tv shows and movies I will NEVER make videos about

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
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    Riverdale has completely lost its mind...

    To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

    ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...

    ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...

    Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...

    Victorious was kinda dumb...

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  • Runtime : 8:49
  • alex meyers alex mayers alex myers alex meyers animation


  • Ash the Gacha Dragon
    Ash the Gacha Dragon   45 minuts ago

    Ok but will you plz do RWBY it's my favorite show and you would like the jokes and if you and can't do a vid then Maybe just watch it in your own time idk

  • Iker Atreyu
    Iker Atreyu   3 hours ago

    we’re going to have our react to La Rosa de Guadalupe 😔.

  • Sammie Cole
    Sammie Cole   8 hours ago

    Honestly highly respect all the reasons you have, you’re doing great man!😀🤩

  • Dan Robinson
    Dan Robinson   9 hours ago

    Thanks for doing this I like this type of stuff and congrats on 2 million

  • Ava Redfern
    Ava Redfern   10 hours ago

    I’m a simple human, I see Brooklyn 99, I click.

  • Koala Williams
    Koala Williams   12 hours ago

    The fact you had to make a video explaining this is hilarious in itself. And also like, where is common sense?

  • Mausefell
    Mausefell   13 hours ago

    Your videos are amazing the way they are. I also think it wouldn't be as funny if you made these videos with cartoon shows or anime to be honest.

  • alice
    alice   13 hours ago

    He’s obviously so smart and put a lot of thought in his works. Props to you, dude!

  • Sasha
    Sasha   15 hours ago

    Would you do cop shows though? Like not B99? The weird cop shows? Like: CastleGrimm Private EyeDeceptionLimitless

  • Emmahlea
    Emmahlea   15 hours ago

    Do doctor who! Start with the either the Weeping Angels episode, or “Rose”

  • Salamata Bah
    Salamata Bah   16 hours ago


  • ada fm
    ada fm   16 hours ago

    I’m really glad you touched on the subject of cultural shock when it comes to reaction videos; specially since I’ve seen so many Americans give their opinion on Élite and you can tell they don’t know anything about the culture out there and why the show chooses to be that way it is. I’ve seen it happen with other few tv shows but Élite is one to often be criticized for not looking like American teen shows and it’s just annoying

  • Mah M
    Mah M   16 hours ago

    What does everyone think of Elite?? Cause I really wanna watch it

  • kayla martinez
    kayla martinez   16 hours ago

    Yupp it’s big facts that stuff gets lost in translation. So some things just don’t come off the same or the way it was in intended

  • Shm Show
    Shm Show   20 hours ago

    Then please watch killing Eve it’s drama and thriller you will love it

  • Hidayanizer 16
    Hidayanizer 16   20 hours ago

    About the bollywood, the video would not be able to be seen, due to t-series copyright striking it down so fast

  • Ralph Bou Chahine
    Ralph Bou Chahine   21 hours ago

    Please cover How I Met Your Mother. Its an AMAZING show. Trust me

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome   1 days ago

    So why not for cartoons do live action reactions

  • Mavra Hamid
    Mavra Hamid   1 days ago

    Duuudee you have to review "Merlin" pweaseee

  • Adam
    Adam   1 days ago

    The thumbnail was a bit misleading but the video makes a lot of sense

  • Klthm
    Klthm   1 days ago

    U should do a vid about Locke and key

  • Madmaral
    Madmaral   1 days ago

    He should do American Horror Story.