• Published on: 14 December 2019
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    In today's video, Carter Sharer invites Team RAR including Lizzy Capri, Stove's Kitchen, Ryan Prunty, and special guest Bailey Payne AKA Bagels to an epic last to fall challenge for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 dollars cash money! Carter has built a giant trampoline park in his backyard and is challenging his friends Lizzy, Ryan, Stove, and Bailey to compete in a last to fall off the trampoline challenge for a chance to win $10000. Each contestant must stay on the trampolines for as long as they can while competing in additional mini challenges! The last person to fall off the trampoline will win ten thousand dollars! Watch to see who can stay on the giant trampolines the longest and be crowned the winner of this challenge and Comment below with what you thought about this epic vlog!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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  • Runtime : 23:42


  • tape faze
    tape faze   6 hours ago

    I left for a year and this happens.Oh how you have grown carter my friends say that you and lizzie are brother and sister.I do not believe that anyway hello after a full year of biend gone or was it 8 months idk.

  • slay the dragon
    slay the dragon   7 hours ago

    You should make a video last to leave with challenges to see who gets what story

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur   8 hours ago

    Carter that was mean what you did to Ryan

  • ALX
    ALX   9 hours ago

    Can we agree that the dangie Bros have built something crazyer

  • TinyButMighty202
    TinyButMighty202   9 hours ago

    Stove is laaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzy. You should call him Lazy Stove do not take this as a mean comment

  • Mathew José
    Mathew José   10 hours ago

    I like your videos one like equals one big love❤️

  • Crazy Dude Sup
    Crazy Dude Sup   11 hours ago

    At 4:09carter says that he has never jumped off his balcony before and he says it like people do it all the time. Like if you think that’s weird too!!

  • Kaitlyn Lutes
    Kaitlyn Lutes   13 hours ago

    I don’t think carter should have won Ryan should have won what carter did is disrespectful

  • Stacey Schweigert
    Stacey Schweigert   13 hours ago

    I think that Ryan should win Carter is mean I did not like this video

  • Yvonne Dickinson
    Yvonne Dickinson   13 hours ago

    You should do part 2 and do who ever loses has to give the winner there money.

  • Pippin Rose
    Pippin Rose   14 hours ago

    What happened to you and Steven I miss seeing you Steve and Lizzy together everytime I see one of the old videos with you all in it I cry can you please go back to the sharer house for 3 days pls

  • kenny gerhart
    kenny gerhart   14 hours ago

    Ryan could’ve got the money and bought a new phone

  • Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker   16 hours ago

    Who’s better Carter shearer=his fansCarter vs his fans

  • Mel Nicholson
    Mel Nicholson   19 hours ago

    carter u are so annoying why would u do that just to win 10,000 u could of gave that money to people who need it

    PABLO HERNANDEZ   19 hours ago


  • Osman Anwer
    Osman Anwer   20 hours ago

    Who scrolled down the comments while watching this video

  • Willem Snyman
    Willem Snyman   23 hours ago

    Carter I love your vids!Keep up the great workand make another vid with Stephen.Do a challenge to see who's soda rocket can go the highest

  • Moto BDR
    Moto BDR   1 days ago

    Do a backlift challenge 150times on the trumpaulin