If Star Wars Took Place Today!

  • Published on: 10 March 2017
  • Star War's is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away... but what would it look like NOW, in a galaxy close, close by?

    Also, just because I know people are going to ask, we made this just for fun. There is no real kickstarter page.

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  • Runtime : 5:2
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  • mr blond
    mr blond   2 days ago

    I think there are so many ways to be angry you have doubled the amount

  • Toby Lee
    Toby Lee   1 weeks ago

    turn on captions. you won’t regret it

  • Soham Jagtap
    Soham Jagtap   1 weeks ago

    Rey: I have never seen an asian leading characterJakie chan:*Am i a joke to you*

  • Krusty Krist
    Krusty Krist   2 weeks ago


  • Samuel Fung
    Samuel Fung   2 weeks ago

    "what the force""no""an asian lead charachteromg why is this so funny to me

  • Jacquie Timms
    Jacquie Timms   2 weeks ago

    Lightsaber nunchucks! why has no one ever thought of this before!

  • Meghu Singh
    Meghu Singh   2 weeks ago

    Within the first minute I am already bursting out laughing like if u are the same

  • alee07_
    alee07_   1 months ago

    “An Asian Lead-Character”Donnie Yen: hold my kung-fu staff

  • Joshua Mokry
    Joshua Mokry   1 months ago

    Episode 69 lolololololo...Lolololololololo

  • JBtwo Kim
    JBtwo Kim   1 months ago

    0:17 pause and read the whole thing

  • Ren de Pedro
    Ren de Pedro   1 months ago

    It's time you learn the truth...THIS VIDEO IS SPONSERED BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!

  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble   1 months ago

    1:16 she sounds like a lightsaber igniting

  • quick Red06
    quick Red06   1 months ago

    The one thing to make it better if before the battle they said “ this epic battle is sponsored by raid shadow legends”

  • isaiah isaiah
    isaiah isaiah   1 months ago

    and like any star wars trailer, it spoils the whole movie

  • Arwen Miah
    Arwen Miah   1 months ago

    2017: Nope2018: Never 2019: Meh2020: WatCh ThIs

  • Finn Quinn
    Finn Quinn   1 months ago

    Rey is in the sequel not the ot

  • CowRuinZ
    CowRuinZ   1 months ago

    LXIX is 69 in Roman Numerals

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac   1 months ago

    He's the only Asian with the n-word in his name, that I trust

  • Larniie Playz
    Larniie Playz   1 months ago

    2:47 that’s an actual thing lightsabers so for those of you that don’t know

  • Cool_gamers 12
    Cool_gamers 12   1 months ago

    I honestly wish this would be a real movie. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch it... cuz... you would

  • Sokandueler95
    Sokandueler95   1 months ago

    Honestly, some of these ideas like the guy firing a blaster just to manipulate the bolt with the force are so cool. That’s the redeeming factor of the sequels, they show off the force in all its glory.

  • RedPanda07 #2
    RedPanda07 #2   1 months ago

    This didn’t age very well. And should’ve ended with “I am your father”