FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: 12 January 2020
  • So I actaully made a Music Video... This is of course a joke.

    Directed By- https://m.youtube.com/user/HarryMichaelMaude


    Listen to my NEW song - https://music.apple.com/us/album/b4l/1491768426?i=1491768427

    Twitter- https://twitter.com/liljarviss
    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fazejarvis/
    Jarvis & Kay Channel- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0Jm3RQtmtwxxTc2gZkqDNw
    Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/liljarvis

    Business Inquiries- jarvisjaay@gmail.com

    Editor- https://www.youtube.com/thrxve
  • Runtime : 3:11
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  • Jarvis
    Jarvis   1 weeks ago

    I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jerick Kyle
    Jerick Kyle   3 minuts ago

    Yo tbh I didnt get anything you said

  • Big pump
    Big pump   39 minuts ago

    1:35 he using aimbot on his own voice too 😂😭

  • Joe mamma
    Joe mamma   47 minuts ago

    Guys don’t criticize Jarvis’s song come on he is trying to sing that can be his new talent

  • Jackson Minton
    Jackson Minton   55 minuts ago

    I first heard "Still clap bots no cheat" as "still clap ass no cheek" and I was like damn, maybe there's at least one good bar but no, there isn't

  • Derek Robinson
    Derek Robinson   1 hours ago

    Just another really popular person with no talent

  • Mike Giga
    Mike Giga   1 hours ago

    Like I liked the old videos but now there just cringe

  • Venom Fangss
    Venom Fangss   1 hours ago

    Jarvis: gets banned Cries about itMe: WTF are you crying about just make a new account

  • kyra jnjj
    kyra jnjj   1 hours ago

    I don't know anything he saidSomeone please translate.Because I clearly don't speak idiot.

  • kyra jnjj
    kyra jnjj   1 hours ago

    BRO JARVIS is showing off his aimbot

  • Silentgamer AWP
    Silentgamer AWP   1 hours ago

    “How I got band from a video a game” maybe because u were using aim bot on a MULTYPLAYER ONLINE game

  • Tobi.visuals
    Tobi.visuals   1 hours ago

    Boi all u do is play not work hard🤦‍♂️

  • Camzilla
    Camzilla   1 hours ago

    Damn this man had squeezed and sucked all the content out of him getting banned

    UKSG GAMING   2 hours ago

    Javis is my favorite by it a bit cring

  • Polah
    Polah   2 hours ago

    dis shyt makes me wanna fight my diareah

  • ScopeSZN
    ScopeSZN   2 hours ago

    why don’t you play on a different account?

  • S Chft
    S Chft   3 hours ago

    Jarvis you were one of my favorties b4 u got banned but this its just horrible no shade but this is the worst song of the week in north america seriously dont ever make music again please for the sake of your career

  • craxel is cracked
    craxel is cracked   3 hours ago

    People comment in Jarvis comment saying the loyal but there in other comments talking smack

  • Kre8or333
    Kre8or333   3 hours ago

    This is proof Likes are bought and paid for. There's not 1 positive comment, yet 100k+ likes?

  • Chris Da Goat
    Chris Da Goat   3 hours ago

    Jarvis hit every shot in this video 😉🤣 nah but unbanned Jarvis man💯

  • SmAlL bEaR
    SmAlL bEaR   3 hours ago

    Im like the only one who likes this. THIS IS GOOD BUT TO MUCH AUTOTUNE

  • meme.S
    meme.S   3 hours ago

    School shooter anthem

  • Team Atlast
    Team Atlast   3 hours ago

    Sounds like he had a stuffed nose the whole music video

  • Benny
    Benny   3 hours ago

    Play madden it is better