Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious

  • Published on: 13 May 2019
  • In this episode of 'Price Points,' Epicurious challenges whiskey expert Heather Greene to guess which one of two whiskies is more expensive. Heather breaks down Scotch, rye, Irish, Bourbon and Japanese whiskey before making her guesses!
    Heather Greene is a whiskey author/expert and partner at Ben Milam Whiskey: www.benmilamwhiskey.com

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    Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious
  • Runtime : 20:40
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  • !!!!????
    !!!!????   8 hours ago

    wheres the list of the whiskeys she tried?

  • Cow Farts Bear
    Cow Farts Bear   1 days ago

    I met my wife when she was a whiskey maker. I love her still.

  • Adam Gregory
    Adam Gregory   1 days ago

    Good god I can’t stand when women blink a million times while smelling somethijg

  • OmikronWeapon
    OmikronWeapon   2 days ago

    She got on my bad side immediately with the opening, the halleluja, let's put my personal interest out there as something glorious, but I have to say, she won me back with more self-depricating humor. Why risk putting people off with a snarky opening? idk, it turned out fine I guess.

  • terry
    terry   2 days ago

    please stop yelling at me

  • kosipisakii
    kosipisakii   2 days ago

    $40 is cheap? What I consider cheap is about 12-15 dollars.

  • Y-per
    Y-per   3 days ago

    A:i am a whiskey expertB:Nope u are just alcoholic

  • Marathon Runner
    Marathon Runner   3 days ago

    'I'm a cheap date, this is great, you just put this on the rocks & I am good to go.' Wheew chile😪😂

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope   5 days ago

    Its 3AM and I went for a half ounce if my Lagavulin Nick Offerman 11 Year single malt Scotch, poured bare and let it breathe in a leaded blue genuine Block crystal tumbler to see if I could be so inspired. I was inspired that I thought that she kinda looks like the character from breaking bad that likes purple, the one that plays Hank Schrader's wife. But it was tasty. We mortals will have to tell our good stuff from the price tag. :(

  • Robert Conley
    Robert Conley   5 days ago

    I'm a Borboun expert.... And also an alcoholic

  • ar_ aktual
    ar_ aktual   5 days ago

    Why not tell what exactly they are so we can taste them as well?

  • Anikesh Nair
    Anikesh Nair   5 days ago

    This is straight up rigged, she knew what was what

  • PJ Paran
    PJ Paran   5 days ago

    i thought youre that one collegehumor girl.

  • Grant Campbell
    Grant Campbell   6 days ago

    We as the father's of whiskey create the best whiskey in the world. Hands down. Scottish is the best.

  • Hentaiweeb69
    Hentaiweeb69   1 weeks ago

    She looks like will’s mom from stranger things

  • king Gooch
    king Gooch   1 weeks ago

    Do you think as a Expert she should know the names of the alcohols ?

  • APM M
    APM M   1 weeks ago

    Whiskey for breakfast lol

  • APM M
    APM M   1 weeks ago

    Does the word pretentious ring a bell 😆

  • Kelii Yamashita
    Kelii Yamashita   1 weeks ago

    Japanese whiskey! Yummy! They actually sold Yamazaki at Costco!

  • Anuj Kishor
    Anuj Kishor   1 weeks ago

    You ma'am are silly, relatable, informational.

  • Amirul Noh
    Amirul Noh   1 weeks ago

    We’d call her an alcoholic. Her face telling she needs rehab ASAP!

  • D.S
    D.S   1 weeks ago

    Whisky can be POWERfull I think but I’ve never tried it tho

  • D.S
    D.S   1 weeks ago

    Is she gonna get drunk cus

  • D.S
    D.S   1 weeks ago

    When I saw whisky expert I was like

  • Juradic
    Juradic   1 weeks ago

    Would have been nice to reveal what the brands were at the end...

  • Jhonny Roman
    Jhonny Roman   1 weeks ago

    Who els is wating for one to get one wrong?

  • Kindryte
    Kindryte   1 weeks ago

    She looks like the very concept of a wine aunt...or whiskey aunt in this case....

  • ody riz
    ody riz   1 weeks ago

    Her voice us annoying af

  • MasterAzazal
    MasterAzazal   1 weeks ago

    I really wish they would tell what whiskey's they did

  • Boomer Zierath
    Boomer Zierath   1 weeks ago

    Ok, I’m not saying I’m extremely attracted to her, but....

  • StandardNormal
    StandardNormal   1 weeks ago

    Wait... at 2:30 does this video mess up the distinction between "blended scotch" and "blended malt scotch"? Blended scotch is malt scotch blended with whisky from other grains, while blended malt scotch is made by blending single malts (and is therefore entirely malt whisky).OTOH, a woman who likes spanking can say whatever she wants, and I'm fine with it.

  • Matt Sayle
    Matt Sayle   1 weeks ago

    Spankings and whiskey? Subscribed!