Holiday Craft Fair Ideas | Sewing, Knit, Crochet | Young Family Demographic

  • Published on: 07 September 2017
  • Holiday Craft Fairs are gearing up so let's talk about what sells for a "young family" demographic! I'm donating my items to a craft fair fundraiser and you're invited to join in, too! (Mailing address below.)

    Key fob Hardware: *

    Bow Tie Bib:

    Bandana Bib Pattern/Tutorial I used was from Spoonflower:

    Key fob Hardware: *

    Magic Pillow Case Tutorial:

    Little Helper Elf Hat:

    What to give a hand to Sister? Send items by October 8th 2017 to:
    Sister Margaret Mary, SJW
    St. Joseph Academy
    48 Needmore St.
    Walton, KY 41094
    St. Joseph Academy is a 501(c)(3) institution.

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  • Linda Creech
    Linda Creech   3 months ago

    Pot holders hot pads pocket tissue holders

  • June Fyfe
    June Fyfe   4 months ago

    Hi from Scotland Only found you today Nov. 2019!!!! I make small tartan kilts and inside are sewing assesories eg. small scissors , needle, tiny cotton reels, safety pins etc. also wash peg bags, I hope your sale went well.

  • Connie DeTevis
    Connie DeTevis   4 months ago

    Set of scrubbie with matching dishcloth in sports team colors. Every household uses them and in sports team colors are sure to sell.

  • Jan Walker
    Jan Walker   4 months ago

    Crocheted round coasters, mug coats, soap on a rope bags...make a crochet sm.bag open at one end single crochet the "rope", 2 squares of crochet with batting in between and join all the way around and chain a loop for a pot holder, velcro close the baby bibs, make adult size bibs...great for pizza night or spaghetti night! Have fun. Wish I could help but can't crochet right now...shoulder injury.May GOD richly bless you for what you are doing to help! A BLESSED CHRISTMAS SEASON TO YOU AND ALL YOU LOVE!🤗🙏🎁🎄

  • Dannie N
    Dannie N   4 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of school music programs. Music instruction has been proven to help children learn other disciplines as well. It should not be something that only the financially secure should benefit from. Thanks for getting the word out!

  • Elly Ess
    Elly Ess   4 months ago

    So sorry - the advert for yo yo desk would not go away so i could not see properly. will try later.

  • Betty Adkisson
    Betty Adkisson   5 months ago

    The kids here like ponytail scrunched& messy bun hats & bracelets. Table runners& place mats.

  • Lera Bishop
    Lera Bishop   5 months ago

    Dishe clothes, dog sweaters, beanies of all kinds, potholders, blankets, ornaments, and men like to see beanies, golf covers, slippers.

  • Shannon Carlson
    Shannon Carlson   5 months ago

    You cannot sell trademarked items like Disney characters or other such items. You should make sure you tell everyone not to sell those things. You can make them for your own personal use, but cannot sell them.

  • Delilah Gillis
    Delilah Gillis   5 months ago

    What about donating yarn for the crocheting lessons ?

  • The Crafty Realtor
    The Crafty Realtor   7 months ago

    I have made the same mistake on my bibs as well and it makes me so angry that I messed up my project.

  • The Crafty Realtor
    The Crafty Realtor   7 months ago

    I have been making the key chains forever and they are great sellers, as are lanyards to match.

  • Lydia DeLay
    Lydia DeLay   9 months ago

    I think animals and baby blankets would sell well at a craft fair.

  • Tiny One
    Tiny One   11 months ago

    I wouldn't say that you "messed up" with that fastener that you put on the wrong way... it might be easier to use that way, since you could snap both ends together with one hand - which could make life easier for people with limited dexterity. I struggle with normal poppers because I don't have the same strength as I once did in my right hand... but I could easily manage to fasten that with my left hand.

  • evangeline182007
    evangeline182007   11 months ago

    I love those bandana bibs, I got my aunt to make some for my little one and I swear by them for little drool bibs when she is teething. So cute and useful.

  • Andrea Chard
    Andrea Chard   1 years ago

    Those old flat squared off pliers at 3:49 are called flat nose pliers. But hayho you was close enough. lol. I think your so sweet.

  • Von Fluffinstuff
    Von Fluffinstuff   1 years ago

    Will Sister Margaret Mary be having another craft event this year? I'm from the UK but would love to send some crochet goodies for her to sell 😊

  • L M
    L M   1 years ago

    What a wonderful cause and your ideas are awesome..unfortunately I missed the event. Do have a question How is she doing now.. By any chance with all the pain she has could she have a touch of RSD in her hand.. RSD is reflex sympathy dystrophy . I attacks the perival nerve since does alot work with her hands crocheting and using a different way than most crochets/knitters.. I have this RSD in my right hand which is my dominant and it was very painful I got it when I broke my rh wrist I have pinch nerve in my elbow of that arm also.. Hope she is doing better..I just love your inspiration and your voice is so stinkin cute.. I’m not laughing at you just with you..Keep up the great job beautiful..

