NBA's Best Plays | January | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on: 03 February 2020
  • Check out the best plays from the month of January from the 2019-20 NBA Season!

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  • Runtime : 25:19
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  • Bruno Moura
    Bruno Moura   1 months ago

    12:40 "I know they're the Lakers but DAMN"

  • Lio Matamoros
    Lio Matamoros   1 months ago

    Nobody:Literally nobody: The kings commentator:If u dont like that u dont like NBA basketball!!!!

  • Shun Ren
    Shun Ren   1 months ago

    How many times has Ja Morant appeared? This young guy has unlimited capability!

  • Jon Agro
    Jon Agro   1 months ago

    Bro harden made covington fall of a fake behind the back pass 5:43 😳 that shit was crazy, good thing their teammates now lmao

  • JohnnyOmm
    JohnnyOmm   1 months ago

    2:35 that court color makes it look like a video game lol

  • saintangelo64
    saintangelo64   1 months ago

    At 7:52 can't stop 😂 Where they are going ?

  • Ryan Brenchley
    Ryan Brenchley   1 months ago

    Half these highlights are either from JA or Zion

  • Justin Graham
    Justin Graham   1 months ago

    Looks like Harden is the one saying "yeah" at 15:33 lol

  • Peanut haterzz
    Peanut haterzz   1 months ago

    The commentator at 1:12 with the free throw had me dead 🤣🤣

  • Tucker Antonsen
    Tucker Antonsen   1 months ago

    That free throw play by Fox was a line violation.. can’t cross the line until ball hits the rim..

  • OlSkunGun PS4
    OlSkunGun PS4   1 months ago

    I need to get myself Spalding ball. Neva had one. And where I was playing with one it was like touching finest chick a$$ in high school

  • Waqas Farid
    Waqas Farid   1 months ago

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim   1 months ago

    I hoped for the impossible, and we just got it. (GOod stuff)

  • Tamara Powell
    Tamara Powell   1 months ago

    mcgee doesn't give easy dunks. anyone dunking on him, that's a man's jam.

  • Flashy_ YT
    Flashy_ YT   1 months ago

    When ja dunked on his own teammate

  • Kevin Hausch
    Kevin Hausch   1 months ago

    The Grizzlies have played 40 times last month.

  • panetero
    panetero   1 months ago

    That move by Schröder got me horny.

  • Lutz Zywicki
    Lutz Zywicki   1 months ago

    Hörbücher der Blödsinn wird eigentlich nur noch für Esenzuguckfilme getopptKlar für Menschen mit den speziellen Handycaps gut und wichtig, aber doch nicht für Otto Normalo

  • Ricky Terry
    Ricky Terry   1 months ago

    My man Ja Morant is all over this. His highlights are incredible. ROTY!!!

  • lastrempolarbears
    lastrempolarbears   1 months ago

    Literally one play from the Nuggets and they're number 2 in the west? They really don't respect Jokic! He should be near the front of the MVP race. But Trae Young, cause he gets a million points on losses playing for a garbage team... on here a ton! Clearly they favored the East. Like How the hell are the pistons gonna get that many highlights?

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell   1 months ago

    Zion: Does anything at allNBA: :0000000000000000

  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk   1 months ago

    So Zion, LeBron, AD, Ja get a combined 40+ highlights in this video and the raptors went on a 10 game winning streak in january with siakam getting player of the week. And yet the raps literally got one fucking highlight?! Fuck y'all with the disrespect. Smh what do y'all have against actually giving the raptors credit? Zion getting a rebound is more of a top play than all the insane plays all the Raptors had?

  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk   1 months ago

    This video is a disgrace to the raptors smh. No respect.

  • Peter Diaz
    Peter Diaz   1 months ago

    McGee pushing Gordon mid air...really, dude?

  • matt davey
    matt davey   1 months ago

    The NBA is so bias against the raptors 2nd best team in this month and they get no clips? Had guys like Freddy breaking ankles Norman throwing down huge dunks and nothing..... Wow