HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 22 August 2019
  • The player assumes the role of a Small Plastic Soldier and must scavenge the environment for resources in order to construct turrets, build defences and protect the HYPER-CORE. The environment is much larger than the player making every normal household item an obstacle. The HYPER-CORE is powered by a battery and the player must explore the environment to find one, ensuring the HYPER-CORE is always operational.

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed releases winter 2019 https://bit.ly/2Mu2ibr

    #NintendoSwitch #HYPERCHARGEUnboxed

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  • Runtime : 36
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  • Numb Skull
    Numb Skull   3 days ago

    Well i was interested, until i noticed theres no deathmatch or team deathmatch.

  • Cpt woot woot
    Cpt woot woot   2 weeks ago

    I recommend this game to anyone on switch looking for team deathmatch or tower defense or team deathmatch it's freaking awesome game for 20 bucks online is smooth as well and game performance

  • Mj F
    Mj F   1 months ago

    looks really good

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan   2 months ago

    splitscreen play makes this a definite purchase. Road trips with my friends will be awesome with this game

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan   3 months ago

    holy crap this is comming to switch? been on my steam wishlist for a while but might have to pick this up for both! Game looks amazing guys, ever since 3do went out of business we have been in desperate need of plastic army men style games.

  • MastaMelli
    MastaMelli   5 months ago

    So insanely excited for this game! I have been waiting for over a year when I saw it on imgur. Looks great!

  • Lyra
    Lyra   5 months ago

    Kinda reminds me of The Mean Greens

  • Basscool 4k
    Basscool 4k   5 months ago

    I remember toybox war game i played a few year ago

  • Blood Blossom
    Blood Blossom   5 months ago

    Wow the movie Small Soldiers has evolved alot

  • mrcs
    mrcs   5 months ago

    Looks too good to be actual Switch footage

  • I’m still Ded
    I’m still Ded   5 months ago

    Hey I’m wondering how much will the game cost and how many controllers will it take to play each player?

  • Dox Fob238
    Dox Fob238   5 months ago

    It would be cool until in future if they start doing crossovers it would be great if they add in the characters from an old movie called Small Soldiers Borge the soldiers and the the creatures like maybe an Easter egg somewhere off the map where you had to look a a giant telescope to see them also maybe get a special crossover set with LEGO Bionicle gen 1 if they prefer too with these ideas. This game looks epic.

  • Master Potato
    Master Potato   5 months ago

    This looks soo good and it gave me a lots of nostalgia because i played toy story 2, and army men, even in quake 3 arena i had a map pack and this just bring very good memories, getting it on switch and pc for sure

  • Chris Assassin
    Chris Assassin   5 months ago

    Is it just me or do these graphics look really good?

  • Storm Charade
    Storm Charade   5 months ago

    Can we get an Army Men game? Like a remake/remaster of the first few?

  • Kongo
    Kongo   5 months ago

    Why is Bill from Left 4 Dead in the thumbnail?

  • Tyger Jo
    Tyger Jo   5 months ago

    Split screen! Unless of course you cheaped out and got a switch lite.

  • Rex D.
    Rex D.   6 months ago

    Strictly tower defense?? And team death match 4 v 4 gamemodes??

  • Speed Power
    Speed Power   6 months ago

    I can't belive no one ever had this idea before. So cool!

  • DoctorJ42
    DoctorJ42   6 months ago

    This looks quite promising.

  • Maverick Hunter Meta
    Maverick Hunter Meta   6 months ago

    So this is what happens when Army Men, Toy Story 2, Toy Commander and Small Soldiers come together as one. Where has this been in all my life?

  • Bambam bm
    Bambam bm   6 months ago

    Will this have online coop play??

  • DMC 234
    DMC 234   6 months ago

    Home Wars looks differents since his last update