Binging with Babish: Orange-Mocha Frappuccinos from Zoolander

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
  • This week we're heading back in time to the 2001 treat you never knew you wanted (because they don't sound very good): the orangey, chocolatey, coffee-y frappuccinos so eagerly inhaled by Derek Zoolander and friends, just moments before their tragic deaths in a freak gasoline fight accident.


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  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • Emily Ann Africa
    Emily Ann Africa   11 hours ago

    2:50 what did you use to grind the coffee and where can I get that thank you friend

  • Jess _T
    Jess _T   2 days ago

    * has extra whipped cream *Babish: nom

  • Daniel de Solano
    Daniel de Solano   3 days ago

    Mexican hot chocolate (cough: o.g. hot chocolate) often adds orange. Somehow orange mocha doesn't sound strange at all to me.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli   3 days ago

    I had a full body flinch coming on when you mentioned Xanthan gum since I’m so allergic to that common thickener, heh. Thankfully Starbucks only uses it for so if their more flavour-based drinks like strawberry.

  • Alex Klausing
    Alex Klausing   5 days ago

    I’ve tried this more than once and every time it comes out in gelatin form (due to the xanthum gum). Can seem to get a good consistency.

  • Daniel Euceda
    Daniel Euceda   5 days ago

    Wait, wasn’t the orange mocha frap creme based?

  • Hero Win
    Hero Win   1 weeks ago

    0:46 did you just bleep the word "g*d"?

  • Slug Eater
    Slug Eater   1 weeks ago

    Missed opportunity for a sponsor from trade coffee

  • Bee Aggro
    Bee Aggro   1 weeks ago

    But Starbucks does do the swirly. You have to ask for it

  • oswaldo padilla
    oswaldo padilla   1 weeks ago

    I think if you squeezed the rind of an orange to release those oils it would give it an orange essence without it being overpowering

  • Francesca Alvarez
    Francesca Alvarez   1 weeks ago

    I used to work at Starbucks. Italian roast and condensed milk. Chocolate sauce and Valencia orange To rani syrup. Try this and it tastes so good.

  • Monique Kras
    Monique Kras   2 weeks ago

    Make sure everybody’s getting whiped correctly

  • A ni
    A ni   2 weeks ago

    totally unrelated but the fckn youtube comments replacement kinda irritates me

  • Goku Crash
    Goku Crash   2 weeks ago

    I thought Babish was the one binging show, now I'm binging all of Babish!

  • Ian Jensen
    Ian Jensen   2 weeks ago

    Chocolate with orange: Great. Chocolate with coffee: Great. Coffee and orange: Not great, too much bitterness and citrus, thats where everything breaks down. However, I think instead of orange, perhaps cherry would be best, maybe raspberry?!

  • Some Random Player
    Some Random Player   2 weeks ago

    anyone else just randomly inhale gasped when heard the words "nitrous canister" ? no? just me?... ok...

  • Godzilla Earth
    Godzilla Earth   3 weeks ago

    Title: Orange Mocha Frappe From Z...Me, a JoJo fan: Z.... A WARUDO

  • Anand Yarram
    Anand Yarram   3 weeks ago

    He should make a compilation video of all the food clips from movies he uses in his videos.

  • AntMan -
    AntMan -   3 weeks ago

    0:24 Terrys Chocolate Orange: Am i a joke to you?

  • Martin Allen
    Martin Allen   3 weeks ago

    "Orange and Chocolate don't go well together"New Zealanders:"So you have chosen death"

  • Beer
    Beer   3 weeks ago

    Nangs with Babish

  • zact lee
    zact lee   3 weeks ago

    Im in the middle of 30 years without alcohol. Im fat

  • zact lee
    zact lee   3 weeks ago

    Corn starch can substitute xantum gum?

  • Molham
    Molham   4 weeks ago

    Still waiting on when he makes homemade milk

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit   4 weeks ago

    Take away the r and you get oange mocha Frappuccino

  • I'll_Steal_Your_PB&J
    I'll_Steal_Your_PB&J   4 weeks ago

    Idk how many people watching this video will know that at the end of that montage they blow up at a gas station

  • Jackel Linx
    Jackel Linx   1 months ago

    Wook: what you can make whipped cream with that thing.