• Published on: 22 June 2019
  • These are the top 100 moments of the entire 2018-19 NBA Season, including the playoffs. Enjoy!

    #NBA #NBAHighlights #NBATop100

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  • Runtime : 1:11:52
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  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights   6 months ago


  • Random Asian
    Random Asian   17 hours ago

    Is this in order? Because I don’t agree with most of the rankings

  • Ben _Jamin
    Ben _Jamin   2 days ago

    at 13:50 they two guys were stoned out there box. getting stoned before a match thats crazy

  • Dave Kim
    Dave Kim   2 days ago

    #48 is like when people are singing you happy birthday and you're just sitting there. Except this time you're retiring

  • Arthur James
    Arthur James   3 days ago

    The Derrick Rose clip 3:13 is that lady a basketball player? She's taller than D. Rose!

  • TruenoG7
    TruenoG7   3 days ago

    breaks my heart seeing rose in tears. the bulls broke their mvp. they traded him when he needed them the most.

  • sactown steelers
    sactown steelers   1 weeks ago

    I like it that fans want to see where their team has beaten the Warriors..lets me kmow we the greatest for 5 years Warriors was kicking every ones butt and the haters are in full bloom even the announcers fk lakers and labron if he don't team up with D Wade he dont get no ring. Raptors won bcos Warriors were hutt

  • Michael Elizondo
    Michael Elizondo   1 weeks ago

    3:33 am i trippin or why do the kids look like they're in 2k they dont even loon real wtf

  • Harry Hall
    Harry Hall   1 weeks ago

    The one with chris Paul I was watching that game live

  • mario figueroa
    mario figueroa   1 weeks ago

    Dude the amount of work you put in for this deserves a like and subscribe!!!

  • Ryan Posadas
    Ryan Posadas   1 weeks ago

    I love that this list has a combo of both basketball highlights and moments 🧡

  • Mexican Nacho
    Mexican Nacho   2 weeks ago

    1:00 I couldn’t tell if the were cheering that he was finally leaving

  • dylan wachowiak
    dylan wachowiak   2 weeks ago

    i can't believe that some guy standing beside another guy made it to number 91. idc who they are thats way too high.

  • Lucas
    Lucas   3 weeks ago

    Although jack and decline weren’t the big voices of kawhis big play the way he said “is this the dagger?” just echoed everywhere in the arena

  • A k
    A k   3 weeks ago

    39:58 Lebron for the win :D

  • James Strong
    James Strong   4 weeks ago

    #95 lil uzi: I call that girl koreta hehe 😉

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo   4 weeks ago

    Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash😥😥😥

  • Ryder Warner-Masters
    Ryder Warner-Masters   1 months ago

    Derrick should go back to The Bulls and finish his career there as a reminder of where he made his name

  • toxic
    toxic   1 months ago

    the 100 one isn't a highlight, he stepped on his foot and made him fall, thats bs

  • SajmonBR
    SajmonBR   1 months ago

    Nets were such a fun team back when they didn't have kyrie and durant

  • Username Loading
    Username Loading   1 months ago

    Jeremy Lambs shot was better than DWade's and I'm a raptors fan

  • Will Hughes
    Will Hughes   1 months ago

    #97 described the Lakers whole season

  • NBA Media
    NBA Media   1 months ago