Bartenders Reveal Cool Things Drunk People Do (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on: 10 August 2019
  • ► Bartenders Reveal Cool Things Drunk People Do (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit   6 months ago

    Thanks for the support!Share your funny drunk moments you've had or seen below!

  • regeman100
    regeman100   1 days ago

    i always think its weird that people say that 10 shots is many, then i remember im from eastern europe. but no matter how much you drink as long as you do it resposibly its ok

  • Ashley Cook
    Ashley Cook   5 days ago

    Had a pixie cut. Was a host at a golf club/private community. Am very andro when I have short hair. VERY drunk guy, older dude, said I was pretty in "an Elen D kinda way". His wife,also an older woman, was also plastered and started apologizing profusely because he had compared me to a lesbian. I'm pansexual. And Elen IS pretty in a handsome way. Best compliment I've ever gotten from a drunk stranger, until later that year, same hair cut, mini dress girlish outfit. No one has the heart to tell me I look like a boy in a dress,not that I would have changed bc I was thinking I was looking cute and I felt that way too, or they think f*** it she'll probably say there's nothing wrong with boys who like dresses; a man who liked the D ( not sure if he was gay or just into ppl with penises) and his partner were flirting with me bc they thought I was a hot trans woman (I'm a cis-female) and wanted a three way. I was drunk too and thought we were just talking... until they got to the question of weather or not I was "pre-op" and I got confused...I'm also VERY bad at telling if ppl are flirting....when the situation was cleared up they end up apologizing incredibly...I wasn't offended. Not in the least. I've come to the conclusion that I maybe must be attractive in a VERY unconventional way?🤣 Anyway these two ppl helped me decide to stop trying to be every one else's idea of pretty. I already have my own unique look.

  • avalanchesoul
    avalanchesoul   5 days ago

    When I was a drunk regular I've had:-bartenders clear seats for us-door guys run to me to help friends acting up-come to my work and over tip saying they were just trying to return some of my money-shut the doors after closing and let us keep drinking-never card anybody that was with meSigns you're being a regular drunk the right way. But I'm the kind of drunk that *generally just wants to start a dance party lol

  • Tosterchild
    Tosterchild   5 days ago

    According to the police report, when I got cut off I pissed on the wall

  • Mr.Krabs 100
    Mr.Krabs 100   1 weeks ago

    I used to work at a dive restaurant/bar and one of the regulars would always treat me like her grandson and one time defended me after one of my bosses made a homophobic slur at me

  • Rick Shafer
    Rick Shafer   1 weeks ago

    What's with the softcore porno music

  • cee wood
    cee wood   1 weeks ago

    On the short guy beats up a tall guy in a bar fight Mom--only 4' 10 1/2" inches tall---always told us that short people spend their Whole lives plotting how to get over on tall people, so watch out ya'll! She taught my short brother--who's about 5' 3"--to fight creatively and to get his lick in first and run--a good run is sometimes better than a bad stand any day--and all of his tall friends in High School and in College knew to leave him Alone, because they knew they'd have to KILL him if they messed with him...!

  • mmayfield1994
    mmayfield1994   1 weeks ago

    the one guy buying everyone ice cream cones after accidentally taking his friend's purse that was pretty nice of him

  • 0_0
    0_0   1 weeks ago

    My dad went to a party at his friend's house and they drank beer and all those stuff. Then he went home at midnight, My mom found him talking to our fridge😂Then he put his head in the freezer kissing it😂😂

  • Darkrais Prodigy
    Darkrais Prodigy   1 weeks ago

    Ok the story at 6:23 has me dead and that is the coolest move that dude could have made to look like a God damn boss

  • Thor
    Thor   1 weeks ago

    I am a pro at the cigarette catch in the mouth and Tie a cherry stem to a knot in my mouth with my tongue

  • Demesvar Clerge
    Demesvar Clerge   1 weeks ago

    I went to kfc drunk New Year’s Eve and started yelling racial and anti gay slurs. Can’t go back to kfc without being looked at funny

  • Jiyu
    Jiyu   1 weeks ago

    I am fully expecting one of the responses to be ''I'm not a bartender and he wasn't drunk but...''

  • Next To Nobody
    Next To Nobody   2 weeks ago

    95% of these start with 'not a bartender' ffs😤😤😬🤣

  • DGHavoc907
    DGHavoc907   2 weeks ago

    I work at a gas station not a bar and i bear a seething hatred for drunks due to them being assholes when I won't sell them cigarettes without ID or because they don't have enough cash or whatever other minor inconvenience. One time it was snowing really badly and it was 30 minutes before closing and some drunk dude asked me to call him a cab. I do so and we wait. It took almost an hour for the cab to show up but I let him stay inside since it was cold as balls. A week later some bitch nearly runs me over because she was talking on her phone while speeding through the property. Here I think "well...shit I'm gonna die," when I feel someone pull me back and I slide across the ice on the property to safety. Who was my rescuer, none other than the drunk who I let hang out in the heated station while he waited for a cab. He then began bitching out the lady who had just realized she had nearly killed someone. Bitch didn't even say she was sorry just drove off after about 40 seconds of angry drunk yelling. When she left he wandered off down the road.

