Mia Kang Kills the Beat Against Nick Cannon | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

  • Published on: 15 September 2017
  • MMA fighter Mia Kang goes toe-to-toe with Nick Cannon in this segment of #Wildstyle. Other highlights include DC Young Fly going in on Justina Valentine, and Timothy DeLaGhetto going up against Corey Charron.

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  • Runtime : 4:13
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  • Mylynn Epps
    Mylynn Epps   5 days ago

    dc come here u lil uglass boii😂😂😂✌🏼.

  • Dream Queen
    Dream Queen   1 weeks ago

    i know if dc and justina re on separate teams i need to watch this

  • Siunipa Toson
    Siunipa Toson   2 weeks ago

    Lmao charron got bars but he just has that face you wanna punch after he disses you 😂

  • Funnel Cakes 88
    Funnel Cakes 88   3 weeks ago

    Lol justina & dat white boy from the black squad don't backdown💪💪

  • Omg Smh
    Omg Smh   1 months ago

    Charron: .... “ you like woo tang , cause that’s the name of your uncle “Lololololol Lololololol IM DONE 😂😂😢

  • Fraquane
    Fraquane   1 months ago

    Subscribe, Like, Comment, Follow ushttps://www.youtube.com/Fraquane

  • The Professor
    The Professor   1 months ago

    "I like that Nick, and mine too!" DC funny asf

  • Milo Jamez
    Milo Jamez   1 months ago

    Nick freestyles serious idc what nobody say you can tell if something comes off top

  • John
    John   1 months ago

    The beat crazy af

  • R Columna
    R Columna   1 months ago

    I remember Charron when he battle Zaito. Bring Zaito here in wild n out!

  • Ro _
    Ro _   1 months ago

    Tim hella embarrassed himself that shit was lame 😂😂

  • Ed Seda
    Ed Seda   1 months ago

    When they got nothing else for Justina they always got to her voice and her being white . She's probably the best rapper up there and she's hot too.

  • Siobhan Berry
    Siobhan Berry   1 months ago

    Love Wild 'N Out videos. They would make u laugh so hard most of the time. Im Subscribed

  • Meika
    Meika   1 months ago

    Sometimes I hate they jokes. I feel like it's not creative enough like they go for the same things all the time.

  • Asherlee Downer
    Asherlee Downer   1 months ago

    One thing I learn from watching wild n out is that Justina always start with DC body good friendship they have😂😂

  • Asherlee Downer
    Asherlee Downer   1 months ago

    I love when Nick say he make Mia his next baby mama DC and Justina I love them always at it at each other suppose they end up together

  • doll spit
    doll spit   1 months ago

    Dc stay coming for Justina's voice. I love themmm. 😭❤

  • polite spoon
    polite spoon   1 months ago

    why she look like a creep in the thumbnail

  • Mike T
    Mike T   1 months ago