Everything Wrong With Dark Phoenix In Plenty Of Minutes

  • Published on: 22 October 2019
  • Dark Phoenix... the final movie in the most recent X-men series... completed while Fox was being sold to Disney... and it's a mess, kids. A freaking giant mess. Full of sins. Oy.

    Thursday: recent inclusive horror sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 20:29
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  • Xac Mashe
    Xac Mashe   4 hours ago

    "I can't remember the last time you were risking something." She says to the VERY crippled CHARLES FUCKING XAVIER.

  • Rodney wilkerson
    Rodney wilkerson   1 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence kept breaking my concentration when watching it... Honestly I think she should have been killed off before this movie, but the part where she says the women seem to be doing all the work with rescuing and literally 5 minutes earlier she was the only one in there jet that didn't do anything

  • Cao Sơn Nguyễn
    Cao Sơn Nguyễn   3 days ago

    This movie sucks balls and dicks. I stopped after 15 minutes. Terribly written and worst execution. Waste of good actors and actresses

  • Egg3
    Egg3   4 days ago

    This entire movie was pointless. Prove me wrong.

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham   4 days ago

    Missed the last 5 seconds where you see Jean appear again in space through the blue sky. Easy miss though.

  • Wiley_ Gamer
    Wiley_ Gamer   4 days ago

    You should have mentioned that a kid could be on the basketball court and no one gives a f*ck

  • Agent Wolf
    Agent Wolf   6 days ago

    Wow this..... really sucked.The movie not this videoI’m still not seeing the point of Raven’s death

  • MichaelJ
    MichaelJ   1 weeks ago

    The people who only gave effort in this was Hoult and Fassbender and everybody else was "I cant wait for this to be fucking done already"

  • Kayla Resler
    Kayla Resler   1 weeks ago

    I just watched the movie for the first time. I am so mad about what they did. What was the point of Days of Future Past if this movie completely changes the school, who runs it, who is in the X-Men, etc. Like Mystique is dead, Jean is gone, Erik isn’t bad Magneto, Charles isn’t the headmaster, and the school doesn’t even have the iconic name. So mad.

  • Señor Verdad
    Señor Verdad   1 weeks ago

    That "sucks fuzzy weasel balls" has me dead. 😂😂😂

  • Solar Analysis
    Solar Analysis   1 weeks ago

    The greatest marvel comic dealing with racism and social issues FILLED WITH PRIVLEDGED WHITE KIDS who look like underwear models..and jennifer lawrence sucks as mystique...THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKS....

  • Virginia Rose
    Virginia Rose   1 weeks ago

    Professor X is always drinking in this movie I didn't know him as a drinker 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Minh Hà
    Minh Hà   1 weeks ago

    neck-lock thing was explained in Deadpool 1... just saying

  • rasmokey4
    rasmokey4   1 weeks ago

    I am so confused over these X-Men movies! Wasn't Jean killed off in a previous movie?

  • Jasmin Dee
    Jasmin Dee   1 weeks ago

    Hey sugar momma come and dance with me!! Loved the little Crazy Town reference haha.

  • Ne smaraj
    Ne smaraj   1 weeks ago

    15:40 Ok, Please do not use Almighty name of Lord Jesus Christ for nothing and jokes. If Lord Jesus Christ did not risen from death way then His Apostols spent and risk their lifes for praying him and helping poors all life after His death? Because He risen from it.

  • Warren Kings
    Warren Kings   1 weeks ago

    Why dont you just add a tick every time they say a word? Keep it legit or you're losing what makes you worth watching.

  • Glen Kim
    Glen Kim   1 weeks ago

    Love how during the chess scene at the end, Xavier is so much more jacked because it was probably a re-shoot while he was filming Glass.

  • jaevizzy allenizzy
    jaevizzy allenizzy   1 weeks ago

    there's metal in the human body, hence why magneto can manipulate that metal and fly

  • Meriluslff1989
    Meriluslff1989   1 weeks ago

    Remove sin number 30 Storm can actually control space storm or rather create them in the comics ( don't ask i aint no scientist but I know she can lol)

  • Kirami MMO
    Kirami MMO   1 weeks ago

    Here a 1 second answer: everything

  • Trey
    Trey   1 weeks ago

    This movie was good I don’t care what nobody say !! But I still hope they release the kinberg cut

  • Tyson Jandreau
    Tyson Jandreau   1 weeks ago

    So we have: the mutant containment unit, sentinel services (the gifted) and division 8 (legion)... how in the hell does the public not realize the government is trying to violently oppress a group of people and continue to blame the mutants for their issues?

  • Rose Petals
    Rose Petals   1 weeks ago

    I miss when Mystique was still the badass, villain she used to be..

  • Tony2Truuu TV
    Tony2Truuu TV   2 weeks ago

    Lol 😂 Xavier’s Men sounds like a gay strip club in Las Vegas. He’s hairy with a little bit of scary. Pull out those mini purses boys here comes THE BEAST!!! 🤣

  • Manish Panchpal
    Manish Panchpal   2 weeks ago

    Six films later since hugh jackman lef andt they now think of pulling this flamin X thing add 100 sins DING

  • TKS
    TKS   2 weeks ago

    So boring

  • Capture King
    Capture King   2 weeks ago

    1:12 I guess you went for a bathroom break when there was the flashback of Xavier talking to Jean's father. And as stated in another comment, "Um, Xavier is a supreme telepath, you don't LET him do anything". Sin total = 122

  • PhoenixFire504
    PhoenixFire504   2 weeks ago

    “In the kitchen? That’s So Raven”.... lololol

  • Christian Zulueta
    Christian Zulueta   2 weeks ago

    I am currently watching X2 United and I hate it so much now because it's not aligned with their other xmen movies: (1) how Stryker died. In this one he was chained to a wall, in the other xmen movie, wolverine chained him to a helicopter, and (2) how Jean died and became phoenix. Here iIn X2, Jean drowned, and later in other xmen movie she turned into Phoenix. In the Dark Phoenix movie, Jean absorbed a solar flaire and didn't died at all. XMen movies sucks. Whoever wrote and directed each XMen movies, they're not communicating with each other. Good thing the XMen franchise is now with MCU who knows how to sustain continuity in their stories (except of course with that Captain Marvel story and acting crap).

  • Stabby Bear
    Stabby Bear   2 weeks ago

    I'm guessing you're the guy nobody wants to watch a movie with