Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to plumbing? Drano, Liquid Plumr, Lye, Sulfuric Acid (Clobber), Roebic (enzymes/bacteria), Muriatic Acid, and Drain Sticks are put to the test for effectiveness of hair, grease, solids, paper towels, and vegetables. The results are very interesting with certain products working very well on hair and grease while others work better on other types of clogs. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • Runtime : 12:30
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  • harmit dhillon
    harmit dhillon   6 hours ago

    Thankyou for making another great video.Would love to see performance of different brake pads - akebono, raybestos etc, are they any better than others, are ceramic better than semi metallic, which one is quieter and lasts long

  • Jason C.
    Jason C.   6 hours ago

    Hot water works great for grease, fat, etc. Has to be really, really Hot though.

  • Myreflection
    Myreflection   6 hours ago

    Youtube recommended: wanna see tape tests and drain products you dont need?Me: you son of a bitch, im in!

  • rcrogers6
    rcrogers6   10 hours ago

    Did you formerly do ballistics testing?

  • Trip's Hobbies
    Trip's Hobbies   13 hours ago

    The most common clogs are from dissolved fat that comes from your dishwasher. It becomes hard and builds up over a few years, When a chunk gets to big, it dislodges from the pipe, and gets stuck up against others that are still forming. Allowing water threw some gaps but now creates a wall that builds up more till no water is allowed threw any longer. Regardless of what clients put in their pipes, it doesn't work, So they call our company to unblock it with water jetting. Try this kind of blockage, dissolved dishwasher capsules and food Greece. In our experience, this is the most common and hard to unblock, because it's often 2 - 5 meters down the pipe.

  • 2020 Slots
    2020 Slots   1 days ago

    My tubs been clogging for a while, watched this video did what he said and boom all cleared up in 30 minutes. Wow how bout some lottery adviceπŸ˜‚ . That Drano really works. Thanks for the video. Appreciate it very much. πŸ‘

  • chantal murray
    chantal murray   1 days ago

    Quick question...are there any products like these used to clean toilet drains?πŸ€”

  • night2night3
    night2night3   2 days ago

    Me: Health issues like what? Maybe a rash.PF: it would probably cause sudden death. Me: Ahh. Ok.

  • N300SW
    N300SW   2 days ago

    Thank you for spending the time and efforts to make these comparison. Saved me so much time and money for trying!

  • Corey Whitaker
    Corey Whitaker   3 days ago

    Somewhere out there, a meth addict is watching this with their nose smashed against the phone/computer screen.

  • Ordoz
    Ordoz   3 days ago

    How about a video about if and what products and chemicals are best for cleaning and if you get better results if you mix some of them together.

  • Kevin Lawson
    Kevin Lawson   4 days ago

    What's mind blowing is the Acid comes in a plastic container.

  • Benjamin Marples
    Benjamin Marples   4 days ago

    Does anyone else feel as though this guy sounds like TheWolfePit??

  • Offroad Mx
    Offroad Mx   5 days ago

    video idea: does cold starts really affect motors? ( put a small engine in the freezer (-40Β°F) and start it up and see the damage if any

  • audittgc
    audittgc   5 days ago

    No bacon was hurt during the making of this video.

  • Spark Y
    Spark Y   5 days ago

    I've had excellent luck with lye. Using the whole bottle is the best way to attack the clog.

  • Kelvin Lyons
    Kelvin Lyons   5 days ago

    YOu need at least 8 hour for those chemicals to eat there way through a drain

  • so pay the price
    so pay the price   5 days ago

    Are any if these harmful for use with AREOBIC cavatette septic systems (the ones that pump air into the concrete tanks)?

  • Wargasm644
    Wargasm644   6 days ago

    None of this shit ever works. EVER

  • MrMinigun457
    MrMinigun457   1 weeks ago

    4:20 😯 it makes noises Sounds like its mad it is being deluded πŸ˜€+πŸ’¦=🀬

  • Brandon Gatti
    Brandon Gatti   1 weeks ago

    My girlfriend's hair is always clogging the shower drain. I use something from Walmart called Instant Power Hair Clog. It's essentially concentrated lye. It works like a charm. I've used it 3 times over the course of the past 2 years.

  • Roger Gustafsson
    Roger Gustafsson   1 weeks ago

    I lived in America for six years. I had several clogs. I've lived in Europe for 40 years total. Never had a clog. Never. European toilets and sinks etc have bigger diameter tubes. Perhaps why?

  • Mike DeClerck
    Mike DeClerck   1 weeks ago

    This is about my 5th time accessing one of your "which is best widget", and I am VERY impressed with your thoroughness, comprehension, and attention to detail. Thank You!Your evaluations have helped me make much better buying decisions based on my specific use and needs. BRAVO! I will be watching every one of the episodes.

  • Kevin Cobb
    Kevin Cobb   1 weeks ago

    I always find that Liquid Fire works the best for me

  • West House
    West House   1 weeks ago

    7:15 the blue drain stick vegetable cup was bubbling?!?!?

  • C Wands
    C Wands   1 weeks ago

    Just a thought, love the video and your channel btw. Redo the test with a PVC pipe with an endcap secured with PVC cement to see how water tight the piping joints remain.

  • Mit Gon
    Mit Gon   1 weeks ago

    But how about little elbow grease πŸ’ͺ. If not work use 2 elbow grease. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill   1 weeks ago

    Hey project farm guy, I noticed you always use the same pen to point in your YouTube videos. I was wondering if you could tell me what it is called, it looks like a neat pen!

  • Amy Atkinson
    Amy Atkinson   1 weeks ago

    Lye is my go to for any sink or tub clog. I have it on hand anyway from making soap, and it always clears the clogs right up!

  • cronic overlord
    cronic overlord   1 weeks ago

    Pouring chemicals down the drain ends up in our drinking water

  • Jake Tripoli
    Jake Tripoli   1 weeks ago

    dont use any of this this stuff its a waste of money, just snake the line, get it cleaned and unclogged. Source: I'm a Journeyman Plumber

  • Isaak Welch
    Isaak Welch   1 weeks ago

    I've got a septic system so its manual methods only for me. Yet here I am, watching this comparison.

  • KingLord
    KingLord   1 weeks ago

    Drano 17 OZ Dual Force Foamer Clog Remover Serious Clog Buster Deep

  • KingLord
    KingLord   1 weeks ago

    No question is the foaming pipe cleaners, i do ever 6 months to keep crap from building up in pipes. Had kitchen remodelled and saw how grease build up in our pipe the diameter of pipe was less .5 inch after build up. Next time cut up the veggies and break outer skin is tough why they grow in dirt. Funny i remember when i was kid they sold something that used air pressure clear clogs.

  • mike force
    mike force   1 weeks ago

    "if my calculations are correct, this should make ice...". mixes chemicals. "oh no! killer mustard gas!!!".

  • Michael Bamber
    Michael Bamber   1 weeks ago

    We in the UK get caustic soda, major bad stuff for your skin or eyes but put it down your drain mixed with some water, wait half hour and flush through, what ever was there will be gone.

  • Duane Buck
    Duane Buck   1 weeks ago

    It would be interesting to see this test performed now with some of the new foaming style drain cleaners. I buy one from eBay that seems to work quite well with tree roots, plus we have used it in a shower drain with amazing results - I poured approximately 1 cup of the granules into a plugged drain (and forgot about it for about 2 hours) and had a clear running drain that is still clear months later.