We Dyno a SMART Car!! And Rip a 1100RWHP Corvette on the Streets!

  • Published on: 07 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 18:40
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  • james
    james   5 months ago

    I have $1100 in savings is that enough to buy it?

  • terrance leacock
    terrance leacock   7 months ago

    Hey dumbass how much pollution is that vett kicking out check the numbers on that?

  • Rason Jason
    Rason Jason   10 months ago

    The throttle body so small don't even need an air filter.

  • Ralph Cruz
    Ralph Cruz   10 months ago

    Where are you located , I have a C7 2016 Vette that has some issues

  • Spooky Wegion
    Spooky Wegion   10 months ago

    smart car makes just as much power as my aspire with 1 less cylinder and .3 less liters

  • Googs Moses
    Googs Moses   11 months ago

    You need to feed that baby car a bottle of NOS

  • Geoff Infield
    Geoff Infield   11 months ago

    At 2:32 the seatbelt edits your shirt to 'My rapist' just as you're saying it's an absolute monster lol

  • NJ in the MJ
    NJ in the MJ   11 months ago

    I imagine the smart car received the same Dyno treatment as the S10.

  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble   11 months ago

    Came to at 3:48 ish. We've all been there.

  • Robert Longo
    Robert Longo   11 months ago

    50MPH rolling start, three gears and five seconds later and you didn't break the speed limit? Doesn't sound like 1100 horse power to me.....lol

  • Bill Carini
    Bill Carini   11 months ago

    We never break the speed limit! That's a nice ass Vette, but I think the smart car can take it in a ¼ mile...

  • Hyperlink
    Hyperlink   11 months ago

    You know. It kind of sounded good!

  • Dawesy D
    Dawesy D   11 months ago

    Is that neighbour leaving in the background at :30

  • Jay Sanchez
    Jay Sanchez   11 months ago

    Lol "we're here to make powwwwwer!"

  • Mike
    Mike   11 months ago

    Vette is amazing smart car lmao 3 hrs later


    You're gonna want that traction control for when you find yourself on an oil-slicked skating rink.

  • JoeDog McKeel
    JoeDog McKeel   11 months ago

    You would have to get a second SmartCar for Cleetus' other foot.

  • Ricardo The PC Gamer
    Ricardo The PC Gamer   11 months ago

    12:44 that 3 cylinder sounds pretty good when you step on it. It idles like a lawn mower tho 😂

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171   11 months ago

    Smart car was funny so, what's interesting about those is they actually have a lot of room in them. I'm 5 foot 8 and if I put the seat all the way back in one of those I can barely touch the pedals. The power output in these was always decent for the weight of the car, but the big letdown was always the transmission, it's an automated manual transmission and it's unbelievably slow to shift. Once it's in gear the acceleration is actually not terrible but you end up losing like a second every gear shift making the 0 to 60 time really really terrible. But for a small City car it's decent enough. the real problem for me though was price, for the same money as one of these cost you could buy Corolla and get similar gas mileage and be able to take 4 people with you.

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed   11 months ago

    Who in their right mind would ask for a thousand horsepower car, then drive 2000 miles and then decide to sell it. Can it be that terrible of a car. It doesn't seem like it from the vid.

  • Garrett Rush
    Garrett Rush   11 months ago

    Gotta guess before i see the numbers... 62hp. I think i had a go kart that was faster when i was like 10

  • Matt Sloop
    Matt Sloop   11 months ago

    How long will the bottom end last making those numbers?

  • Joe Fro
    Joe Fro   11 months ago

    Give the smart car to the boosted boyz and have them put a Honda engine in it.

  • Joe Fro
    Joe Fro   11 months ago

    The guy probably wants to sell it because he doesn’t trust that engine to hold it in for long.

  • Devan Krebs
    Devan Krebs   11 months ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the smart car 😂

  • Wicked Moto
    Wicked Moto   11 months ago

    cleetus, stay away, or buy it, either or lmao!