Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 19:26
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  • Lynnie Clayton
    Lynnie Clayton   1 hours ago

    Antone subscribed to tseries is comfirmed celing gang

  • RNA
    RNA   2 hours ago

    Her at 14: sexually active, smokes weedMe at 14: figuring out how to do my homework

  • Procopov Adrian
    Procopov Adrian   3 hours ago

    While she may have a Karen haircut, she is the smartest person in that godamn family.

  • Max gordon
    Max gordon   6 hours ago

    i would like to see a hate comment on this vid

  • GalaxyBoy 27
    GalaxyBoy 27   8 hours ago

    mr pewdiepie why did you say Dr. Phill destroy him why him she a girl bruh

  • Eliana Poziello
    Eliana Poziello   10 hours ago

    That Spoiled Girl: cries becuz she doesn't want to go to the ranchMe:...I WANNA GO TO THE RANCH, IT LOOKS SO MUCH FUN!(Ik i'm like 2 years late lmao, btw as a 14 years old girl I can say that I still feel kinda like a child so I think people at my age should NEVER have sex, drink or do drugs-)

  • ragingchicken
    ragingchicken   10 hours ago

    why cant i go to the ranch!?!?!?!?!!?!?!/1/!?? :(

  • M H
    M H   10 hours ago

    This Dr Phil ep is like a microcosm of the modern western world.

  • Lexi lol
    Lexi lol   11 hours ago

    ¨I dont want to act like a typical white girl thats just not me¨Me: You and woah vicky should join forces

  • cheeasy
    cheeasy   12 hours ago

    Hey just that u know man derp face I win every try not to laugh but when u did that with ur eyes I laughed thanks derp face and bro fist

  • kaisermann
    kaisermann   13 hours ago

    18 naked cowboys in the showers at ram raaanch

  • nicholas zirkle
    nicholas zirkle   13 hours ago

    Her daughter sleeps around with her boyfriend and does not know the word for sleeping with alot of people

  • nicholas zirkle
    nicholas zirkle   13 hours ago

    Her mom made her daughter the friend she never had to have fun with and smoke weed with

  • Jeff Prechtel
    Jeff Prechtel   13 hours ago

    The title of this video could be the name of a porn video

  • Oreo PhanTom
    Oreo PhanTom   14 hours ago

    Why is this video ALWAYS on my recommended

  • oreoemsa
    oreoemsa   15 hours ago

    She reminds me of my fake ex friend

  • Catherine Ray
    Catherine Ray   18 hours ago

    her at 14: has sex and does drugsMe at 14: laying in bed at 3 am having a conversation with the demon under my bed

  • Raphael Marvin Ferrer
    Raphael Marvin Ferrer   18 hours ago

    She's crying because she doesn't want to ride the horse.. She wants to ride a different thing...

  • QuivyPlays
    QuivyPlays   18 hours ago

    ngl the ranch is better than my home xd

  • Nx Gaming
    Nx Gaming   18 hours ago

    awesome. you always give some good laugh

  • Mr Muffin Junior
    Mr Muffin Junior   18 hours ago


    WONG WAI YEW Moe   19 hours ago

    jily juice helps grow arms,its real!!dr. phil:CUT YOUR ARM OFF THEN

  • Ikonik Wolf
    Ikonik Wolf   20 hours ago

    This is almost every kid in my middle school and the have kids

  • X Cannon
    X Cannon   20 hours ago

    Her at 14: had sexMe at 14: closing the fridge slowly to see if the light will go off or not