Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published on: 09 February 2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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  • Runtime : 1:23:37
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  • Freaker
    Freaker   1 hours ago

    This is very emotional. Also I CAN'T believe he is actually asking about music !!!

  • iso kasa
    iso kasa   8 hours ago

    Why does she keep her hand before her mouth sometimes when she talks?

  • Paul Hensley
    Paul Hensley   9 hours ago

    I like watching this, it erases my anxiety like for real, i feel like im in a group of friends sharing something really deep and influential.

  • Diana Lising
    Diana Lising   1 days ago

    I love you Zach. Thanks for this 💕I am glad I live in the same generation with Ari

  • Meekrs
    Meekrs   1 days ago

    the dude beside ariana is so awkward

  • julieta
    julieta   1 days ago

    the way that she told him to go suck a dick KDKGKDKS i love them

  • Furdonkulous
    Furdonkulous   1 days ago

    20:55 Talking About GhostinYour Welcome29:30 Song Hes Never Heard Anything Like It (Make Up)

  • Hattie White
    Hattie White   2 days ago

    take a shot every time ari interrupts zach lol

  • Jimmy Salo
    Jimmy Salo   2 days ago

    Whole album is about sex :DDD Orgy in the studio

  • priscila :p
    priscila :p   2 days ago

    zach : what was ghostin aboutariana : no

  • 4 19
    4 19   3 days ago

    She looks so little

  • Emily H.
    Emily H.   3 days ago

    Zach really needs some dick holy shit

  • lindsey dpt
    lindsey dpt   3 days ago

    I dont like her that much but its sad that she was almost crying in the intro

  • RainbowSparkleBear
    RainbowSparkleBear   3 days ago

    “It’s an inside joke”*tells story behind inside jokeDeadass something I’d do 😂 I love Ariana

  • Jasonm Gavitt
    Jasonm Gavitt   4 days ago

    I wouldn’t trust anyone who blinks that much.god damn!

  • Fxckin God
    Fxckin God   4 days ago

    her voice ❤😪so calm and relaxing

  • Ash Lopez
    Ash Lopez   4 days ago

    When I was in middle school Your Truly had been out and that’s when she was done with Victorious and I loved her 😂 I wanted to like dress like her 😂 I kind stranded away after that idk why exactly but my Anxiety bought me back when I listened to Breathing lOl cheesy but yeah I’m realizing how awesome she really is lol

  • Ariana Grande's fan acc

    31:57 MONOPOLY tea. So the account that sad this, wasn't spilling tea so that wasn't insider information

  • Justin Louis
    Justin Louis   4 days ago

    Devil illuminati scum witch 💩😈💩 satanic puupet she is

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose   4 days ago

    I wish Ariana Would do Vlogs And Upload dem to her yt channel

  • Cameron Jelena
    Cameron Jelena   4 days ago

    Victoria is 💯 smexy she my girl crush and I love her no homo

  • Izzy Bixxy
    Izzy Bixxy   5 days ago

    44:37 girl stfu u are the best dancer like u can saaang and dance and errythang

  • OnlyAriana Updates
    OnlyAriana Updates   5 days ago

    She’s so relaxed in this interview and I love it so much for her

  • Nadia Rose
    Nadia Rose   5 days ago

    I love how real she is. I love how relatable it is. You don't get the "perfect life" vibe from her. I get her all the way.

  • Maiya Parker
    Maiya Parker   6 days ago

    through the whole interview i literally forgot she was the big queen of pop sensation, "Ariana Grande". it felt like they were just talking and hanging out like on a TV show. except they weren't acting.

  • Maiya Parker
    Maiya Parker   6 days ago

    i was always confused with her height but now i got it. she ain't 5'0, she's 5'2.

  • Q Smooth
    Q Smooth   6 days ago

    Why she didn’t talk about Mac Miller