Best Week Ever. LWIAY #0089

  • Published on: 26 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 17:36
  • SATIRE Best Week Ever. pewdiepie pewdiepie minecraft lwiay pewdiepie lwiay pewds pewdie pdp minecraft minecraft ending


  • 888bluewhale
    888bluewhale   4 hours ago

    Pewds: its actually what were gonna do on our honeymoon Pewds: and then were gonna head to the frick chamber-Me: EXCUSE ME!?

  • Cosmic Brownie
    Cosmic Brownie   19 hours ago

    If you look up what yters were at Pewdiepie's wedding it shows a picture of Jacksepticeye with is I'm pretty sure ex gf

  • Phone Only
    Phone Only   1 days ago

    i really applaud his efforts as he has worked his way to the top of the chart without streaming in groups or working for companies ulike tseries which is a whole company. He has deserved this.

  • Spookaj
    Spookaj   4 days ago

    are we not gonna talk about how felix looks low key buff in this video?

  • Shelby Madsen
    Shelby Madsen   4 days ago

    I was looking at his Instagram and started crying


    i dont get it. why do youtuber have over 10 million subs and but barely get 1 mill likes

  • Saeb Mouaget
    Saeb Mouaget   6 days ago

    Peepeepoopoo betrayed pewds because Pewds struck peepeepoopoo's giant face out of lighting and it is pain to all of those who have lost their lives from protecting Broland so peepeepoopoo pushed Pewds into a dimension way worse than the nether or the real world.

  • aahilj
    aahilj   6 days ago

    1:46 i don't think felix watches football

  • LonelyGirlLydia
    LonelyGirlLydia   1 weeks ago

    You should get a dog that looks like Sven and name it after Sven so even after Sven dies in Minecraft you still have Sven

  • جَون
    جَون   1 weeks ago

    OMG! This came out 8 months ago, I feel like It's 2 weeks

  • old space
    old space   1 weeks ago

    6:56 "uncle fist gamers"... that don't sound too good

  • slim lee
    slim lee   1 weeks ago

    How tf is this already almost a year ago

  • Kjebab XD
    Kjebab XD   1 weeks ago

    13:56 yay poland xD the second photo made polish guy theres godz.= godzina in english hour

  • Eric Reill
    Eric Reill   1 weeks ago

    DBZ sound effects at beginning be like: Bruh?

  • lilSnosage
    lilSnosage   1 weeks ago

    “I’m sorry if u rely on subtitles”....... DeAf PeOpLe CaN’t HeAr U sAy ThAt

    MANDARINA FERICITA   2 weeks ago

    T-series isn't a youtuber, it is a whole entire crew that have a channel.The fact that poods made 100.000.000 alone is a banger.You're the #1 Youtuber.We all love you Felix.MISSION COMPLETE RESPECT +100

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores   2 weeks ago

    0:02 Damn it pewds I thought you were about to break through the gamer barrier and become... super duper gamer

  • Professional Preston
    Professional Preston   2 weeks ago

    Me: I don’t watch PewDiePie Me a few days after: getting addicted to PewDiePie’s videos

  • Master Jake
    Master Jake   2 weeks ago

    Minecraft Theory:What if peepeepoopoo was technoblade peepeepoopoo has the crown just like him that means technoblade pushed pewds into the end

  • Ruby Conway
    Ruby Conway   3 weeks ago

    When Pewdiepie beats all the levels of life in one week

  • Jamie Ward
    Jamie Ward   3 weeks ago

    Just remember that at one point his subs were 69 420 69

  • miowie ・ω・
    miowie ・ω・   3 weeks ago

    In half a year I won't be in the 9 year old army anymore I'll be in the 10 year old army :(

    HEADSHOT   3 weeks ago

    Why am I smiling the whole video?

  • chadix mosnanto
    chadix mosnanto   3 weeks ago

    I think that the people that disliked either want marzia or are just evil demons

  • april bay
    april bay   3 weeks ago

    when u come from watching the video he made slow so u had to speed it up so he looks like he’s on crack at the start of this one

  • Shiori Stapleton
    Shiori Stapleton   3 weeks ago

    Still cannot believe what a power week this has been for him.

    VENKATESH IYER   3 weeks ago

    It's has been an awesome week,he defeated the dragon, married the princess and finally became the King of youtube