  • ted rebel
    ted rebel   3 weeks ago

    13:36 yeah being Canadian this makes me laugh. I work with some short guys, and those little bastards can be hell on wheels. Or skates, rather. Loud, vicious. But still, if you see past the intimidation you realize what a ragdoll they are to someone who has almost 100 pounds on them and 10 inches of reach.

  • Jethro D
    Jethro D   3 weeks ago

    The cowboy with the zippo sounds mysterious and intriguing

  • solidale21
    solidale21   3 weeks ago

    The guy who barfed in his cup and drank it......I started gaging and I didn't even see it....

  • Vojtěch Zajíc
    Vojtěch Zajíc   3 weeks ago

    Bartenders whats the coolest thing you saw someone drunk didNoT a BaRtEnDeR bUt...

  • aryaaa 19197
    aryaaa 19197   1 months ago

    A drunk engineer grad designed an entire areoplane blueprint after getting drunk. Yeah. that guy.

  • Mathew Hale
    Mathew Hale   1 months ago

    Old Mate tosses an empty schooner glass to the pavement in front of him as we are walking home from the pub.As it’s spinning through mid air, I call out “whatcha do that for?”Old Mate lunges out with his FOOT...and simultaneously traps the glass between the concrete and the sole of his shoe.. it hit the pavement (perfectly flat and upright) at the same instant his foot covered and held the top of the glass - and the glass remained unbroken, not even chipped, right way up and all. Miraculous and bizarre we stared in disbelief. The glass was a keeper after that.

  • aaron fiedler
    aaron fiedler   1 months ago

    6:57 Did no one else get a serious Romy and Michelle vibe?

  • Unpronouneable
    Unpronouneable   1 months ago

    Not at a bar, but at a party a friend was completely drunk and tried to start a fight with another friend, my moment was when I got called and walked up to the drunk friend, picked him up, and just walked away with him, by the time I got back to the fridge to get him water he was out cold on the ground, the other friend was pretty chill about it after and had drunk friend apologising all the next day

  • SilentHotdog28
    SilentHotdog28   1 months ago

    This was just a time drinking with a buddy, but anyway.....he had too kuch to drink, was sitting at his computer, he finished his drink, then vomited into the glass, it filled right up to near the top, but didn't overflow, we cheered and started celebrating because it wasn't messy......we started laughing, then he goes "oh no" still holding the glass vomits again and it goes everywhere haha

  • Jordan L
    Jordan L   1 months ago

    14:16 not proud of it, but I have done that while highly intoxicated

  • Computer Iphone
    Computer Iphone   1 months ago

    my friend and i got jumped, i was too the point of blacking out, and i look over and Jerry spits out a bunch of blood into this guys face, and say "Are you done yet". My last words before blacking out where "Jerrys cool as F".

  • Kingfisher
    Kingfisher   1 months ago

    The restaurant I work at is mostly windows and lies....

  • Chris
    Chris   1 months ago

    I went to a really busy bar, I was supposed to get a table for me and 3 friends. There was NO WHERE to even stand. So I walked over to the playtunes jukebox put $50.00 into it and played death metal for 25mins straight, place cleared out pretty quick, bartenders got pissed and unplugged the damn thing cause they were loosing customers. My friends showed up and I had three lovely tables to choose from.

  • Dead Theories
    Dead Theories   2 months ago

    (Not a bartender)Vomit while doing a backflip 😂

  • Alex Nas
    Alex Nas   2 months ago

    no joke, not at a bar but outside a coffee shop i saw a few friends i knew in HS, the one guy was so plastered that he could barely stand another friend comes by with his bike and we were laughing at our friend who was so drunk, he tells me to look after his bike, my friend gets up off the ground(took him a few minutes) sits on the bike and starts to wobble and look like hes gonna fall on his ass when he picks up speed and....starts riding super perfect, no wobble, nothing just like perfectly fine...untill he slows down then falls on his ass, my friend gets out with a coffee in his mouth taking a sip and realized Drunk friend was riding around perfectly, he spits the coffee out realizing what we are seeing.

  • HahaLesbians
    HahaLesbians   2 months ago

    Imagine being a bartender and thinking a dude driving drunk all over town was cute. Around here, if he got a DUI, they could come investigate the bar, so on and so forth.

  • Kyle Wood
    Kyle Wood   2 months ago

    My older brother was at a bar when two midgets walk in and sit at the bar. He's trying to figure out if it's wee man when a third midget in a bro tank walks in and starts arguing with the girl and guy midget at the bar. Less than a minute later a bar fight of midgets broke out with midget cops and EMTs come in and break it up. Nobody beloved him when he told this for a bout a year until Jackass came out and we saw the scene. (He was present at our local bar when they sprung that skit) now he can't tell that story without someone calling him out saying it was from jackass to which he replies, I know, I was there 😂👌

  • Fortnite Burger
    Fortnite Burger   2 months ago

    "ok i'm not a bartender, this wasn't at a bar, funnily enough they wern't drunk and turns out what they did wasn't that cool but here's my story"