I switched diets with my brother for a day

  • Published on: 01 November 2019
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  • frrah
    frrah   9 hours ago

    Y'all literally do just put jungkooks name onto every asian guy u see but bitch he looks like Gong Yoo from goblin/train to busan. I ain't denying tatPs. Dun worry I love kookie too

  • Kage Oashj
    Kage Oashj   17 hours ago

    Nobody:Ashley: DOeSn’T tHaT lOoK LiKe a PeIcE oF HAM?????

  • ramen
    ramen   23 hours ago

    i love andrew’s eyes

  • V Limans
    V Limans   1 days ago

    Ashley IS a MOM i get it now and andrew....smh i can’t 😭😭

  • Miss Ash.
    Miss Ash.   2 days ago

    Everyone: andrew this charles that.MeanwhileMe: she is wearing a safty pin as and ear-

  • exostash
    exostash   2 days ago

    am i the only one who got an ad before andrew showed up EHENDHDMSKSKSK

  • Yoongis Bitch
    Yoongis Bitch   2 days ago

    So actually.... your brother is who I am and Ashley is who I want to be...

  • Rafel Raltee
    Rafel Raltee   3 days ago

    are her earings a product of best dressed aka ashley?

  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon   3 days ago

    why the fuck is she wearing safety pins instead of earings

  • 김경쑤VelvetKisses

    Wait... I dont get why she a million views but a thousand subscribers???YA'LL SUBCRIBEEEE!!!

  • η_αтαlιєєє
    η_αтαlιєєє   4 days ago

    I love how close Andrew and charles are so close together 🥺💜

  • The Nasys
    The Nasys   4 days ago

    Gurl sameeeeee! I spent a lot for my haircut by a professional and it still looks like shit. My friends were so mad at me but like you said the damage has been done 😂 btw did you just dolled up for Elijah & us 🥺 stunning ❤️

  • Moka Moka
    Moka Moka   4 days ago

    Can we talk about how cute andrew is ??

  • lessdepressy
    lessdepressy   5 days ago

    wait are those earrings from bestdressed???

  • Rosé é
    Rosé é   5 days ago

    Sometimes her brother looks like suho from exo

  • knawra
    knawra   5 days ago

    he soo cute af🥺

  • clarissa h
    clarissa h   5 days ago

    i'd kill to have a sibling relationship like you and andrew.

  • Sasja W.
    Sasja W.   5 days ago

    Are those bestdressed’s earrings?

  • Onyx Lynch
    Onyx Lynch   5 days ago

    You look like Cahil Manila from Philippines. 🥴 Then your brother looks like MJ Tangonan.

  • Jojo_ smxles
    Jojo_ smxles   5 days ago

    He-he -he🥺 wore the black tee with the silver chain on like jungkook would😩😩. I want Andrew

  • Meggs G-B
    Meggs G-B   6 days ago

    1:24 Did she says “jai fini” she speak french????

  • Yna Calderon
    Yna Calderon   6 days ago

    I drink my vitamins all at ones without drinking a liquid. Is it just me? or am I just awkward

  • Shilpa Kolluru
    Shilpa Kolluru   6 days ago

    He's a whole baby. He is such a friggin cutie and even her sister. Love you guys, this is coming from India. Hi I am Avani!

  • Freya Hwang
    Freya Hwang   6 days ago

    My sistur: we are not fighting when we on grandma's house lyingMe: yes that's right mom lyingMy Mom: * Cover of this video*

  • I'm Tee
    I'm Tee   6 days ago

    yall are here crushing over her brother while im here crushing over her

  • suga's soft tummy
    suga's soft tummy   6 days ago

    Where did you get your earrings!?They look sooo good! You look sooo good!

  • SomethingNew Idek
    SomethingNew Idek   6 days ago

    “Hey that’s why water” stares off into the distance 😂😂

  • ARMY 43V3R
    ARMY 43V3R   6 days ago

    I would get overweight if I switched diets with my bro