Telling My Mom We are Pregnant with Twins

  • Published on: 10 March 2008
  • This is the video we took of my mom opening her Birthday/Christmas gift, and finding out that we Rach was pregnant with twins.
  • Runtime : 2:16
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  • Ode Bee
    Ode Bee   4 years ago

    Dang antibiotics!! LOL

  • banan9split
    banan9split   6 years ago

    That was very beautiful!! (Tears) :-)

  • Juju Bees
    Juju Bees   6 years ago

    This was soooo cute!! Loved it!

  • 4131 111YE
    4131 111YE   6 years ago

    Woah my head got the chills when she screamed xD

  • Emily Troville
    Emily Troville   6 years ago

    I love how she is not exited at all until its twins haha

  • ostritch
    ostritch   7 years ago

    Were the babies an accident?

  • Ryan Sharich
    Ryan Sharich   8 years ago

    @selliott1313 We had only been married for less than 3 months and now were expecting.

  • Zozo
    Zozo   8 years ago

    @selliott1313 She was probably more like yay grand baby! but like eh, cuz one child is rather normal, but finding out that twins, meaning double the ability to spoil children at the same time, buying 2 of everything etc. much more exciting

  • S. E.
    S. E.   8 years ago

    ...why was she dreading the fact you were pregnant with one baby, yet ecstatic for 2?

  • MizzJPK
    MizzJPK   8 years ago

    shut that dog up!! lmao

  • clownfish
    clownfish   8 years ago

    that's a baby, and that's a baby. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • mizukeh
    mizukeh   8 years ago

    My GOD! that squeal was PRICELESS!!!

  • 19hobbes
    19hobbes   8 years ago

    @aeman2191 Actually yes certain antibiotocs DO make birthcontrol pills almost useless. Something to think about/remember.

  • roseanne74
    roseanne74   8 years ago

    @aeman2191 So does having vomitting and diarrhoea, because the tablet is expelled before it has time to activate.

  • ruhappytoseeme
    ruhappytoseeme   11 years ago

    rofl apparetly 2 is better then one wow she got excited then hehehe too cute