How to Make Sure Your Home Cameras Don’t Get Hacked

  • Published on: 12 December 2019
  • A Mississippi family is sounding the alarm after a hacker managed to infiltrate the Ring camera positioned in their little girl’s room and started talking to the child. "I'm Santa Claus! Don't you want to be my best friend?" he could be heard saying. "Not only could they see my children; they could interact with my child. I don't know how they did it," mother Ashley Lemay told Inside Edition. A spokesperson for Ring said the incident was not related to a breach in the company's security.
  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • Cinthia Garcia
    Cinthia Garcia   4 hours ago

    Tip toe through the window by the window oh tip toe with meeeeee oooohhhhh tip toe through the garden by the garden in the willow tree

  • Chillä Scrizz
    Chillä Scrizz   6 hours ago

    My question is, why is there a camera in her room what the hell!?

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split   2 days ago

    íf thαt hαppєnєd tσ mє í'm gσnnα frєαk σut

  • Soggy Toast
    Soggy Toast   3 days ago

    If he said he was santa I would say"he isnt real"But he is!

  • Juan Serbin
    Juan Serbin   3 days ago

    I now know that song it is a scary song on tic tik

  • Juan Serbin
    Juan Serbin   3 days ago

    I now that song it is spoto be scary on ic tok

  • Briecheese 622
    Briecheese 622   3 days ago


  • Angel Barton
    Angel Barton   4 days ago

    The little Girl said that when he played that song tip toe by the widow that song she said that she heard a noise She was probably like oh my god is that the guy

  • Bigs 02
    Bigs 02   1 weeks ago

    That security expect is horrible at his job.

  • Juan Francisco
    Juan Francisco   1 weeks ago

    If I was the little girl i would say let me get food then I can tell my mom 🐬

  • Ring Always Home
    Ring Always Home   1 weeks ago

    Hacker: you can do what ever you wantMe: Okay what ever i want? Im unplugging the Cam byeee boi

  • SkitZita
    SkitZita   1 weeks ago

    should’ve used two factor

  • Kinsleyshaw
    Kinsleyshaw   1 weeks ago


  • Helps and friends Bro

    Guy: I’m SantaMe: bruh my dad is a police and a good guyGuy: ok don’t tell him pleaseThe moral don’t talk to strangers

  • andrea Bravo
    andrea Bravo   2 weeks ago

    If I was there I would run to my mom or throw things at the camera

  • Kihlun uwu
    Kihlun uwu   3 weeks ago

    1:56 is that a ragedy an doll on the shelf?

  • EdenRaye
    EdenRaye   3 weeks ago

    If I were her when he said “I’m your best friend”I would be like “YOU STUPID PERSON I DONT HAVE A FRIEND THAT SOUNDS LIKE THAT”

  • Brooklyn and summer
    Brooklyn and summer   3 weeks ago

    I’m Santa clause!Me:No no no no no Santa is..the guy who delivers the free TVs :D that song is a legend tip toe through the window by the windoww

  • Tyler lahners
    Tyler lahners   3 weeks ago

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  • maya dude
    maya dude   1 months ago

    So scary iff im was the girl im take a knife go and check THE rooms and then mom come im say everything

  • astrid
    astrid   1 months ago

    This should be a secure password!: password