Jason Williams' Most Amazing Passes | NBA Career Highlights

  • Published on: 18 November 2019
  • Check out Jason Williams' best passes and assists from his NBA career.

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  • Runtime : 12:59
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  • yesiand cruz
    yesiand cruz   7 hours ago

    This guy was amazing WOW WOW WOW. It's like playing against the Globetrotters JESUS!!! ☝️💪🤣😂👍🔥❤

  • TwelveAngryMonkeys
    TwelveAngryMonkeys   16 hours ago

    Well this is one skilled tiny motherfucker 😂😂he makes the opponents cry

  • Jackey Tsui
    Jackey Tsui   18 hours ago

    If NBA is stockfish in basketball, Jason Williams is the AlphaZero.

  • ST3VO
    ST3VO   1 days ago

    You know it's a great pass when you hear him say "WOOO!!"

  • Steve Syed
    Steve Syed   1 days ago

    The Creator. This is a point guard, imagine playing with this guy, I'd bounce out of bed everyday and run to practice. Webber never talks about this. Too bad Sacramento didn't let this grow, and replaced him with a less talented clone.

  • cookietote
    cookietote   1 days ago

    I'm so glad you're not playing annoying music on this video THANKS

  • bigavelik
    bigavelik   2 days ago

    Better arm and better pass precision than most NFL QB's , just saying...

  • James Mendez
    James Mendez   3 days ago

    he pulls off the no look pass exactly like soccer players do, straight baller

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed   3 days ago

    This King's team got robbed of a championship. The referee was even indicted in court in the series against the Lakers.

  • Zhicao Fang
    Zhicao Fang   3 days ago

    1:02 Jason Williams stealing Mike Bibby's ball

  • DaKingzLyricz22
    DaKingzLyricz22   3 days ago

    The most underrated in nba history. I wish someone would play like this now

  • John White
    John White   3 days ago

    Of course everyone talks about his behind the back and no look passes, Burt whats really special is the velocity of his long bounce passes

  • william wong
    william wong   4 days ago

    am i actually enjoying a Kings game? dang how far they have fallen into everlasting mediocrity. White Chocolate is one of the old school players that will never be replicated especially in this modern era

  • Blow' The Whistle
    Blow' The Whistle   5 days ago

    Todays league he'd be a superstar his creative game was to sick to stomach when he played for SAC..

  • Mikee TV
    Mikee TV   5 days ago

    He just like koroku basketball.

  • Mj
    Mj   6 days ago

    I remember seeing highlights from some Sport YT channel, and made me come look for it. Absolutely fucking amazing. Wish i was around to watch the dude. Like he has eyes in the back of his head, dudes amazing

  • Convikt88
    Convikt88   1 weeks ago

    that yell when he passes give me the chills

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader   1 weeks ago

    He is the real life version of Kuroko

  • Sleep Me
    Sleep Me   1 weeks ago

    Best passer of all time?? 🤔🤔

  • Michael
    Michael   1 weeks ago

    it mustbe been hell being his teammate, knowing that at any moment a ball could he zooming at you at about 40 mph

  • 2682shark
    2682shark   1 weeks ago

    Better passer than Lebron, I don’t care what anybody says

  • Roger Vega
    Roger Vega   1 weeks ago

    He fucked up kobes head on the second one 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Mehdi Mehdi
    Mehdi Mehdi   1 weeks ago

    Who is here after Akashi elbow pass in Kuroko No Basket anime ?

  • Gregory Paulino
    Gregory Paulino   1 weeks ago

    He’s as fast as lighting 🤟🏼⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • lilth501
    lilth501   1 weeks ago

    Teams must have not known what to do with him because he was 1 great journeyman throughout the NBA

  • EQH1
    EQH1   1 weeks ago

    THis dude is insane

  • head noti
    head noti   1 weeks ago

    I couldn't dunk so I wanted to be a passer like boi

  • Veynnn
    Veynnn   1 weeks ago

    Too much anime in 1 video lol