Conjoined Twin Challenge

  • Published on: 04 July 2017
  • We both have similar mystery scars on our thumbs which leads us to believe that we were connected in the womb. This video was a test to see what it would be like if we never split apart... kinda


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  • Runtime : 6:30
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  • Shantel Williams
    Shantel Williams   2 days ago

    Y did ethan get so mad when u made him the hair appt for highlights...if he ALWAYS had highlights b4

  • Dance with Dhriti
    Dance with Dhriti   3 days ago

    (I am sorry, I love them but) every time they fell I went : 😂🤣🤣

  • Vanesa Flores
    Vanesa Flores   1 weeks ago

    3:11 #couplegoals( i dont ship them BECAUSE THEY ARE TWINS but i thought it was funny )

  • Food Bug
    Food Bug   2 weeks ago

    My baby sister pointed to gray and said mama then pointed to Ethan and said daddy no friggin lie lol

  • hailey roob
    hailey roob   2 weeks ago

    this was the era when they were the most identical

  • BookBird 2963
    BookBird 2963   3 weeks ago

    Too late. I'm here because of the other conjoined twin challenge video.

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey   4 weeks ago

    3:41 after they fell i thought grayson's elbow was a bone sticking out for a sec

  • Haileybear160 L
    Haileybear160 L   1 months ago

    With the scars on your thumbs they could be birth marks 😂

  • Teddy Time
    Teddy Time   1 months ago

    And welcome back to another episode of Icarly.

  • Grant Clark
    Grant Clark   1 months ago

    The sound of graysons laugh after he said we're full

  • lol_brooke vxbes
    lol_brooke vxbes   1 months ago

    When they conjoint, they look like a ROBLOX character. LIKE IF U AGREE!! 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Adela Schwartz
    Adela Schwartz   1 months ago

    omg they have such an amazing twin bond i wish me and my brother had a great bond lmao!

  • Lila West
    Lila West   1 months ago

    Whenever they fell and were just laying on the ground it looked like they were cuddling

  • Zoe Saer
    Zoe Saer   1 months ago

    (they fall)Ethan: owwwGrayson: OUR BALLS!!! 😯😯

  • Jacey Cogar
    Jacey Cogar   1 months ago

    This video was so funny 😂😂Also who is watching in 2020 ❤️

  • ツ Koii
    ツ Koii   2 months ago

    It’s prob a birthmark bcuz y’all said that one of you were upside side in the 🤰🏽

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson   2 months ago

    Can I please be conjoined to Ethan for 24 hrs!!

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson   2 months ago

    I bet they wish they still had the warehouse during quarantine!

  • Taylor Gilbert
    Taylor Gilbert   2 months ago

    I have been crying the past couple of days so I watched y’all, you both REALLY know how to boost my bad mood and I love y’all for that 💙💙

  • Izabel _123
    Izabel _123   4 months ago

    I love you both so much, you make me happy when I'm down, you make me smile and laugh(ALOT). I am so thankful that the haters when you were little didn't stop you from be the creative, funny, hard working goofballs that you are. Thank you for doing what you are doing☺

  • AJ
    AJ   4 months ago

    Omg they didn’t even argue ONCE in this

  • maryam
    maryam   4 months ago

    No one:Grayson: OUR BALLS

  • maryam
    maryam   4 months ago

    takes one biteThAt bUrRiTo WaS sO biG

  • Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods   4 months ago

    Gray: what it would be like if we never split apart Me: you’d be one person 😂