attempting a soft girl makeover w/ kristen mcatee 💌

  • Published on: 22 September 2019
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    ok so watching this back I feel like we def should have attempted some hearts on our cheeks and a little more peachy on the eyes but overall we had soooo much fun attempting a soft girl makeover! we saw this really cute matching but opposite inspo pic and just ran with it HAHAH either way I felt like a giant baby, but kind of a cute giant baby???? LOL

    sub to kristen!

    ♡ XO lauren


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  • Chirine Mikati
    Chirine Mikati   1 weeks ago

    Mikati is my last name and the fact you said it is wild because i love laurdiy

  • Pua The Pig
    Pua The Pig   2 weeks ago

    Yall looked cute but in the same way really kid-like and funny XDAlso 2020 anyone?

  • Talyn Brenner
    Talyn Brenner   2 weeks ago

    pauses video and googles "furry butterflies"

  • Fran-Fran
    Fran-Fran   3 weeks ago

    Honestly, if you look in my drawers, all you see is light coloured clothes. Like- LITERALLY I HAVE 3 YELLOW SHIRTS, I NEED HELP-

  • zayda jacobo
    zayda jacobo   3 weeks ago

    bro lauren is like the og soft girl and thats on period

  • Ruth Noemi
    Ruth Noemi   3 weeks ago

    In the 90’s it was called a “spice girl” 🙄

  • Mia Shengaris
    Mia Shengaris   4 weeks ago

    school shoes in my brain are the shoes you had to wear at school in England they are I think women’s loafers but that’s just what i think when i hear school shoes they are also very soft girl

  • shay cookiie
    shay cookiie   2 months ago

    barely puts blush on her brush "I look like a doll!" XD

  • Lemon bunni
    Lemon bunni   3 months ago

    There was a person walking in the back 3:25 I dont know if he lived there but I just wanted to tell

  • NuggetXMocha HeArT
    NuggetXMocha HeArT   3 months ago

    U look like people who got brook up with and ur dipressed so u dressed up trying to look good

  • Freya Kohli
    Freya Kohli   3 months ago

    Wow! you guys look good. 🌸Softgirl for sure!

  • Amy Thomas
    Amy Thomas   3 months ago

    Lauren you should do a trying an Australian lollies with Sarah fro. The Australian try’s American lollies

  • Elizandro Mares
    Elizandro Mares   3 months ago

    No cap Lauren you are soft 💀so you are just dress normally?

  • Iman Husna
    Iman Husna   3 months ago

    I have the twisty butterfly ones from lovisa

  • Maegan McConnell
    Maegan McConnell   3 months ago

    oh god @kristen I thought I was the only person alive afraid of butterflies, glad you understand

  • Krystal Leonard
    Krystal Leonard   3 months ago

    Hello Clueless cast! Super cute! Y’all. But. For real though. Soft girl. VSCO girl. E girl. Ask what I looked like 20 years ago in middle school!

  • Kira
    Kira   3 months ago

    what camera are you using?!

  • Andalnn Adele
    Andalnn Adele   3 months ago

    I love butterfly’s! Especially monarch butterflies

  • Strawberry milk tae
    Strawberry milk tae   3 months ago

    So like I dress like a soft girl because I have a very soft and sensitive personality and it kinda just goes making me the ultimate soft girl because I am soft inside and out. Thank you

  • SoccerDog 234
    SoccerDog 234   4 months ago

    I am a soft girl but is legit deppressed and obsessed with cole sprouse,madelaine petsh,kj apa,and Riverdale like......

  • Violet Hope
    Violet Hope   4 months ago

    Diy Christmas gifts please ( scrunchies, berets, and please bags just all soft girl diys please!)

  • Juni Street
    Juni Street   4 months ago

    i want more videos with kristen and lauren; they’re hilarious together 💕

  • FaceAche
    FaceAche   4 months ago

    When she said euphoria I just thought of the hentai😂

  • jackie c
    jackie c   4 months ago

    kristen killed the make up thooo