7 Easter Eggs Where Games Roasted Themselves

  • Published on: 30 January 2020
  • Mistakes are only natural. The important thing is taking mistakes in your stride, and maybe even poking some good natured fun at yourself. Like in these videogames, which made light of past mistakes, bugs and criticisms with some extremely self-deprecating easter eggs. Enjoy and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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  • Runtime : 18:2
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  • Chris bromley-west
    Chris bromley-west   5 hours ago

    i think you misunderstand the word "rumour." it's a way for them to flavour what was otherwise a, slightly comical, aniclimax. if your character spoiler then the rumour is true. if your character didn't spoiler then the rumour is not true.

  • spruce badger
    spruce badger   2 days ago

    How about tom in batim chapter 5 breaking the door?

  • MegAmi
    MegAmi   3 days ago

    MegAmi please add a comment

  • Lisa Savignano
    Lisa Savignano   3 days ago

    The number one for me was Baldur's Gate. "You must gather your party before venturing forth." Over and over and over and over and over gain....

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh   1 weeks ago

    2 world 2's character sounds like honest trailer voice guy

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen   1 weeks ago

    @0:06 Well that escalated VERY, VERY quickly.

  • Maxym Habarov
    Maxym Habarov   1 weeks ago

    What about The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online? Lester remarks about how arcade games normalised crime and 'damaged his fragile mind'.

  • Lainey Johnson
    Lainey Johnson   1 weeks ago

    If only the Sonic Boom video games roasted themselves as the show does...

  • tsuki
    tsuki   2 weeks ago

    that cat shirt is fire

  • Leif kallio
    Leif kallio   2 weeks ago

    In far cry five you have a side missing where you help a film producer to make an alien movie where he goes on a rant about how horrible farcry fans are when it comes to being realistic games and story and the towers 😂

  • chris smith
    chris smith   2 weeks ago

    10:52 last time I went to a renaissance fair I saw a bunch of people in fursuits I wouldn’t say it was a nightmare but it wasn’t exactly normal either, instead of dragons trying to eat people I saw bipedal wolves, cats and a deer with odd fixed expressions of faux happiness Still a little creepy when they look at you and you stare into those lifeless eyes that seem to stare into your soul and eternally judge you for the sins you have committed, are committing and will commit all at once, one of the reasons I dislike going out into public

  • Ryan Walden
    Ryan Walden   2 weeks ago

    I love how you guys don’t just say the list, you guys actually make it funny and act like a family

  • Da Green Thing
    Da Green Thing   2 weeks ago

    Technically in fable lost Chapters you can kill the guildmaster he is part of the quest or could it be depending on if you want to go evil or not

  • Kolter Braun
    Kolter Braun   2 weeks ago

    I noticed all the projectiles in hitman were homing. I remember the axe homing in the first one too.

  • Luke Six
    Luke Six   2 weeks ago

    i like that neko shirt!!!!

  • Forsparda
    Forsparda   2 weeks ago

    Corny as it was i missed the language from two worlds one in 2 i felt it added alot of silly charm to the game

  • Peter Qu
    Peter Qu   2 weeks ago

    Red Alert 3: That one level you get to blow up EA's HQ, after which you get a quote on how EA's tainted products would never disgrace a shelf again.

  • Mattox Kurtz
    Mattox Kurtz   2 weeks ago

    The suitcase is the most BORING type of bag. Don't @ me.@ me. (I had to!) Ikea. Bag.

  • the other ghost girl
    the other ghost girl   3 weeks ago

    I’m pretty sure the guild master was already dead by the end of fable 1 but go off

  • dr death pranks
    dr death pranks   3 weeks ago

    Fable was one of my favourite games as a child, but carving your health is low in the guild masters head makes me appreciate it so much more 😂😂😂

  • thefantasydeporter
    thefantasydeporter   3 weeks ago

    I had thought that the uncharted 4 reference would be when you freeze at the beginning of the chase chapter and if you stand still, you get a trophy referencing the PS4 demo where nathan wouldnt move for a minute because of technical difficulties

  • Mike Gaddass
    Mike Gaddass   4 weeks ago

    Your health is low.SHUT UP TREGUARD! Wait, wrong show.For those who are confused, Hugo Myatt voiced the Guildmaster and was also the dungeon master on the show Knightmare.

  • Man 07
    Man 07   1 months ago

    In terraria the goblin tinkerer talks about how gold armor is stronger than iron armor and how the game is unrealistic

  • Petr Sosna
    Petr Sosna   1 months ago

    *Warns of spoilers for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002)*Shows video concerning HITMAN 2 (2018)We told you IO, we told you...

  • Michael Hardin
    Michael Hardin   1 months ago

    Baldur's Gate Seige of Dragonspear- When Glint has a conversation with Dynaheir about her accent and kind of calls her out on it, and one of her select barks has her flub her accent and just give up lol

  • Roman420
    Roman420   1 months ago

    I’m still in love with you Jane

  • Juan León
    Juan León   1 months ago

    "RDR is obviously a perfect game"So after Grand Theft Microtransactions V/Online gave carte blanche for one if not the biggest issue in AAA gaming a few years ago, people's still shilling them...

  • clive dawson
    clive dawson   1 months ago

    This is great. Love your stuff Steve.stay safe we need more Steve!!

  • Draco Dovakiin
    Draco Dovakiin   1 months ago

    Oh, don't forget that Fable The Lost Chapters (extension to the original Fable) allows you to murder the guild master. Personal favorite moment

  • Zedsdead768
    Zedsdead768   1 months ago

    im a simple man, i see the guildmaster? i click.

  • Cam Jackson
    Cam Jackson   1 months ago

    Clearly haven’t played Fable: The Lost Chapters (the finished fable 1)Part of the story has you collecting souls, has you choose between killing the guild master and another. Hence the evil choice would mean you were sadistic enough to carve a message.Fable 2 says there are rumours die to the fact that you can make that choice if you decide

  • Collin Lennon
    Collin Lennon   1 months ago

    didnt even use the clip of the briefcase chasing the jet ski

  • Death by Konami
    Death by Konami   1 months ago

    Best way to avoid that bug in Red Dead Redemption is NOT doing the final mission

  • Hrbrgggr
    Hrbrgggr   1 months ago

    Anyone has an ID for the background music during the Fable II part? What track is it? 12:50

  • Deadland Placebo
    Deadland Placebo   1 months ago

    I felt the worst about killing the henchmen in mafia 3 because all of their dialog is about how the only took the job because the have a criminal record or were injured in war and that the job was really easy before that psycho Lincoln clay showed up