Woman Discovers Her Biological Mom Actually Worked With Her for 2 Years

  • Published on: 11 March 2016
  • A woman who spent 15 years looking for her biological mother was stunned when she discovered they had worked alongside each other for two years. Jenny Thomas, from Rochester, New York, tracked down her mom with the help of TLC's "Long Lost Family." When she was presented a photograph of the woman, Nita Valdez, she said: "Oh my God, I know her!" Thomas signed up for TLC's show, which helped tracked down her mom.
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  • realniga 301
    realniga 301   1 months ago

    Who ever wins the lottery I'm there long lost cousin

  • Atti Vamp
    Atti Vamp   1 years ago

    This is so weired !! What if mom turns out to be a co worker that u hate ??

  • Maricela Silva-Ortiz
    Maricela Silva-Ortiz   1 years ago

    I saw this episode on long lost family. It's sad, her mom is fake and when asked what she imagined what her daughter looked like she described her as white with blue eyes. When told she was Africa American she looked upset/disappointed

  • Jasmine kuwonu
    Jasmine kuwonu   1 years ago

    I'm also from Rochester NY 😐😐 wait why would I say that ... JK 😂😂😐

  • Nab il
    Nab il   1 years ago

    Weird country with weird coinsidence

  • NickMadd
    NickMadd   1 years ago

    Is it a coincidence that I got a ancestry.com DNA ad

  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue   1 years ago

    I think id be angry id have so many questions...

  • Troye Rhoades
    Troye Rhoades   1 years ago

    It’s obvious the mother knew that was her daughter the whole time. Just staying at arms length

  • Jilisa Evans
    Jilisa Evans   1 years ago

    A mother who didn't know her child was black. Why give her up for adoption? The mother should not be praised for discarding a child, to be a nurse. Of all things, a nurse. Makes me question her, as a person. Caring for strangers, while discarding your baby.

  • Caroline W
    Caroline W   1 years ago

    My mom (who was adopted) Met here sisters for the first time yesterday.She knew very little about her birth family and one day decided to try ansestory.com . A couple of matches came up and now we have a whole new family!

  • Elaine Carlos
    Elaine Carlos   1 years ago

    After the show was broadcast, it was noted that Jenny and her mom had a hard time maintaining the connection. However, she did find out who her biological dad was and his family openly welcomed her.

  • nikki
    nikki   1 years ago

    I thought it said divorced fff

  • Michael Schuenemann
    Michael Schuenemann   1 years ago

    Not True - she found out her Mother was a Transgender ask CNN and MSNBC - they always tell the Truth!

  • Ryle Dan
    Ryle Dan   1 years ago

    is this real or bogus? I have no idea anymore tbh

  • Tyler Kuehl
    Tyler Kuehl   1 years ago

    Thought that was azia celistino from channel one news🤣

  • Atheist Dingo
    Atheist Dingo   1 years ago

    0:34 and yet whats the bet she identifies as being black. gotta play that race card.

  • Tom T
    Tom T   1 years ago

    Her mom was whitetrash

  • lola bola
    lola bola   1 years ago

    Where can i find the whole episode?

  • Dimples91 E
    Dimples91 E   1 years ago

    How do I sign up for this show? I want to find my dad's side of the family, although I never met my dad.

  • Ice cold Cold
    Ice cold Cold   1 years ago


  • carlos c
    carlos c   1 years ago

    Omg know her! Fake ass hell.

  • JoAnn Lee
    JoAnn Lee   1 years ago

    I hate these stupid teasers that make you watch another video!!

  • owen prince
    owen prince   1 years ago

    This girl is very attractive and she has a good job working at a hospital. I hope things work out between her and her mother.