How To Cook A Russian Salmon Coulibiac | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

  • Published on: 24 November 2019
  • Michael G, Eugene, Jen and Michael V are put to the test in a pressure test! The home cooks are tasked to replicate a Russian salmon coulibiac!
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  • Runtime : 9:36
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  • Nora Meem
    Nora Meem   4 hours ago

    How the hell do they know all these recipes ? I think they practice them before the episode !

  • BottledBanana
    BottledBanana   9 hours ago

    6:12 Michaels salmon is overcooked if we are comparing it to the first guy.Baking good salmon in general seems to be a bit of a waste though.

  • kani_mar
    kani_mar   2 days ago

    Poor ol’ Micheal got wrecked.

  • FrisoK
    FrisoK   2 days ago

    When do you want him to taste it?When i win this.Me thinking it will be spoiled then

  • Ø
    Ø   3 days ago

    3:12 bro said “🙂”

  • Илья Никитин

    I am from Russia and I hear about this salmon kulibyaka for the first time,even kulibyaka with beef or other types of meat isnt popular.Шняга какая то короче,но выгдядит красиво.

  • Equinox
    Equinox   4 days ago

    Why is the clock moving backwards

  • Uzair CoolGuy
    Uzair CoolGuy   4 days ago

    I love Michael G slice the mushroom very fast @0:01 and he's double-handed slicing mushroom! @0:05 😻😻😻 I LOVE IT!!!

  • Aditya
    Aditya   5 days ago

    5:14 That is how I eat

  • GS925 Gorilla
    GS925 Gorilla   6 days ago

    Michael:”I can’t come out on bottom cause otherwise I look like a fool.”You already look like fool cutting with 2 knifes

  • gagan sharma
    gagan sharma   6 days ago

    Its all drama real life restaurant cooking is totally different they do 7 prep jobs in 1 hour

  • Ducki Flyerz
    Ducki Flyerz   6 days ago

    The first guy thought his was gonna be the dogs danglees but the chef crumbled his dreams 😂😆🤣😂😆🤣🏏

  • Noggin Fodder
    Noggin Fodder   1 weeks ago

    The thin pastry is undercooked, but the dense protein dead center? Overcooked! Makes total sense.

  • Swallo
    Swallo   1 weeks ago

    Chef sok tau, palsu kontol

  • ツCatz
    ツCatz   1 weeks ago

    Me: watch 2 min The Judge: 30minutes!

    DADDY   1 weeks ago

    I didn't read the title im like why they being so nice then i checked the title and saw canadian i was like ohhhhh makes sense😂

  • pokimaster 24
    pokimaster 24   1 weeks ago

    i looked at the top part of the title then looked away then back again becuase I thought that it said"How to cook a russian" ಠ_ಠ

  • Babita Roy
    Babita Roy   1 weeks ago

    this is just bloody ridiculous competition...i just hate those competition which is related to these bloody fast making dishes... cooking best food is an can't be proved by making it in a minute or a second... Nonsense!

  • DingleZilla
    DingleZilla   1 weeks ago

    Not one of those had puff pastry on them because there wasn't enough layers of pastry. Not only that, you cannot make puff pastry quickly because it takes time and preferably a cold kitchen, cold ingredients, cold worktop and cold hands. At best it is rough puff pastry and that can be made relatively quickly.

  • Neel Nag
    Neel Nag   1 weeks ago

    Imagine this without the music

  • foxi chu
    foxi chu   1 weeks ago

    This may be random but I don’t have a phone and I keep getting A PHONE ADDDDD

  • Zeus
    Zeus   1 weeks ago

    3:50 can we get a rip in the chat?

  • Angale
    Angale   1 weeks ago

    I like the dude with the blue hair and blue glasses he’s funny 🤣

  • Cuddletail
    Cuddletail   1 weeks ago

    when the teacher says you'll get bonus points if you finish first

  • Mochamad Muchsin
    Mochamad Muchsin   1 weeks ago

    This is how cooking competition should be, not drama only...

  • Cribby
    Cribby   1 weeks ago

    Gordon ramsay would roast everyone here no doubt