  • The Crafty Realtor
    The Crafty Realtor   1 years ago

    I’m going to be doing a farmers market and I am going to be making baby items. Great video. FYI, I have made the same mistake with the snaps many times.

  • Barb515
    Barb515   2 years ago

    Just now watched this video. Too late to help Sister Mary, but here is a tip. You can remove a cam snap fairly easily with plier type toe nail clippers.

  • Carolyn Ponce
    Carolyn Ponce   2 years ago

    Boomwackers are great! They are color coded, pitched, tubes. They are a pitched percussion instrument when played together. Students can hit their lap or floor/table to play. They can also be tied together to build a xylophone. Here's a fun video Btw, I just found your channel. Love it. I hand knit, but I want to start doing some charity knitting. Thank you for sharing all your fun ideas and helpful hints. I just got a Michaels Quick Knit and am saving for an Addi.

  • My Kitchen Corner
    My Kitchen Corner   2 years ago


  • Susan Kraft
    Susan Kraft   2 years ago

    I'm mailing my package to the good sister today and praying it makes it in time! I made scarves, ear warmers and a couple slouchy hats. I hope they help! Blessings!!!!! 💜

  • Theresa Kidd
    Theresa Kidd   2 years ago

    So okay with posting this question since you talked about donating to craft fairs. How do you decide what yarn, pattern, colors to use to make things to donate to the homeless? My main group is in Nashville and it seems like every color is a gang color.

  • Maureen P
    Maureen P   2 years ago

    I wish I had seen this sooner! I would have helped for sure. I may still. $$ Thank you. New sub!

  • Bubblybows Bows
    Bubblybows Bows   2 years ago

    Just found your channel and subbed love your crafts I will try to send her some bows. Tfs 😃

  • Dee Raines
    Dee Raines   2 years ago

    Headbands, slippers, season decorations...

  • Marla P
    Marla P   2 years ago

    Do you have a current link to the elf hat you showed? I found it in 2016 Christmas but it brings up a different elf hat. I'm new to your site and love what you do! Thank you!

  • G DeB
    G DeB   2 years ago

    Thank you for the cute ideas.

  • MBGray Designs
    MBGray Designs   2 years ago

    Oh Margaret I'm so happy I saw this video for so many reasons. 1. My husband and I went to St. Joan of Arc (SJA) together in Omaha, NE. 2. My husband is a musician. 3. I just prepared many items for a craft fair that I was unable to attend. And finally my husbands father is a musician (very talented) and he is blind!!! I think the Lord is definitely giving me a strong sign that I must send my craft fair items to Sr. Margaret Mary. Thank you so much for this video!! 😀

  • Jess jta designs
    Jess jta designs   2 years ago

    Great work, ladies you rock! The ideas I remember from doing past fairs were bibs,( my son was a massive drooler), and mine were made with Velcro tabs,much better than the snaps. Also ornaments, painted tees for kids, picture frames. Once I made a hand lettered poem about being a loving caregiver. I had copies in a basket for free, and loved giving them away. Loved hearing all the comments of positive love💖 we all need more of that. Good luck!

  • Ellen Helms
    Ellen Helms   2 years ago

    Those little Santa Helper hats are also wonderful for a local hospital's nursery. I've made hats for our hospital's NICU and my contact says the parents love them!

    BURZZA3G   2 years ago

    I have a question regarding the craft fair that may sound silly but I have never done this before so what I'm wondering is when you make the items for donation are you supposed to price them or do you just leave that entirely up to her?

  • Joanna Sperandeo
    Joanna Sperandeo   2 years ago

    I love craft fairs! I love to buy from them... Lol. I would love to participate in one but I can't seem to find the time to get a good amount of inventory ready. Oh well, maybe one day. I will certainly try to get a few things together to send to Sister MM. Bless her heart she is a child of God! <3 The bibs you made are absolutely adorable! That reminds me I made a monster bib last year that you did in one of your videos. I'll have to find that pic and post it on your fbook page. I would take a guess that some of the big sellers at craft fairs would be character hats and scarves, Christmas ornaments and stockings, cotton washcloths and scrubbies and coasters would be quick and easy to make. Oh, and anything in the colors of the NFL team in the area. Love your video's! Hugs! <3