then fix its extraordinarily dense atmosphere filled with CO2. . .3.) And find a way to survive it's extremely acidic rain. . . seems logical, fixing those problems on Earth now since it's the only planet we have is just stoopid right?

  • cRzKamil Gamer123
    cRzKamil Gamer123   6 days ago

    Venus is better than mars cause I know that mars is a chocolate bar and Venus is a planet SO WE CANT SETTLE ON A CHOCLATE BAR