This Game Looks UNREAL (World Exclusive) Man of Medan Part 1

  • Published on: 27 August 2019
  • Man of Medan:

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    __ Outro: Animation:
  • Runtime : 58:1
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  • UltimateTouhouLove
    UltimateTouhouLove   16 hours ago

    You may recognize Conrad's actor also because he's the actor that is in Quantum Break and plays the main character that you play as most likely. if my Memory is correct

  • Christian Ice
    Christian Ice   1 days ago

    Happened on international waters so they couldn't prosecute that lil mf

  • Sofia Jon
    Sofia Jon   3 days ago

    I subscribed and like also hit the bell 😁😀😉😁

  • Do Doooppe
    Do Doooppe   3 days ago

    But here’s the thing it’s doesn’t say do not open

  • Gabby Gao
    Gabby Gao   3 days ago

    Her mandarin accent cringes me out lol

  • //
    //   3 days ago

    Well that “no problemo” was definitely not Italian lol

  • ABi
    ABi   5 days ago

    35:07 “Don’t leave me HIGHH.Don’t leave me dry...🎶🎶”

  • Shura Gaming
    Shura Gaming   6 days ago

    3:50 haha pewdiepie in game: im gonna be rich!in real world pewdiepie: am i a joke to you?

  • Lulu Yaghmour
    Lulu Yaghmour   1 weeks ago

    “the goal is to keep them all alive”Yh never gunna happen lol, we learned the hard way

  • Omar Mccarthy
    Omar Mccarthy   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else fart just before he said he smells like fart in here ?🤣

    SCHMSP   1 weeks ago

    Hm... The intro song is the same as the Until Dawn intro, just a different artist. Eeeeeeenteresting.

  • Nhan Do ảnh
    Nhan Do ảnh   1 weeks ago

    11:03Felix: you are coming up with you about!😂😂

  • Kopi
    Kopi   1 weeks ago

    That Whatsapp notification sound made me check my phone HAHAHA LMAO

  • Chelly
    Chelly   1 weeks ago

    It’s funny cuz are phones had ringed at the same time

  • garethininverness
    garethininverness   1 weeks ago

    good looking game but the twat yank in headphones is a wanker

  • Hansen Law
    Hansen Law   1 weeks ago

    i think this game is really cool, yet its a bit dark to see

  • Gavin Livingston
    Gavin Livingston   2 weeks ago

    It sounded like the music kept looping really noticeably while you were first speaking with the curator. Hopefully they fix that.

  • Homies Bruh
    Homies Bruh   2 weeks ago

    Pause at 12:34 you can access the computer!!?!

    JOY KOM   2 weeks ago

    I thought 8 minutes it was 58 minutes

  • Lily Trumble
    Lily Trumble   2 weeks ago

    My sisters literally made me watch this in order to see if I even want the game because I have Until Dawn so when this came out I automatically wanted it

  • Zoe
    Zoe   2 weeks ago

    hahah found it

  • Morgan Larsson
    Morgan Larsson   2 weeks ago

    remember when youtube just came out, and pewdiepies videos so old?? He wasnt even that popular then. But look at him now...100 MILION SUBS :D congrats