Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Black Palm Cockatoo & Crocodile - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on: 05 September 2012
  • Is it just us, or do both of these creatures have extra-scary mouths? More CONAN @
  • Runtime : 4:30
  • Experts and Demos David Mizejewski Animal Expert Conan O'Brien Conan Conan (TV Series) TBS (TV Channel) Team Coco


  • Coopers Not a bird
    Coopers Not a bird   1 hours ago

    He is more comfortable with the animals compared to other people on tv

  • CZ S
    CZ S   1 days ago

    Any time I'm feeling down, I come see Conan and the animals :)

  • Lonesome_Blue
    Lonesome_Blue   1 days ago

    “Look how delicate he is with the tongue, getting the nut out of there.”– Conan

  • Danny Hodges
    Danny Hodges   4 days ago

    I’ve just found out Conan is 56, I thought he was at least 70!

  • Mary
    Mary   4 days ago

    2:54 why did an “eye” come out of its neck 😩🤢

  • Divyam Kumar
    Divyam Kumar   5 days ago

    There is a hole in the crocodile's neck on 2:55. It kind of looks like a third eye.

  • Y-O
    Y-O   6 days ago

    Woah the trust of that bird with that lady!! Immediately hopped onto her finger. Whether it's because it's trained or it was on instinct that was just such a smooth transfer :o

  • hanafuda
    hanafuda   6 days ago

    segment beginsMizejewski: “This is a black…”Me, an intellectual: “Bird’s not green?”

  • Konstanze Faust
    Konstanze Faust   1 weeks ago

    The cuckatoo kinda seems like Conan in animal form. g

  • MrXxpedroxx
    MrXxpedroxx   1 weeks ago

    any tv show in america whitout the fake laugh sounds???!!

  • suthobay
    suthobay   1 weeks ago

    We have black cockatoos in my hometown. First time I saw one was a few years ago, and I was like "WTF Is that huge black bird in the tree!?!!" They are truly beautiful creatures, and they are MASSIVE

  • jerrywitaj
    jerrywitaj   1 weeks ago

    Can’t stand this clown. Conan, not the bird. Foul mouthed pig that will say anything for a laugh.

  • Oddi J
    Oddi J   1 weeks ago

    You can almost see some resemblance

  • Zree Ram
    Zree Ram   1 weeks ago

    This animal.... IS A BALLOON?

  • SophieX
    SophieX   1 weeks ago

    2:54 did anyone see that black thing in the jaw?

  • Spring Hearted Tiger 62

    This is what I like to see; someone else who’s interested in learning about animals

  • Bigfoot Hunt
    Bigfoot Hunt   2 weeks ago

    "These are horrifying sound."Bird looks at conan"Sorry didn't mean it didn't mean it."

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson   2 weeks ago

    First time I ever really watched this guy for a couple of minutes and he's hilarious lol

  • Kalaye Teo
    Kalaye Teo   2 weeks ago

    What's under her jaw? It keeps opening!???? Yuck...

  • elias az
    elias az   2 weeks ago

    It crush it really really hard

  • ilovehorses
    ilovehorses   2 weeks ago

    Poor crocodile. knew that they were going to put something in its's scared and angry...b/c these pple have no right to do what they did .. white pple really need to leave Africa and it's inhabitants alone.

  • Alvin Daley
    Alvin Daley   3 weeks ago

    Smaller than the salt water crocodile? Clearly you have not seen Gustav...

    IGATECK   3 weeks ago

    What in the heck is that thing in the crocodile's neck @2:54 ?

  • Bee Kim
    Bee Kim   3 weeks ago

    that crocodile be like :d

  • PUBG Nation
    PUBG Nation   3 weeks ago

    Can some watch 2.53 and tell what's popping out of his jaw?

  • Dovax !
    Dovax !   3 weeks ago

    2:54 what's that on his throat? Looks like an eye

  • Kacper XXX
    Kacper XXX   3 weeks ago

    2:58 what the hell is this black spot on it's neck?

  • Aditya Das
    Aditya Das   3 weeks ago

    3:04 "I gave you $20 4 years ago"🤣🤣🤣🤣