Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to plumbing? Drano, Liquid Plumr, Lye, Sulfuric Acid (Clobber), Roebic (enzymes/bacteria), Muriatic Acid, and Drain Sticks are put to the test for effectiveness of hair, grease, solids, paper towels, and vegetables. The results are very interesting with certain products working very well on hair and grease while others work better on other types of clogs. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • Runtime : 12:30
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  • hejustleft
    hejustleft   7 hours ago

    Several acquaintances and some family members- rall aging liberals- were disappointed that you, instead of of carrots and asparagus, didn't use the turnips from the truck they fell off of. As always, your posts rock!

  • mike wingate
    mike wingate   1 days ago

    So have I been fucking up by not mixing it with water to start out? Instructions on draino and liquid plumber say to just pour bottle in drain and wait 15 to 30 minutes then apply hot water after to wash out

  • Lee Shellam
    Lee Shellam   2 days ago

    Another brilliant informative video, I'm slowly getting through all of your videos and have loved every one !! Please don't stop making them!

  • mnewln1800
    mnewln1800   3 days ago

    I like your videos. You look like a Marine so I listen to what you say like my life depended on it

  • AgentCorgi
    AgentCorgi   3 days ago

    I can’t remember a day that I haven’t clogged the toilet from pooping. Pls help

  • Margaret Hogg
    Margaret Hogg   3 days ago

    Really surprised how well the lye worked against hair. Also, I'm pretty sure the lye against the bacon grease left you with a layer of soap, not grease. 😆

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star   4 days ago

    I haven't clogged a drain in a while but if u have a badly stained toilet bowl some acidic toilet cleaner works great and thats just hydrochloric acid in gel form. It really did great, most of it u barely had to scrub at all. Not a single spot was left and regular cleaner barely did anything.

  • Matthew Muensterman
    Matthew Muensterman   5 days ago

    Hey project farm I hope you are well. What do you think about engine degreasers. I've had my best luck with purple power. Maybe a test on different surfaces that are under the hood, will it ruin rubber seals... Etc thanks.

  • Zach Binette
    Zach Binette   5 days ago

    Disclaimer this review does not pertain to usefulness in the manufacturing of meth

  • Brandon Cornett
    Brandon Cornett   5 days ago

    I keep thinking about how sulfuric acid would absolutely eat the natural items then I remember it's not lab grade like I use. Much lower concentration is less affective and a lot slower.Piranha solution would be the best drain cleaner if pipes were made of glass 🤣

  • William Gaines
    William Gaines   5 days ago

    Most sink traps hold very little water. When you put the drain cleaners in by their directions, your resultant solution would likely be very strong. Ex.: drain pipe and trap are about 18"×1.5" so about 1/2 gallon of water. Adding a quart of declogger would result in a 2/1 water to declogger ratio. The lye/bleach cleaners are also heavier than plain water, so even if your sink had a few gallons of water in them, the declogger sinks to the bottom without too much dilution - as you are not supposed to agitate the water and some products recommend bailing excess water from the sink before application. As you stated, NEVER mix the acids with the bases(LYE/BLEACH).Great channel.

  • Apple Jacks
    Apple Jacks   1 weeks ago

    Being lactose intolerant, a full glass of heavy cream will work wonders for myself.

  • Wesley Baird
    Wesley Baird   1 weeks ago

    What's the best hard-shell or softshell cooler?

  • xabc1
    xabc1   1 weeks ago

    The ingredient in drain cleaner to be a real eye-opener😜!

  • Odium
    Odium   1 weeks ago

    But which one cures autism the quickest?

  • Mr. W
    Mr. W   1 weeks ago

    Good video. Although normally when I use drain openers I just fully send it and pour til I fill the pipe. One its stronger and two I'm not gonna use the bottle again . Keep up the good work

  • Dan Vanslyke
    Dan Vanslyke   1 weeks ago

    I have always used a lye based product called blue monster drain banger, you can literally hear your pipes boiling when you pour it in. I would like to see it compared to regular lye. It’s quite expensive but available through online supply stores.

