David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

  • Published on: 10 July 2019
  • David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The YouTuber stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.

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  • Runtime : 10:10
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  • Jolene Fern
    Jolene Fern   2 weeks ago

    David and Shane Dawson have so many mutual friends, I don’t know why they don’t film a series together

  • Diana Pineda
    Diana Pineda   1 months ago

    I love him!!!! He has the best laugh lol

  • tree meme
    tree meme   1 months ago

    i wish the last one would of been scotty

  • shahar sharon
    shahar sharon   1 months ago

    ..."and starts talking to him for like 7 minutes." *pause * "not 7 minutes. for like, for like 15 seconds". HOW DID HE GET FRON 7 MINUTES TO 15 SECONDS LOL

  • Shia Jessi
    Shia Jessi   1 months ago

    2:09 If you are looking for the part where he talks about Liza.

  • Maha Doraney
    Maha Doraney   2 months ago

    “Jason Nash........ pass” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi   2 months ago

    I literally knew all these and knew he was gonna say what memory "never -before-heard" huh?😂

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi   2 months ago

    Every time he talks about Liza I lose it. Ahhhhhh

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander   3 months ago

    Full disclosure, Liza IS NOT actually dead in real life. However, she might as well be dead to David considering she is now dating another guy, confirmed on Instagram.

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson   3 months ago

    David talking about Charlie Puth:“I love the kid...”David: 23Charlie Puth: 28...Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Jhovie Deveza
    Jhovie Deveza   4 months ago

    You can genuinely hear how much he misses Liza 😢

  • Coon Killer
    Coon Killer   4 months ago

    David-"one of my favourites" for every single person🤣

  • Starrgirl 300
    Starrgirl 300   4 months ago

    6:10 is so funny because he called him kid but charlie is lowkey 5 years older than him😂😂😂

  • mary
    mary   4 months ago

    “jason nash... PASS” 😂😂😂

  • cl
    cl   4 months ago

    “Jason Nash-pass” I-

  • nyree vesselles
    nyree vesselles   4 months ago

    David: Jeff ............hes one of the cute ones Me: ha lmao hes the only cute one

  • Sara Hassan
    Sara Hassan   5 months ago

    speaking of Speaking bad about people

  • Evelyn Cesareo
    Evelyn Cesareo   5 months ago

    i love how he talks about his mom, “ my mom called me saying you could’ve died you could’ve died!” Idk knowing his mom watches him on yt is heart warming

  • Sophia Lol
    Sophia Lol   5 months ago

    Al I the only one exactly knowing which sound his head made when he hit it at the dolan twins ramp? Idk if this sounds weird hahaha

  • Talia
    Talia   5 months ago

    David: talks about Lizame: cries

  • Havanaday
    Havanaday   6 months ago

    For like 7 min...for like 15 sec....ok David

  • dodie
    dodie   6 months ago

    “jeff wittek, my criminal friend”

  • luv the lightskin
    luv the lightskin   6 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how when he talked about liza they put the “awwwn” effects

  • Ashlee Avila
    Ashlee Avila   6 months ago

    David: my brain went vut vut vutme: uhhh.... a concussion?

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong   6 months ago


    FATIMAH   6 months ago

    Liza is the cutest😭😻❤️❤️