Everything Wrong With Monster House In 12 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 01 August 2019
  • Monster House is a pretty decent kids movie. It's got some issues, and it's not amazing or anything. But it's not a bad time at the movies. Let's check out its sins.

    Next Week: 2 sins videos. Not 100% sure which ones will be ready, but we will have sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 12:48
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  • Neil Sartain
    Neil Sartain   17 hours ago

    The "chicken wings or gizzards" are acutely roses.

  • TinyViking
    TinyViking   17 hours ago

    Can you do a video on Disney’s The Haunted Mansion? I just found out that film was a huge flop, yet it was a huge part of my childhood

  • Quin Fire
    Quin Fire   1 days ago

    When I was, like eight, this movie gave me nightmares for like two nights at least

  • Sheree Hi
    Sheree Hi   1 days ago

    You cant....You cant sin him acting crazy to scare away kids bruh.7:25Wrong did you not see The Meme?

  • B_O_B_Y
    B_O_B_Y   1 days ago

    When I saw this movie as a 6 years old.. it scared the shit out of me! :D

  • Drown Me
    Drown Me   2 days ago

    The discussions of wether or not the old man fucked the house will always be the best part of this movie.

  • Cody Judd
    Cody Judd   3 days ago

    Do an everything wrong with Coraline

  • Shimmer_Wolf
    Shimmer_Wolf   3 days ago

    my parents made me watch this when i was like 5 and i HATED it every time

  • Charles Sims
    Charles Sims   4 days ago

    I feel like most of these are actually cinema wins change my mind

  • Im CH40S
    Im CH40S   4 days ago

    you would think after a house started moving and roaring and breaking shit, somebody would’ve called like the national guard or some shit

  • NetMakerYT
    NetMakerYT   6 days ago

    4:00 chowder? chowder? CHOWDERchowder.

  • I AM HIM
    I AM HIM   1 weeks ago

    Is nobody gon talk about cinemasins beautiful singing

  • Bailey Walker
    Bailey Walker   1 weeks ago

    This movie honestly scared the living hell out of me as a kid.

  • Ben Arp
    Ben Arp   1 weeks ago

    This movie deserved more sins otherwise this video was perfect

  • tinfoilstraw 123
    tinfoilstraw 123   1 weeks ago

    Everything wrong with this movie is what is right with it

  • Dėvîì
    Dėvîì   1 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who watches videos like these just to see the movie for free-

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi   1 weeks ago

    This video is 12 minutes and 48 seconds too long

  • Night Furious
    Night Furious   1 weeks ago

    When you watch something roll away after dropping it: right next to youWhen you’re not looking at it: 1:56

  • Eshtion
    Eshtion   1 weeks ago

    <que sin voice guy voice>Earlier in the video you said never cracker didn't need to steal the bike, yet later you sin the movie because of a reason behind the house feeding off of toys, both of these points counterdict the other; meaning that one of these sins is irrelevant and I demand a sin be taken off

  • aglitch
    aglitch   1 weeks ago

    get off my planeeeee lmaooo

  • Kagereneko
    Kagereneko   1 weeks ago

    I loved the rookie cop being all serious while the other one just didnt give a shit

  • Zaalayka T. D-P
    Zaalayka T. D-P   1 weeks ago

    Years later mom got me the movie and I watched it until it gave me nightmares, then I never watched it again

  • Comet
    Comet   1 weeks ago

    Why does skull look like weird al yankovic

  • DancinDoll13
    DancinDoll13   1 weeks ago

    I've noticed that Chowder and DJ kind of look-like Kevin James and Adam Sandler and I can't ever unsee it