NBA's Top 60 Assists Of The Decade | #StateFarmAssists

  • Published on: 31 December 2019
  • Check out the top 60 assists of the decade!

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  • Runtime : 14:42
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  • Ab Abiola
    Ab Abiola   2 days ago

    Is it just me or Stephen Curry is the most interesting baller to watch

  • ruben kohn
    ruben kohn   4 days ago

    Missing the full court pass from curry in his knees

  • g y i o
    g y i o   2 weeks ago

    Steph got 12 entries in top 60. More than any other player and e's not considered one of the best passers in the league..Think again

  • Adam Kadmon
    Adam Kadmon   3 weeks ago

    LeBron had 8 passes in this video but there's not his no look pass ti Ante Zizic...

  • AJ 13 genius
    AJ 13 genius   3 weeks ago

    Steph and Bron account for more than 25% of the video, talk about dominance

  • Felipe Bishop
    Felipe Bishop   4 weeks ago


  • Keith Upton
    Keith Upton   1 months ago

    You guys left out A LOT of LeBron Assists, and more players assists but mostly Bron cause their LeBron ones that should be on here over a lot of these 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   1 months ago

    Very nice assist and basket.01-18-20.

  • FeedEx Infinity
    FeedEx Infinity   1 months ago

    Man rondo's passes are just so fucking smooth, love it

  • Adiquite
    Adiquite   1 months ago

    what about Jokic’s behind the back against the bucks for the fastest triple double in nba history

  • Flaco montana
    Flaco montana   1 months ago

    Commentator: How good a passer green isCurry : hold my mouth peace

  • Rustem Kabdullin
    Rustem Kabdullin   1 months ago

    Man this list sucks tbh... I mean you can take every season’s top 6 and even that would be way more correct

  • MJ Cruz
    MJ Cruz   1 months ago

    Ginobili's passes should've been way higher in this list!

  • Fede SR
    Fede SR   1 months ago else to say

  • NiTringo
    NiTringo   1 months ago

    Manu's passes were all EPIC!

  • Demis Roussos
    Demis Roussos   1 months ago

    Ok fine I’ll watch this recommended clip.Jaw drops 😮

  • STERBEN 20
    STERBEN 20   1 months ago

    12:47 woooooaawwww the best for me

  • Wayne
    Wayne   1 months ago

    no Chris Paul ?

  • Max Banasiak
    Max Banasiak   1 months ago

    where is LeBron with his pass vs Lakers?!

  • 박동섭
    박동섭   1 months ago

    Where is lebron no look behind back pass to green in off season?

  • Baconmaster 11111
    Baconmaster 11111   1 months ago

    Players featured:👑 Stephen Curry - 9LeBron James - 8Manu Ginobili - 4Russell Westbrook - 3Steve Nash - 2James Harden - 2Giannis Antetokounmpo - 2Isaiah Thomas - 2Dwyane Wade - 2Andre Iguodala - 2Jamal Crawford - 2Nikola Jokic - 2Brandon Jennings - 2Rajon Rondo - 2Derrick Rose - 2Ricky Rubio - 1Andrew Bogut - 1Goran Dragic - 1Marc Gasol - 1Kyrie Irving - 1Trae Young - 1John Wall - 1Kyle Anderson - 1Blake Griffin - 1Ben Simmons - 1Lance Stephenson - 1Steven Adams - 1Rudy Fernandez - 1Danilo Gallinari - 1Curry & LeBron combine for 17 or roughly 28% of assists shown in the video.29 total players had an assist in the video.14 (48%) players with a shown assist had no other assist in the video.11 (37%) players with a shown assist had 1 other assist shown in the video.4 (13%) players with a shown assist had at least 2 other assists shown in the video.Calculations aren't exact & exclude decimals

  • Panda Legacy
    Panda Legacy   1 months ago

    12:30 This man just tackled Isaiah Thomas

  • Noel Araiza
    Noel Araiza   1 months ago

    Number 1 should be stephs behind the back pass to KD

  • Mowglie
    Mowglie   1 months ago

    The Gallinari pass is in the top 5, but LeBron's almost identical (if not better) passes to Zizic and Mozgov weren't even listed?Fuck's sake, what about his highlight reel no look pass against the Lakers that's mentioned on the best plays of the decade? You guys need to get your act together.

  • Tamir Crawley
    Tamir Crawley   1 months ago

    all this shows is just that manu is the best passer of all time