Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to plumbing? Drano, Liquid Plumr, Lye, Sulfuric Acid (Clobber), Roebic (enzymes/bacteria), Muriatic Acid, and Drain Sticks are put to the test for effectiveness of hair, grease, solids, paper towels, and vegetables. The results are very interesting with certain products working very well on hair and grease while others work better on other types of clogs. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • Runtime : 12:30
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  • zone47
    zone47   7 hours ago

    I'll pray for your lungs.Can you do one on soft non scratch tile cleaner? The crap that you get at the dollar store isn't worth a crap and I haven't found anything that works good anymore. Thanks, I love these compares.

  • Jordan Bronson
    Jordan Bronson   10 hours ago

    All Snakes Don't Lye! 😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️

  • stephenmallardsm
    stephenmallardsm   10 hours ago

    My wife says you are about as fun to watch as watching paint dry, but I find your videos entertaining and informative! Keep 'em coming, brother!

  • turtleh
    turtleh   15 hours ago

    All this ineffective poisonous crap being dumped down the drains and ultimately into our bodies of water. Humanity needs to be wiped from the earth.

  • Sayit AsItIs
    Sayit AsItIs   18 hours ago

    If you want to blow the crap our used Baking Powder followed by vinegar and try to cap it off. Boom fizzle fizzle and your toilet is clean but your neighbours house isn't

  • hardlyb
    hardlyb   1 days ago

    For hair I use the one of those serrated plastic hair remover things, and for most anything else i use a drain king sort of clog remover. I used to use drain-o, but it seemed to cause more problems in the long run.

  • Jason Honingford
    Jason Honingford   1 days ago

    I'd give all of those an N/A - not applicable to drain cleaning.

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy   1 days ago

    You are so good at devising tests, can you test which cat urine odor work best (or works at all). :)

  • Damian P
    Damian P   2 days ago

    Lol who saw that strange addiction episode with the guy addicted to pulling hair out of people drains

  • Damian P
    Damian P   2 days ago

    Thankyou you always have a video come out just as I'm thinking of witch one to buy

  • Joey Robles
    Joey Robles   2 days ago

    And the drain sticks are only meant to help over time with smells we use them every month they work grrat, especially in the basement sink drain

  • Joey Robles
    Joey Robles   2 days ago

    None of them works, I am a plumber, when I go to a job I ask if they used any drain cleaners if they did I walk out, I won't even attempt to touch it, most of that shit BURN THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!!!

  • JoeStuffz
    JoeStuffz   3 days ago

    There seems to be a few products for paper like Rid-X, Green Gobbler, and someone suggested Dawn (Dawn soap to make the paper slide down the pipe, maybe not to dissolve). ROEBIC might work since it's designed for roots. Bosh Fumeless drain opener, Tissue Digester, and Floweasy also look like products. Some do more than paper though

  • Thanks Obama
    Thanks Obama   3 days ago

    I use the Drain Sticks on an old sink that Stunk...took awhile say ten sticks ,but they did rid the sink of the smell..I use them once a week now..

  • jt martin
    jt martin   4 days ago

    I'm a plumber and my boss has been a master plumber for over 30 years and the best drain cleaner he has found is thrift. It works very well. I'd like to see another one of these videos with thrift included

  • rusty spork
    rusty spork   4 days ago

    Which draine cleaner product tastes the best ?

  • Marc Thomas
    Marc Thomas   5 days ago

    Vinegar and baking soda followed by boiling water

  • J L
    J L   5 days ago

    Instead chemical, snake is best

  • GRBTutorials
    GRBTutorials   6 days ago

    Well, paper is made of cellulose, which is quite resistant to chemical attack. You can try a piranha solution, acid + oxidiser (such as hydrogen peroxide, usually in combination with sulphuric acid) to dissolve almost everything, especially organic materials... and your metal pipes! Best way to get rid of clogs, as you will no longer have pipes to get clogged!

  • Sloth Armstrong
    Sloth Armstrong   6 days ago

    Blend sulfuric acid + hydrogen peroxide then pour down the drain. No matter the fist-sized turds stuck in the piping, nothing will ever bother you again. It also makes for an excellent summer beverage.

  • Ethan
    Ethan   1 weeks ago

    Side note: If you have PVC pipes its best not to use Drano to dissolve a body in the backyard

  • Is It Possible
    Is It Possible   1 weeks ago

    Could you please test best sound insulation for walls in a home?

  • Walter Clarke
    Walter Clarke   1 weeks ago

    Best way to unclog a sink..fill it with hot water and then shopvac. It solves the problem every time.

    LAFIRO   1 weeks ago

    I forgot where I read this but I used near boiling water after pouring Lye into a drain (both sink and bathtub) and within seconds, everything was dissolved and water flowed freely. However, when this is done, proper ventilation is needed and some fresh air - very dangerous to breathe in. Could be good to test using this method as well possibly?

  • Da C.
    Da C.   1 weeks ago

    The Lye should work pretty good. They use to use it on dead bodies.

  • Da C.
    Da C.   1 weeks ago

    I kept having problems with clogged toilet. I found hot water from the bath worked better than anything else.

  • dungoist
    dungoist   1 weeks ago

    Green Gobbler is the best. None of this shit worked for me. I followed Green Gobbler instructions....a clog that was been plaguing me for 4 years was gone!

  • goober pea
    goober pea   1 weeks ago

    I was waiting for the acid to "explode" that glass measuring cup

  • Jon Day
    Jon Day   1 weeks ago

    you were supposed to test ABS not PVC

  • Tammy Hughes
    Tammy Hughes   1 weeks ago

    Your videos have caused me to change my product choices about 30 to 40 percent of the time. Hey, you can't argue with results. You deliver a truly valuable service. Thanks !

  • Doug Yazzie II
    Doug Yazzie II   1 weeks ago

    Very nice. Informative and fun to watch.. good job..

  • Matthew ross
    Matthew ross   1 weeks ago

    Should’ve tried white vinegar and baking soda for one

  • Robert Alcala
    Robert Alcala   1 weeks ago

    Of course it's safe on plumbing cause it won't do anything to your pipes or your stoppage

  • Donny Moose
    Donny Moose   1 weeks ago

    another cleaner is purple cleaner it is extremely good on removing grease and dirt

  • Robert Alcala
    Robert Alcala   1 weeks ago

    I don't see how they can still sell liquid plumber cause it's garbage