Bartenders Reveal Cool Things Drunk People Do (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on: 10 August 2019
  • ► Bartenders Reveal Cool Things Drunk People Do (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit   1 months ago

    Thanks for the support!Share your funny drunk moments you've had or seen below!

  • Smoovii
    Smoovii   1 weeks ago

    I remember at my dads second wedding. When I was like 9 I think. Everyone was getting lit and me and my dad saw one of his friends struggling to stand straight. My dad said “3, 2,1” and that dude feel straight back because he was wayyyyyy too drunk. Then as we were leaving the place at like 2:30am. One of my dads ex-wife’s cousins walks up to my uncles and said “You like big titties right?”. Weird shit for a 9 year old to see lol

  • Sealey Isabel
    Sealey Isabel   1 weeks ago

    I've been playing luck since I was I ma mom's womb😂😂 1:32

  • theremixer9000
    theremixer9000   3 weeks ago

    So I don't use ounces, but I saw the one where he drank an 18 oz glass of whiskey. I'm a whiskey lover myself so I was curious how large a 16oz glass is. ITS A PINT?! He drank a pint of whiskey!!!!!

  • Felixthecatfish
    Felixthecatfish   3 weeks ago

    comes into a poker joint for the first time everbuys in with a lot of moneydoesn't even know how to play poker that wellgets dealt indoesn't ever look at cardswinsSo, do you call or fold!? Let's hear you say it out loud, D'Arby!!

  • All For One
    All For One   3 weeks ago

    so this guy who was probably 6'4 maybe 250 pounds challenges this 5'9 guy who was maybe 145 pounds. what the big guy didnt know was the smaller guy studied like three forms of martial arts. the big guy threw a punch then the other guy dodged and fucking ran to the bar and i kid you not pushed himself forward with his feet from the side of the bar and fuckin punches the guy straight in the balls. you dont have to believe me but i know what is saw

  • TakeMyLunch
    TakeMyLunch   3 weeks ago

    that last one was a nat20 charisma check.

  • Rasmus E
    Rasmus E   3 weeks ago

    8:58 Yeah. And then Obama came in and applauded them.

  • Villalon
    Villalon   4 weeks ago

    I imagine these people all in the same group and saving the world.

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose   4 weeks ago

    Leaving a poker table after you have won a big hand is a really dick move. I once went to the casino with my wife and we were only planing on spending £10-20 but we started winning and just stayed all night and at one point my wife wanted to play some poker at the cash table so she goes and comes back 5 mins later with a couple hundred pounds saying she won a big hand and left the table. I did tell her it was a fucked up thing to do but she was a noob so what you gonna do. Ended up leaving about £1000 up.

  • Scoped Bambi
    Scoped Bambi   4 weeks ago

    I don't go out much but I have a bar I like, my sister worked at for a while but I got to know the other girls (the other three bartenders) as well. When I go I always seem to get drink to much, but I show up with two large pizzas and stick around after close to help clean up,even help carry other fellow drunks out from time to time. They always seem happy to see me as one I got pizza, and so far I haven't caused any trouble yet. As a customer the coolest thing I saw was a bartender who lost their bottle opener open eleven bottles under 30 sec without using the same way twice, no bottles broke and very little got spilled she got a $20 tip.

  • S K
    S K   4 weeks ago

    as a former Bartender the best drunk person thing i have ever experienced was a Belligerent drunk guy trying to pick a fight with a guy literally 3x his size (skinny little college kid really wanted to fight the 300+lb tatted up biker dude who also was drunk) Drunk biker dude gets tired of college drunks shenanigans and just very casually picks him up on his bar stool and walks him out to the parking lot while getting hit repeatedly by drunk guy. comes back in and resumes drinking

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes   4 weeks ago

    8:55 after calmly remarking "A Lanister always pays his debts.:

  • Bourbon
    Bourbon   4 weeks ago

    Fuck me where do I start? Caught a midget railing coke in one of the toilet cubes, came out fighting and me and a bouncer had to carry him out. He was stood outside the pub for an hour arguing with the bouncer after.

  • Wessel Bross
    Wessel Bross   1 months ago

    "She bought me a beer and an order of *fried pickles*"...FRIED PICKLES?! WTF 😭

  • Jed Malig
    Jed Malig   1 months ago

    4:23 "The place was mostly whiskey and ciga-" "YOU'RE SUCH A CHOFFER!!!"

  • Sorroca
    Sorroca   1 months ago

    Why won't anyone finish their quotes

  • A1D3NW
    A1D3NW   1 months ago

    holy fuck props to the dude who drank 16 ounces of whiskey without stopping

  • lornaduwn
    lornaduwn   1 months ago

    I had something really cool happen to me at a bar once. My husband and I had gone to an alternative club where everyone dressed in their finest alternative outfits; Goth, Victorian, Medieval, etc. The room we were in had a sunken dance floor with stairs down from the entrance at one end and up again to the bar at the other. There were raised walkways down each side with bench seats against the wall. My husband had gone to the bar as I waited on one of the benches. You could smoke in clubs at the time so I pulled out a cigarette and was fishing for my lighter when I looked up to see a young man in full crusader gear holding out a lit lighter for me. I thanked him and he just nodded and continued strolling down the walkway. He didn't try to pick me up or anything. Truly took the honor associated with that outfit to heart.

  • R.C. Whitehead
    R.C. Whitehead   1 months ago

    I totally hurt myself laughing at the golfer guy, "Oh. We're not doing this?"

  • keeks
    keeks   1 months ago

    people are so stupid man. imagine attempting to teach people responsibility on a post only meant to share entertaining or funny stories. no one likes to read your personal great experience that impacts no one besides wasting their time while browsing reddit on their spare time

  • Zack
    Zack   1 months ago

    i used to be a bouncer until the club/bar shut down but one of the funniest things i ever saw was a dude had a bunch of coke wrapped in a dollar as you do but it slipped out of his hand and landed on the floor he then proceeds to get on the floor and snort it all up jumps up with a big ol smile on his face and im just staring at him like well its the end of the night your good just dont drop it next time. got alot better fight stories to be honest most of the regulars were cool except for a few and one night we decided to just have an edm night so mostly college kids on molly just relaxing huggin eachother and shit im no 100 percent sure how it started but one guy wipped his belt off wrapped it around his hand buckle out then just layed into one dude then he got swarmed by bouncer he tried to swing on us and got dropped i dont think we even called the cops the dude he originally got jumped by him said eh he got his and left after another shot

  • Day Cg
    Day Cg   1 months ago

    Accidentally giving you a 100 dollar tip instead of a 1 dollar tipThanks for the PS4 games charles

  • toasted chilly
    toasted chilly   1 months ago

    I ate 40 mcnuggets once....after 25 you start feeling sick..I made it thought.

  • suzie seabee
    suzie seabee   1 months ago

    The gyroscope hand, I watched someone fall down a 15 ft. embankment full of rose bushes with a can of beer, never spilled a drop. Got up at the bottom, held up his beer and go, it's ok I didn't spill any.

  • Demonsdoperoc
    Demonsdoperoc   1 months ago

    Bro I eat 40 McNuggets usually and I’m only 150 and I hav ea high colsteral and lion thin so that 100 kuna idk what it would be in America but it’d be easy lol never tried it drunk but still

  • Ferbooper
    Ferbooper   1 months ago

    really want to hear a story from the bartender who witnessed a man steal a plane, while drunk, land it on the street, and then do it again because the people he told the story to didn’t believe him.