Every Lightsaber Duel from Star Wars (Episodes 1-6)

  • Published on: 27 April 2015
  • [TL;DR - Every lightsaber duel in all first 6 major Star Wars films. YouTube is blocking me from adding EP 7]

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...


    -Lightsaber Duels-

    It is a more civilized age with more civilized weapons. The Jedi seek to overthrow the Galactic Empire and they use their lightsabers to do it. And some force stuff. And then after that, but before it somehow, we see the evil Emperor come to power through more intense, longer lightsaber battles.

    Each Episode of the Star Wars saga features a number of lightsaber battles; but, let's be honest, we just want to watch people fight with these things and hope someone's hand gets cut off, or maybe even see a decapitation.

    Well, here they are; every lightsaber duel in Star Wars without the cutaways, dialog or any other non-sense that gets in the way of good old fashioned saber-dueling. These fights are shown in their original theatrical order as they grow in length, number and and intensity in each film. The Jedi were on there way to do something kind of important and then this happened...

    -May the 4th be with you-
  • Runtime : 22:8
  • Lightsaber (Fictional Object)


  • TSLstudio
    TSLstudio   23 minuts ago

    add all clone wars lightsaber duels haha ;) hours of video

  • whutzat
    whutzat   2 hours ago

    Obi Wan & Qui Gon vs. Maul is best.

  • Yan
    Yan   5 hours ago

    6:19 to 6:24 you can see the shadows of the lightsaber blades

  • Daniel Kwon
    Daniel Kwon   19 hours ago

    You know what i don't like about star wars? Qui gon jin is never mentioned except in this episode. He is awesome, discovered annikin and taught obi won and no one cares about him.

  • HunterZ X
    HunterZ X   1 days ago

    AnakinTheChild83837 vs ObiBobKenobi42     anakin vs obi wan Kenobi if it was an online game

  • HunterZ X
    HunterZ X   1 days ago

    AnakinTheChild83837 vs ObiBobKenobi42     anakin vs obi wan Kenobi if it was an online game

  • HunterZ X
    HunterZ X   1 days ago

    AnakinTheChild83837 vs ObiBobKenobi42     anakin vs obi wan Kenobi if it was an online game

  • Vikas Pu
    Vikas Pu   1 days ago

    17:22 Set it on 2x speed. Listen and watch

  • Vikas Pu
    Vikas Pu   1 days ago

    Darth Plaguies the wise Vs Kylo Ren. How many seconds?

  • BH
    BH   1 days ago

    So, according to this video, Samuel Jackson is the best fighter with a light saber...This is one of the many reasons i don't get Star Wars

  • Anthony S.
    Anthony S.   1 days ago

    7:55 did Obi Won really think Darth Maul was gonna fall for the ol fake play?

  • Feliz Flores
    Feliz Flores   1 days ago

    I don’t care what anyone says, for me the best lightsaber fight will always be Anakin vs obi wan because memesI HATE YOU!

  • pee on the wall
    pee on the wall   2 days ago

    If dookie didn’t run away from Yoda for five seconds I bet he would of been i his knees deepthroating Yoda

  • Vikas Pu
    Vikas Pu   2 days ago

    Me: Look I have A Real Lightsaber. My Friend: Avengers is better Than Star Wars Me: Avengers is The Worst Friend: (Jumps) I will kill you!!!!!Me: 21:51

  • Desu Neko
    Desu Neko   2 days ago

    Normal star wars fans: look at that, that is beautiful.Me: CoLoR mOvInG yAy

  • High-Res Clone Trooper

    Luke: “I won’t fight you father!”Vader: “I wouldn’t wanna fight me either!”

  • Laires The Unscaled
    Laires The Unscaled   2 days ago

    prequels had the best lightsaber duels of all the star wars movies. The first 3 movies had duels that looked like 10 year olds playing with wooden sticks and the sequels... let's not get into those.

  • n k
    n k   2 days ago

    https://dorksideoftheforce.com/2020/02/23/grievois-star-wars-pawn/ interesting, very interesting.

  • n k
    n k   2 days ago


  • SharkaTwenty8 Vie
    SharkaTwenty8 Vie   2 days ago

    22:07 this is what me and my brother thought was how our ball pit fights went.

  • SharkaTwenty8 Vie
    SharkaTwenty8 Vie   2 days ago

    Imagine being defeated by a 2 foot gremlin as old as a dinosaur 😂🤔

  • Mar
    Mar   2 days ago

    Why the f*ck does Palpatine sound like a rat having diarrhea

  • 성이름
    성이름   3 days ago

    19:36When your homies start to fight but you are too tired to stop them

  • 1NN0VAT1VE
    1NN0VAT1VE   3 days ago

    4:00 remember this is on Lando’s island in the skies, not the death star

  • Gungun Das
    Gungun Das   3 days ago

    When palpatine was fighting with mace windy and Yoda he act like ghost

  • Kablooie
    Kablooie   3 days ago

    2:57 "You'll find that I'm full of surprises"Drops lighsaber on floor and falls down stairs

  • MyKonaBoy
    MyKonaBoy   4 days ago

    Rey would walk in any one of these fights like a 3 year old swinging a wiffle ball bat and somehow beat everyone.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson   4 days ago

    Darth Maul’s lightsaber changes length when he turns on the blades

  • pablito681
    pablito681   4 days ago

    Luke: you’ll find I’m full of surprises 2 second later Luke trips off stairs😂

  • yttrium ø
    yttrium ø   4 days ago

    The First One Is The Worst Battle It’s Sad They Did Not Have Funds Like Disney Or It Would Be EPIC