  • Itz Cyclops
    Itz Cyclops   1 weeks ago

    After last week's fish tank cleaner incident, I feel compelled to point out none of these products are approved for clogged eustachian tubes or sinuses.

  • joe moe
    joe moe   1 weeks ago

    Liquid plumer is ment to be poured into a pipe, it doesnt dissolve things, it pushes them down the pipeline. Look up will it clog by vat19.

  • so pay the price
    so pay the price   1 weeks ago

    I now start out with 1/2 cup baking soda stuffed into the drain (can't be any standing water) then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into it and cover the drain for about 15 minutes. Then pour a pot of boiling water afterwards. I had to do it twice and I poked around with a chopstick. It worked and I didn't damage our aerobic septic system.

  • Al Schmidt
    Al Schmidt   1 weeks ago

    Your drain opener tests are worthless! These products should not be on the market. Sorry yo say most people think that if a little is good, a lot will be better. They poor a whole bottle down the drain and it eats up the basket strainer, now you have all of this toxic material all over the inside of the sink cabinet and onto the kitchen floor and your drain is still stopped up. They then call a plumber and he smells all of these toxic chemicals and informs the customer that they will now all be charged to replace the snake cable because the chemicals they put down the drain will crystalize the spring steel cable. As a service plumbing contractor for many years, I would tell people safe ways that were usually more effective than chemicals. Many of those that tried my solutions called back and thanked me because it worked. There are stoppages that are so severe that nothing but a snake will solve the problem. Your drain opener test as worthless as tits on a bore hog. Your test have nothing to do with real life drain problems. You do not mention the problems they cause in septic tanks and sewer processing plants. When you made this video, you had your head up your ass!

  • Dovia Spells
    Dovia Spells   1 weeks ago

    Drano & BleachDrano Factory: Yes! I Won!Bleach Factory: I Lost!?😭

  • Darrell Huff
    Darrell Huff   2 weeks ago

    Green Gobbler pacs or money back best i used at HD.

  • Rum&Coke
    Rum&Coke   2 weeks ago

    So use drano and lye together?

  • Stefan W.
    Stefan W.   2 weeks ago

    If you wanna get rid of hair use thioglycolic acid. Dissolves it in no time.

  • ojars zvaigzne
    ojars zvaigzne   2 weeks ago

    Could you PLEASE do a test on drain cleaners for clogged TOILETS? Also, the best toilet plungers! Thank you!

  • Brakarot
    Brakarot   2 weeks ago

    Was a little worried for you using the hydrochloride and muriatic acid on that galvanized fitting inside. Very toxic fumes are released since the zinc in the galvanizing reacts violently with the hydrochloride acid. Seemed like small enough amounts to cause no harm though. Love the video as it confirmed everything I’ve always thought about drain cleaners.

  • Michael Larcom
    Michael Larcom   2 weeks ago

    I have a problem in lateral drain pipe but you recommend for that every other month I have to run a snake I don't have no trees in my yard..

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell   2 weeks ago

    Shoulda got a bald wig and attach clumps of hair to it for the summary

  • johnrpan
    johnrpan   2 weeks ago

    Before marriage, 5 years, no clogged drains in bathroom sink or shower. 5 years after marriage, a clogged drain at least once every 3 months.

  • cyclical50
    cyclical50   2 weeks ago

    Like MANY products, Marketing 🐂💩

  • zabdi zelaya
    zabdi zelaya   2 weeks ago

    you make great videos. i enjoy watching them. i even listen to them while doing some work

  • Thomas Jenkins
    Thomas Jenkins   2 weeks ago

    you will never encounter steel pipe for a drain line. all of these are perfectly fine for cast iron. if you have galvanized steel plumbing for your drain, move or redo your plumping. that's why you are getting clogs. do not use clobber if you have a thin, plastic p-trap (not schedule 40) or stainless trap. it will melt right through it. that's why it says "not for home use." it's fine for use with brass and sch. 40 pvc traps.

  • Ken Haynie
    Ken Haynie   2 weeks ago

    Some of these things I knew, from years of experience, but seeing how effective the chemicals were on certain types of clogs was pretty eye opening. Thanks!