Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Trump Is Doing A Far Superior Version Of "Veep"

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • The star of the new film "Downhill," who also played the lead in a little show called "Veep," misses the show but seems relieved to no longer be portraying a TV president during the current administration. #Colbert #JuliaLouisDreyfus #Veep

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  • Runtime : 5:45
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  • bill bixby
    bill bixby   2 months ago

    How many people has phony Dreyfus rescued from overseas prisons? How many people has she employeed?

  • Ivica Tolic
    Ivica Tolic   2 months ago

    Believe everything you hear?!? Stupid lady ... but hey, there's a chance to vilify and demonize one of the gratest leader in modern history (not american) - why not do it ... as instructed of course

    ALEX KACHOK   3 months ago

    I think puutten uses his own personal booth because his security does not want him leave any samples they can take a DNA test of and establish there are a few of his duplicates

  • Дмитрий Д.
    Дмитрий Д.   3 months ago

    Путин — Сатана https://www.molodostivivat.ru/predyavite-vashi-dokazatelstva/moskva-vavilon-putin-satana.html

  • Frank Maskil
    Frank Maskil   3 months ago

    It’s nice to know that Putin is OCD. He deserves that.

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus
    M. Rodrigo Lemus   3 months ago

    Finally, a woman that understands my feelings about Valentine's. 👍😘

  • Stephane Gosselin
    Stephane Gosselin   3 months ago

    I had to watch the videos twice, first the dress, second time listening!

  • Sean Gotti521
    Sean Gotti521   3 months ago

    Jesus Christ she is so fuckin hot 🤯🤪😚😍🥰🥰😘

  • David Wondi
    David Wondi   3 months ago

    Injoy it on your toust that was funny an totaly inapropiet

  • Eurobubble70
    Eurobubble70   3 months ago

    the kunsthistorische museum is where you can see all the art we stole from foreign countries, the belvedere is where you can see all the art, we stole from austrian jews.

  • Alexander Georg
    Alexander Georg   3 months ago

    .... thank you Julia and Stephen for mentioning Austria and especially Vienna ... and the Kunsthistorische Museum (which actually had been built to be a museum and never was used as home to anybody ... but anyway ... should you ever come to Vienna again, let me know and I will invite you to come to my apartment which is around the corner from there and is nearly as old as the museum (built about 1909 or so) ... best regards from Vienna! Alex

  • dred311
    dred311   3 months ago

    Let’s summarize all late night comedy: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump...... Trump infinity. So funny.

  • Eskil Eriksson
    Eskil Eriksson   3 months ago

    Being of Jewish heritage, maybe she should look into where a lot of that wonderful art came from. Americans are truly clueless.

  • liquidbraino
    liquidbraino   3 months ago

    No wonder his name is poo-tin. Doesn't like the smell of flowers but he likes the smell of his own shit.

  • Michel Marcil
    Michel Marcil   3 months ago

    what is there to lafgh of other even if its putin and again colbert with is trash on trump colbert supposed show is a demo rats hoo invited only demo rats and the worst of it is that sadly colbert thing but only thing that he is funny with is trash political Elite supposed show the problem with what the eilte is is that they think or there funny or they know everything that they are the belly button of this earth just look at moron racist like smollet it tell ist all colbert what a moron I remember so well when the senat trow him out because Colbert tought that it was going to be another of is platform by ridicul all senators thank god that he as been kick out by much more intelligent peoples than that moron is just look at is audiance on is supposed show first its a show for liberal hack demo rats morons hoo only think that they are better than others but just think that they are in reality there all brain wash moron leftist hoo all hait trump all these supposed non political show they should all pay back trump because these moron host would have nothing to tell if it wasn't of trump and it as been like that for over 3 years already and talking about over 3 years ago I remember so well seeing and earing these elite that had said on national tv that if trump was going to win in 2016 that they would go out of the US funny just how many of them as done so easy answer no one of them so as they are well known thay like to trash talk that is all there good about it and moron followers leftist are going to these supposed show and clap and lagh at them so for them is not hard to do when a leftist follower clap or lafgh well they other follower clap and lafgh is in that anough moron that is are they behave so just wait in 2020 just imagine a guy like Berniee join with AOC running the USA or a corropt liar like hillary was and still is just imagine the false Indien like Warren or sleepy Joe holy shit imagine 2020 till 2024 what would became of the USA they are already the biggest moron well known till this day so imagine them running the country and leftist would try to attacck the billionaires well are they not bright anough that the demo rats party own already too of these billionaires in there own party so warren and berniee and sleepy joe attacking the billionaires is in it them hoo because of these billionaires that there is millions and millions of job in the USA and I remember berniee once in is own speach at the time he was attacking also the millionaires well oups berniee had to change is speach one more time why simple because berniee him self as became a millionaire the same for that liar warren if the left would win the 2020 election just watch how fast the country would have to fill bankrupcy i a hard beat just look at all the shitt the leftist as done in over 3 years just because the hait trump by thinking they would do better imagine a guy like adam schifty schiff as a leader in the senat pelousi is already the biggest clown on earth guy like Nadler or even liar double face schumer let me tell you that schumer and liar leaker schifty schiff are almost the same pearson liar leaker double faces just remember all the lies of schifty schiff no no no i don't know hoo is the whistleblower my ass schiff we all knew in adavanced that is whistleblower was no one else than traitor Vidman all fucking hypocrit and all part of the mob cabal in DC so fuck them all thinking that they are much better than trump my sorry ass these basters are realy the mob politicens there is right now in dc

  • multi io
    multi io   3 months ago

    So Putin won't survive after the apocalypse.

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo   3 months ago

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7788831/Vladimir-Putin-accompanied-SIX-bodyguards-going-BATHROOM.html https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/08/vladimir-putin-has-75000-toilet/324211/

  • Garrick Hunter
    Garrick Hunter   3 months ago

    Seems pretty ignorant to not understand why he would bring his own anything and everything considering how we kill .

  • Kirumburu Nganga
    Kirumburu Nganga   3 months ago

    A bit of an inane and ignorant criticism of Putin, as American presidents have been travelling with their own personal toilets the last 18 year or so. "Security reasons" so we are told.

  • Karl Stone
    Karl Stone   3 months ago

    It's good she led with the flowers gossip, because if she'd launched right into gossip about Putin's bathroom arrangements, it might have lacked class!

  • Sergant744
    Sergant744   3 months ago

    Some people doesn't like flowers cause they..you know..allergic

  • Hao Sephiroth
    Hao Sephiroth   3 months ago

    They talk about trump for 10 seconds and that's the title you put, really petty

  • Mört
    Mört   3 months ago

    what a treasure

  • Thomas Horrego
    Thomas Horrego   3 months ago


  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa   3 months ago

    I'm totally on board with her about News Years and Valentine's Day.

  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa   3 months ago

    When she said the photo was from 32 years ago, I was expecting a junior high school prom photo. Then I see it's her wedding photo and my head explodes. She's almost 60! Damn, she looks great!

  • RB
    RB   3 months ago

    Well, I had to turn the subtitles off on this video for, uh, reasons.