Samsung Galaxy Note 10 OFFICIAL - IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Published on: 10 July 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Official Press look is here. AKG Wireless buds, New Gradient Colors, State of S Pen & More,

    Note 10 Concepts by:


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  • Runtime : 5:3
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  • eon tejada
    eon tejada   4 months ago

    If you dont want the s pen wait for the s11. Simple

  • 자가새Jahgasae
    자가새Jahgasae   4 months ago

    it ain't note if it doesn't have a pen. that's the main point, you take down notes with your phone(samsung note). if they take out the spen, what difference will the note series have against the s series? none.

  • Alain Moret
    Alain Moret   4 months ago

    I use now the Note 8 for about two years and I use the S-Pen on S-Note everyday because of my job. I quickly notice the order I have to do for my clients, their stocks and expiration dates of the goods. All that in Note. So, yes, I am a real user of the S-Pen and I do need the practical nice size of a Note phone insteed of a regular tablet that it is too large and too big to carry in my pocket.

  • darrien bowling
    darrien bowling   4 months ago

    Keep the spen that's the only reason I like the notes

  • Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando   4 months ago

    The Note series without the pen? Silliness is putting it mildly!

  • Antoine Mahan
    Antoine Mahan   4 months ago

    The S pen is what makes the Galaxy note what it is . Removing it would be crazy. They should keep the s pen..

  • Nurse Bonjing
    Nurse Bonjing   4 months ago

    It is samsung “N0TE” because of the pen.. if yoh dont like it, go for samsung S10 instead .

  • Nan Yang
    Nan Yang   4 months ago


  • Ant Jetson
    Ant Jetson   4 months ago

    A Note 10+ along with some AKG wireless earbuds. Sounds dope!!! #Samsung📱🚀

  • Rhie Sy
    Rhie Sy   4 months ago

    watching this in my note 4

    M.R. RODRIGUEZ   4 months ago

    Ok. You need to comprehend one thing. SPen is a much needed tool for Business, and The Note is A BUSINESS phone, among of its multiple uses, main one is the ability to Sign Documents, trust me, the scenario where one is waiting for someone to print a doc just to be able to sign it, is beyond frustrating. I sign mine on spot.And any ways, without SPen it WON'T be a Note, but just a Galaxy. And no, signing with the finger isn't the same. And there many other uses for the SPen. The precision is just amazing.

  • obed cuffy
    obed cuffy   5 months ago

    Looks like an iPhone the way the cameras are on the rear I don't like this

  • hikyojikizu
    hikyojikizu   5 months ago

    Keep the everyone's beloved hole. The headphone Jack hole needs to be with every phone.

  • NeverOffline
    NeverOffline   5 months ago

    Omg my birthday is august the 7th so gg for me

  • JoHny Tzolas
    JoHny Tzolas   5 months ago

    Tried to copy P30 Pro ! Fail for Samsung again... Nothing special... It's not all about specs...

  • BRob305
    BRob305   5 months ago

    Lg stylo also has a pen. Ijs. Not comparing the 2.

  • ToeNailBreaker
    ToeNailBreaker   5 months ago

    Better not get rid of the stylus. Im an IT, makes navigating in remote access to computers so easy .

  • It's About Time
    It's About Time   5 months ago

    So doesn this mean because of the spen the camera on the newer note 10 will not be better than the galaxy 10? Or even the same as the note 9?

  • Alan Jagroop
    Alan Jagroop   5 months ago

    Good if those headphones are in the box that mean sellers cant take it out and sell it seperatly

  • Whisperistic
    Whisperistic   5 months ago

    It wouldnt be a note without the s pen.

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face   5 months ago

    The S Pen is the #1 reason I love this series. I absolutely never use my fingers on my phone!

  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack   5 months ago

    Samsung needs to keep the spen. It's not only for art work but for people in business and for pleasure.If they get rid of it then it's only the galaxy... its wouldnt be a note then now would it??I love my note 9.I cant wait to see what the note 10 has in store when Samsung fully announces it next month!

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett   5 months ago

    Bs the LG style has BEEN on the market and has offered a stylus the entire time. You shouldn't state things that aren't true.

  • otakukj
    otakukj   5 months ago

    S pen is what makes a note a note. It needs more love. I could care less about the cameras, cameras have been wonderful since like 6 generations ago.

  • Radu C-tin Marian
    Radu C-tin Marian   5 months ago

    Dude, if you want no S-pen, buy S line of Galaxy phones, or promote S line... Lucky us that the Samsung will NOT ask U if the S-pen should be removed or not...

  • Wayne James
    Wayne James   5 months ago

    The spen must stay that's a must cause that pen is what makes the note series what it is u can more than improve the phone and keep the pen cause if the pen goes that ain't go be no note there again

  • jermaine pearson
    jermaine pearson   5 months ago

    Your idea on the Spen is really really dumb. The S pen is what makes the Note a Note. Just go out and buy a S10

  • Hannes König Winqvist
    Hannes König Winqvist   5 months ago

    If they drop the s pen the night as well so the note line completely. It's the thing that makes it unique. Without it it's just a square sgs