Can You Escape a Paper Shredder?

  • Published on: 28 September 2019
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    In today's video we're exploring some common myths regarding paper shredders. Can you escape from them if your tie or hair gets caught in one? What about your earbuds? We'll also see if a paper shredder is a good way to shred cheese.

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  • Runtime : 13:30
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  • Gracie Phillips
    Gracie Phillips   1 days ago

    no offence but the next thing u shoud do with it is clean it

  • GachaYadi335
    GachaYadi335   1 days ago

    You can just watch the window on the front of the paper shredder no need to record the inside.

  • Shivam Dashottar
    Shivam Dashottar   2 days ago

    What happens when you put headphone in paper shredder ..Yeah I wonder what'll happen

  • Michael Natilli
    Michael Natilli   3 days ago

    would it be possible to shred dry ice? maybe not in this shredder (industrial shredder maybe)?

  • Joe Atwood
    Joe Atwood   3 days ago

    Can you do a paper shredder race get two shredders and get a really long rope of some kind that fits and have it climb up something and the first one to the top wins

  • Emoji lover 032
    Emoji lover 032   4 days ago

    well, as long as I got my suit and tie... Well, only suit

  • Skateboarding Only
    Skateboarding Only   4 days ago

    This is no laughing matter my grandma got her pinky caught in a paper folder

  • Wardocc
    Wardocc   4 days ago

    Should have put a scale on the other end of the hair and tie.

  • Simple Shades
    Simple Shades   6 days ago

    And this is why the TSA (or any similar workplace, really) is not allowed to wear dangling accessories

  • Casey Van
    Casey Van   1 weeks ago

    Callie: It sounds like a you problem.(has wireless headphones)

  • Kevinplayz
    Kevinplayz   1 weeks ago

    Try 100 papers vrs paper shredder and then try 1000 papers vrs paper shredder

  • Ya like Jazz?
    Ya like Jazz?   1 weeks ago

    6:00 what my phone see in between the couch cushions

  • Jamal Ahmed
    Jamal Ahmed   1 weeks ago

    Why are you lot giving people lectures about casper mattress

  • Crystal The Crystal Uni

    this happen to my frandma when she used to work as an office worker she got her tie stuck but luckily her best friend saw grabbed some scissors (they were really sharp) and cut the tie

  • Emery West
    Emery West   2 weeks ago

    Whenever I look at their merch I always immediately think of Thor

  • Connor Jenkins
    Connor Jenkins   2 weeks ago

    Nobody:Cali putting papers in the shredder: Goodbye Area 51 documents.

  • Wade Cook
    Wade Cook   2 weeks ago

    Me: Uses paper shredder What My mom sees: