• Published on: 13 February 2020
  • I went to Chicago for NBA All Star Weekend 2020! I got some exclusive time on the court! Stay tuned all week for more!
    Make sure to tune into NBA Allstar game Sunday TNT 8pm est @NBA #NBAallstar

    Ricegum vs. Jesser INSANE 1 vs. 1 Basketball Challenges!
    ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMAD7mDSPa4&t=29s

    I Played Flight 1 vs. 1 Blindfolded... Basketball Challenge+
    ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MUzyHoEV_Y&t=5s

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  • Kash Star**
    Kash Star**   2 days ago

    Fashion is my passion no1 will ever change that..n I love basketball"WARDROBES NEVER DEPICT HOW FAR WE GO IN LIFE BUT A GREAT PERSONAILTY N THE RIGHT MIND SET WILL"💗💗

  • Ethan Arnold
    Ethan Arnold   6 days ago

    literally he bought one thing for his girl and rest for him

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian   6 days ago

    When you realize team Giannis all wore #24 and team Lebron wore #2 so the jersey numbers aren't accurate lmao

  • wetlikelava
    wetlikelava   1 weeks ago

    what air force 1s are Tristan jass wearing 1:20

  • antony gorrell
    antony gorrell   1 weeks ago

    dude stop trying to be black and Down go into the hood and then get harassed by your white police 👮‍♀️ officers who beat down our gente - then killed them for no reason that validates their police duties

  • RaymondPlayz
    RaymondPlayz   1 weeks ago

    TJass: drive to the paintJesser:I'm Dead...

  • Vincent __
    Vincent __   1 weeks ago

    What is the name of those shoes they 🔥

  • Chad Joyner
    Chad Joyner   1 weeks ago

    Why isn’t mopi there he is the real mvp

  • C Wade 99
    C Wade 99   1 weeks ago

    Ayyeee you went giordanos that’s my favorite pizza place I live in Chicago

  • Jason K
    Jason K   1 weeks ago

    3:24 can anyone tell me what this move called? I know it’s a Kobe move

  • Michael Basinger
    Michael Basinger   1 weeks ago

    I dont know where you got those seats "cough cough " seat geek "cough cough "

  • Chiefszone15
    Chiefszone15   1 weeks ago

    If Jesser was a NBA player he would be Joe Harris

  • The Football Beast
    The Football Beast   1 weeks ago

    I go to that cheese cake factory when I go to Chicago and I do that with. my fam

  • 손수지
    손수지   1 weeks ago

    I wish i can change when i slap the ground

  • Itsalex2025
    Itsalex2025   1 weeks ago

    Just had to put EXCLUSIVE in the title😂

  • Pac
    Pac   1 weeks ago

    Giodanos is not the best pizza in Chicago

  • Marvin
    Marvin   1 weeks ago

    Jesse needs to learn some new dunks

  • Xiang Chang
    Xiang Chang   1 weeks ago

    All star game in the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere....if you're going don't leave your bulletproof vest at home

  • Henryf24
    Henryf24   1 weeks ago

    Anyone know the shoes jesser got on??

    DALLAS__ JOE   1 weeks ago


  • 18sicily
    18sicily   1 weeks ago

    I’m not gonna lie but I’m 5’8 and can grab the rim and jesser’s 6’3 ass can’t even do a basic dunk

  • Sargis Narssi
    Sargis Narssi   1 weeks ago

    You guys dribble too much in place wasting your energy your moves get you no where.