SHORT RIB Pho! & BEST Burger in Seattle???

  • Published on: 11 July 2019
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    Went exploring in around my apt and in Seattle finally :-) started off with Dong Ting Chun a hunan restaurant serving authentically delicious Chinese food. Then headed into Seattle to eat at a Malay.
    #seattle #pho #burger

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  • Laurent
    Laurent   6 hours ago

    Aaaaaaa! Congrats on your move. I'd love to move to Seattle. It's a dream of mine. 😊

  • Wendy Bowman
    Wendy Bowman   17 hours ago

    That’s new Chinese place since I moved, looks good. I miss Redmond & Bellevue.

  • dragon fire
    dragon fire   1 days ago

    So we will not get the new house tour this time? 😔😔😔

  • S. Raybourne
    S. Raybourne   1 days ago

    Run, run far away. I lived in Seattle for many years. It is always cloudy from September to May. You will become depressed and want to gauge your eyes out. Run or drive or fly as fast as you can.

  • Tavish Lyon
    Tavish Lyon   1 days ago

    Go to crossroads in Bellevue amazing food court

  • Piper J. Drake
    Piper J. Drake   1 days ago

    My husband and I are excited to watch more of these videos. We've lived in downtown Seattle for about a year and a half and have been exploring eateries in downtown. Looking forward to trying more of these eateries in the Seattle area, inspired by these videos!

  • George Rought
    George Rought   2 days ago

    Mikie, there's a Chinese place in Redmond with a Korean menu. It's called Peking and it has Korean hand-pulled noodles. The Champon, Jiajiangmyun and Pork with Mustard Greens noodle soups are quite good and they also offer a double-size bowl for the truly hungry. The potstickers are huge! Be sure to ask for the complimentary cabbage kimchi and also the raw onions with black bean sauce.141st and 20th NE down the hill from Fred Meyer on 148th. Happy slurping!

  • john mar
    john mar   2 days ago

    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ may be of interest to you.

  • smash510
    smash510   3 days ago

    Yes im from cali i went to dick's burgers in seattle as well and yes everyone was like it's the best bugers in the world i was the same way it wasn't bad but wasn't crazy good to me as well cheers n peace 👊

  • worldeasy
    worldeasy   3 days ago

    make sure you try burgermaster not too far from redmond. Better than Dicks burger imo

  • 97KITES
    97KITES   3 days ago

    Chili lemongrass chicken noodle at Tamarind Tree is the best!

  • salma_uwu
    salma_uwu   3 days ago

    Me some years ago: I wonder if Mike will come to Washington some day.. Mike: moves to Seattle Me: insert surprised pikachuImma be moving there for college soon!

  • Larkno
    Larkno   3 days ago

    What wireless earbuds are those?

  • Tara Pham
    Tara Pham   3 days ago

    Go to the BITE OF SEATTLE this weekend!!! It’s at the City Center in Seattle ☺️

  • Pak Yan
    Pak Yan   4 days ago

    Daaam we’re neighbors now! 😂😂😂 Try XXX burgers in Issaquah!

  • Chris Strader
    Chris Strader   4 days ago

    I've been to Dick's drive in and it is good it is a must to stop at when in seattle

  • Becky Romasco-Kelly
    Becky Romasco-Kelly   4 days ago

    Welcome to the area! Come over to Bainbridge Island for a fun day trip from Seattle. I have many recommendations- Mora for delicious gelato, Pane D'Amore for a cheese-crusted baguette called a Jacometti, Via Rosa for some incredible wood-fired pizzas and hand made pastas and sauces, and Marche for upscale French dining. Also would love to see a Seattle ramen video (Ramen Danbo is delicious, but I am curious about other Ramen spots).

  • s bari
    s bari   4 days ago

    Mate you look ill af!vlog ypurself fasting for 72 hrs

  • Yesena Cruz
    Yesena Cruz   4 days ago

    OMG You're in Seattle!!! Hope you enjoy all the food here in Washington!! here's a list of my recommendations:Tres Sandwich HouseBoiling Point (idk if you've tried it but its one of my faves)FIVE GUYS!Katsu Burgerconieco (self serve boba place)crazy corn (little Mexican kinda food truck)kum lang san bbq grill buffetURBAN CHOPS! (they're closed Mondays fyi)bogul bogul cafejust to name a few c:

  • j787023 1
    j787023 1   4 days ago

    6.99 per "serving" is NOT affordable

  • Liam Toye
    Liam Toye   4 days ago

    10:17 bruh wtf they doing in the background

  • NaNg Ng
    NaNg Ng   4 days ago

    I only know Dick's burger because Jay Park introduced it once when he was in Seattle lol

  • Cody Harris
    Cody Harris   4 days ago

    Hey man I live like 30 minutes from where you do and love food. I can show you a few places if you ever wanted to go check it out. Or message me and I'll tell you where to go in the area

  • Nikki K.
    Nikki K.   4 days ago

    Ohhh let me tell you it will rain. These are the sonwhat dry months. September we'll be back to cloudy sky's and lots of rain!! Love that you moved here Mike I hope you enjoy it!!

  • Hdueb Butusushs
    Hdueb Butusushs   5 days ago

    In fall you should stop by the Puyallup fair! Tons of delicious food in one spot

  • Ben Jensen
    Ben Jensen   5 days ago

    You should try Pok Pok in Portland, OR 97202

  • Vegas Strong
    Vegas Strong   5 days ago


  • Vegas Strong
    Vegas Strong   5 days ago


  • leadbones
    leadbones   5 days ago

    Having lived and worked in Seattle for many years, I can tell that Dicks is not the best burger. It's the most nostalgic. It's a tradition. But it isn't the best. The best burger in Seattle is at Red Mill. Go to Red Mill.

  • Bradley Reitler
    Bradley Reitler   5 days ago

    Love what you do Mike! I’ll miss your food adventures in NY but am also excited to see what you find in Seattle and beyond.

  • Bryan Fu
    Bryan Fu   5 days ago

    Welcome to Seattle. I've lived here for 16 years and I can give you my personal food recommendations. So feel free to hit me up. Otherwise, have fun!

  • Matiya Perkins
    Matiya Perkins   5 days ago

    We dont even have that Georgia peach coke in Georgia. That's crazy. Lol

  • Christopher Thach
    Christopher Thach   5 days ago

    Hey Mike! You definitely need to try out, Paseo Caribbean Food ... and order there Caribbean roast sandwich!!! You won’t regret it!

    DANK STREET FOOD   6 days ago

    I tried HelloFresh and the 1st delivery they failed to get the order to me on time due to FedEx being incompetent and not following delivery instructions, food is not frozen so if its missed the 1st day the food goes bad

  • susan brice
    susan brice   6 days ago

    wait for winter. you'll get your rain

  • hallobre
    hallobre   6 days ago

    Remember guys, if you don’t see Chinese people eating in a Chinese restaurant, it’s probably not that good

  • Leon Flores
    Leon Flores   6 days ago

    Lol! Did you go to a beauty salon or a burger joint Mike? Burgers did look good though. Hunan place looked awesome! I may have missed it, but why did you move to Seattle? Take care brother!