Sleeping in the World’s Most Uncomfortable Bed

  • Published on: 16 March 2019
  • In this video we’re in Toronto, Canada to see why the World’s Most Uncomfortable Bed is so uncomfortable.

    Atopic dermatitis, or severe eczema, can cause many symptoms, including incessant and intense itching. This can result in a loss of sleep for those living with the disease.

    If you suffer from atopic dermatitis or severe eczema, talk to your dermatologist or allergist and visit:

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  • Runtime : 10:24
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  • AndyD
    AndyD   1 days ago

    If you had it when you was a kid, he should have slept in it to see what you went through. Also you could get it again, and he needs to know.

  • Mythos
    Mythos   2 days ago

    Needs more pink insulation

  • Shone Palmer
    Shone Palmer   2 days ago

    Is nobody else going to mention the single frame at 4:28 of the TKOR Crown?

  • TheWolfepup06
    TheWolfepup06   2 days ago

    If you find all the crowns it saysNate + Calli This is throughout each vid since Calli first appeared

  • Rikyflames
    Rikyflames   3 days ago

    No wonder you can't sleep you have the lights on

  • Emilia Horcher
    Emilia Horcher   4 days ago

    If Callie had it, then why isn’t Nate trying it, as Callie already knows that feeling?

  • Potato Duz Stuff
    Potato Duz Stuff   5 days ago

    I would probably survive, because I’ve had many camps in rubbish environments. In particular, I had a roll mat that was placed on a bunch of stones, but we were on a hill, so everyone else slipped down the hill in the tent, and I was just stuck on the rocks. Then I forgot to bring a pillow, so I placed the top of the toll mat over a rock. I survived with a few hours of sleep. I did have exma as a baby, so I didn’t sleep properly until I was 5. To this day, I still get minimum sleep, even though I don’t have it anymore. And that is my life story.

  • GamrKidd
    GamrKidd   1 weeks ago

    Give me a book, and this bed, sleeep

  • Gamercop 1
    Gamercop 1   1 weeks ago

    I know what this feels like 😔

  • Techalyzer
    Techalyzer   1 weeks ago

    Well actually one of the best sleeps I had in my life was on a solid wood bench, solid surfaces, if not cold, do wonders to your spine. During summer, when it's not too cold at floor level, I like to just throw a sheet on the floor and sleep on the floor for a few days. :)

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer   1 weeks ago

    I use to be your biggest fan but I don’t think I am any more

  • Katelyn Ha
    Katelyn Ha   1 weeks ago

    I had eczema for weeks and no ointments worked until it stopped after about a month

  • savory chickens
    savory chickens   1 weeks ago

    this is easily not the worlds most uncomfortable bed

  • alex huffman
    alex huffman   1 weeks ago

    The bed:you'll never fall asleep hahah...also*starts whispering

  • Velouria Whitford
    Velouria Whitford   1 weeks ago

    Welcome to the world of insomnia, so vary uncomfortable and horrible so people who can sleep in ten seconds try not sleeping for two hours in a comfortable bed😛

  • It’s Amy :p
    It’s Amy :p   1 weeks ago

    Now get someone with eczema to stay in that room

  • Maxwell Hernandez
    Maxwell Hernandez   1 weeks ago

    Cali: I've been in this bed for over an hour and I can't sleepMe with really bad eczema: Pathetic

  • Merennulli
    Merennulli   1 weeks ago

    I have never heard voices, but the "you're never going to sleep" line is a common intrusive thought. I associate it more with insomnia than my skin, but it's probably a natural thought for anyone who can't get to sleep for long periods.

  • alycia broadbent
    alycia broadbent   1 weeks ago

    I probably could sleep in this I used to sleep on the floor when I was kid and even once fell asleep with a laundry basket on my head 😂😂