How to Make Sure Your Home Cameras Don’t Get Hacked

  • Published on: 12 December 2019
  • A Mississippi family is sounding the alarm after a hacker managed to infiltrate the Ring camera positioned in their little girl’s room and started talking to the child. "I'm Santa Claus! Don't you want to be my best friend?" he could be heard saying. "Not only could they see my children; they could interact with my child. I don't know how they did it," mother Ashley Lemay told Inside Edition. A spokesperson for Ring said the incident was not related to a breach in the company's security.
  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • eylica
    eylica   2 days ago

    one time, someone hacjed my camera he was shouting smth in idk language when i was 8

  • Jersey Vlogs
    Jersey Vlogs   2 days ago

    Why would you have a camera in your kids bedroom

  • hheebbaa1993
    hheebbaa1993   5 days ago

    I hate how much parents rely on technology nowadays. It makes them less caring and present in their kids’ lives. What happened to the good old days when parents spent all their time with their children? Now it’s like: ”ok honey, I’m gonna travel to another country, and leave you alondc but don’t worry, I can see you LIVE on the camera I set up. You’re safe😬”

  • Kaitlyn Ibarra
    Kaitlyn Ibarra   5 days ago

    Music starts playing Me: Burn down the house and take mr.snuffles with you

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha   6 days ago

    Imagine you dancing and your mum just tunes in like “I TOLD YOU TO WASH THE DISHES!”... :/

  • Cap285
    Cap285   1 weeks ago

    Catch him and leave him in a room with her dad and a bat for 5 minutes.

  • Everett Young
    Everett Young   1 weeks ago

    Sense when has Santa clause been a creepy pervert?

  • who am i
    who am i   1 weeks ago

    The girl : I was like who is this guy!Bruh nobody cares

  • Blizxton
    Blizxton   2 weeks ago

    why didn’t lisa guerro interview the camera?

  • kuro's life ^.^
    kuro's life ^.^   2 weeks ago

    I know someone that has a camera in each of their kids rooms and watches them while at work. I told her people can hack the cameras. She didn't believe me! Now look!

  • D Harrington
    D Harrington   2 weeks ago


  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez   2 weeks ago

    Stranger:no I'm Santa claus me:hell nawww I gotta go get my bat in my closet. Edit:well I have a bat tho :/

  • Phoenix 101
    Phoenix 101   2 weeks ago

    If this was me I would chuck a bear at the camera and shout with no hesitation, “YA’LL WANNA MESS WITH ME! WHO’S THE BOSS HERE! ANSWER ME OR ILL SEND MY BEAR ARMY TO FIGHT YOU! REE!”

  • UrGay 0
    UrGay 0   3 weeks ago

    Literally I would have believed him if he was Santa Claus 😂

  • O Boi
    O Boi   3 weeks ago

    Hacker: “Hello there!”Me: general kenobi

  • the god of food
    the god of food   4 weeks ago

    Even if your a parent don't put cameras in your kids rooms ok. Its called privacy! And look you had a creep what your kid because your the one putting it in her room. What if she was changing!?

  • Bub Vision
    Bub Vision   4 weeks ago

    0:00 HOLY SHOOT BRO that scared me actually

  • GachaLifeAnimation
    GachaLifeAnimation   1 months ago

    Boi girl don’t mess with me I live in the hood and a tall house I will get the gang!

  • Noah Salazar
    Noah Salazar   1 months ago

    I listen to that song some time and I sing it😁

  • loni
    loni   1 months ago

    Ngl, he kinda funny. “IM saNta clAUse dOnT yOu wAnNa bE mY beSt FriEnD?”

  • Zhi Wu
    Zhi Wu   1 months ago

    I think its cool

  • samuraioj
    samuraioj   1 months ago

    What a creep. Spying on a little girl in her BEDROOM is nasty.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man   1 months ago

    He know how to hack