These MATURE VOICES SHOCK The Voice Kids coaches

  • Published on: 24 January 2020
  • The Voice Kids coaches did NOT expect these to be voices of kids! Did you think you were listening to a kid or an adult?

    1. Gabriel sings 'Lean On Me' (The Voice Kids Germany):

    2. Алиса Кожикина sings 'Sunny' (The Voice Kids Russia):

    3. Antoni Szydłowski sings 'Hello' (The Voice Kids Poland):

    4. Gracie-Jayne sings ’Golden Slumbers’ (The Voice Kids UK):

    5. Robin sings 'Ain’t No Sunshine' (The Voice Kids NL):

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  • Runtime : 8:34
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  • kholoud
    kholoud   2 days ago

    Who’s watching during the quarantine 2020..😂

  • Ian Green
    Ian Green   3 days ago

    How does age work? I’m so confused...

  • Aurane Trihan
    Aurane Trihan   4 days ago

    Le garçon qui chante Hello d'Adèle est merveilleux, c'était juste incroyable ....

  • leo de putter
    leo de putter   1 weeks ago

    Voor alle Nederlander die dit zien hebben Julie ook de pest op polen

  • John Wick
    John Wick   2 weeks ago

    I sounded like a dying cow when I was 14.

  • Dries Baelen
    Dries Baelen   2 weeks ago

    Antoni didn't sing well... It was extremely false and not mature at all.

  • Zio Pier
    Zio Pier   2 weeks ago

    Gracie-Jayne... thank you! Awesome!!

  • DeniceDAK
    DeniceDAK   2 weeks ago

    Damn the last kid really gave me shivers the kid's voice is amazing

  • Apolo GT
    Apolo GT   2 weeks ago

    That dude 14 iam 15 and Look hella young

  • mehmoona qazi
    mehmoona qazi   3 weeks ago

    Never seen so buff 14 year before the 1st kid .

  • Dat KoreanDood
    Dat KoreanDood   3 weeks ago

    So when was 14 a kid, I thought 14 was a teen :p, unless you make a The Voice Teens. No.

  • Hili 23.11.
    Hili 23.11.   3 weeks ago

    Der erste kann niemals 14 sein!😳😳😳😳

  • LucidXility
    LucidXility   4 weeks ago

    That first kid is 14 and looks like he’s 30 I am 13 and people think I’m still in 4th grade

  • Face Humor
    Face Humor   1 months ago

    What song is the second girl singing? She sounds great.

    OLAV WILHELM   1 months ago

    "lean on me "awful singer ! are those guys tone death while bathing in their past?

  • Lima 2019
    Lima 2019   1 months ago

    Teens is not Kids.The Voice Kids: 0 a 9The Voice Teens: 10 a 15The Voice: 16 a 49.The Voice Sênior: 50 a [...]Correct.

  • Siti Fatimah
    Siti Fatimah   1 months ago

    The first guy is 14 years old? Really? He looks like 25 for me

  • chad martin
    chad martin   1 months ago

    first one i think sound like a adult.

  • Agata Madeline
    Agata Madeline   1 months ago

    The last one the best one 🔥 that deep voice, omg ❤️

  • Christina Kadriou
    Christina Kadriou   1 months ago

    I can't believe how nobody is talking about the girl at 5:48 ...!! Her mom is just squeezing her body!!

  • Darqueyes
    Darqueyes   1 months ago

    @2:25 "I'm gonna luuuuvvv you," Sitting here feeling like I just witnessed the most age inappropriate shimmy.

  • Inel Langley
    Inel Langley   1 months ago

    That 1 kid on 4:00 looked like chicken little crying because the sky is falling

  • Chad Battman
    Chad Battman   1 months ago

    The first one is 24 year old It's a hoax.

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams   1 months ago

    Nobody believes when I tell them I’m 15 because I’m 6’4 and workout and have a beard

  • Bryt Gearhart
    Bryt Gearhart   1 months ago

    You should meet my friend he has such a deep voice and he’s only 12

  • henryscp
    henryscp   1 months ago

    Was that the voice kids 2020 or 2019? The first one

  • Nathan Rivas
    Nathan Rivas   1 months ago

    The kid from Poland and The Nethatlands