Trying The New Crust-Only Pizza | 6 All Crust Foods (React)

  • Published on: 27 July 2019
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    Pizza with just the crust? Reactors try some crust-only foods.

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    Trying The New Crust-Only Pizza | 6 All Crust Foods (React)
  • Runtime : 11:51
  • Trying The New Crust-Only Pizza | 6 All Crust Foods (React) pizza review pizza crust food trends react reaction thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh try to watch without laughing or grinning react gaming people versus food do they know it staff reacts poker face the 10s guess that pizza trend pigs in a blanket peanut butter and jelly PB&J cheesecake cookie pop-tarts RCLT1922


    REACT   6 months ago

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  • ldolphin240
    ldolphin240   6 months ago

    Kristine is NOT having it lemme just say

  • Kt Pearl
    Kt Pearl   6 months ago

    If the pizza was stuffed crust then yeh I’d just eat the crust

  • Pewd Diepie
    Pewd Diepie   6 months ago

    Unless it’s regular white bread I love eating the bread by itself am I trippin 😂😂😂

  • Calvin Page
    Calvin Page   6 months ago

    If you just want crust get breadsticks

  • Belen Sanchez
    Belen Sanchez   6 months ago

    I used to only eat the crust of the pop tart when I was a kid lol. I hated the jelly/filling

  • Rebecca Nicole
    Rebecca Nicole   6 months ago

    This should have secretly been a try not to get mad challenge. 😂👌 The reactions were great.

  • Daphne B.
    Daphne B.   6 months ago

    Honestly tho I'd like the cheese cake crust alone

  • Ellie101
    Ellie101   6 months ago

    I lost it at the cheesecake part

  • Breyana Kinard
    Breyana Kinard   6 months ago

    The crust on pizza is my favorite part I still love the rest of the pizza so I just can’t start eating a crust only pizza🤷🏾‍♀️

  • A. M
    A. M   6 months ago

    Sooo... I just lost the "try not to get mad" challenge 😂😑

  • Dani Perotti
    Dani Perotti   6 months ago

    Concluding: Crust Only is ALWAYS worse😂

  • Choice Osadolor
    Choice Osadolor   6 months ago

    Cheese covered in tomato sauce I dont mind but i really like the crusts

  • Jannelli Rodriguez
    Jannelli Rodriguez   6 months ago

    Is there something wrong with me bc I would prefer crust 😭😭 I remember being younger and hating the crust on pop tarts and now I only eat the crust bc the rest is too sweet 😭😭

  • chris_drippy
    chris_drippy   6 months ago

    Mikaela cant be my gamer girl wife0:20I'm jp

  • Bunnypxo
    Bunnypxo   6 months ago

    The crust is the best part of pizza!

  • mason jenkins
    mason jenkins   6 months ago

    As a parent of a picky kid I've eaten a many crust only pb&j

  • Mr. Crazy
    Mr. Crazy   6 months ago

    Best part. This is literally the best part of the pizza.1 second laterThis isn't even the best part of the pizza

  • Esther x always
    Esther x always   6 months ago

    Lol my favorite person is mikaela she is literally so funny 😂

  • Chestnutty
    Chestnutty   6 months ago

    Pigs in blankets over here have bacon wrapping up the sausage instead

  • Alexandra Draper
    Alexandra Draper   6 months ago

    I thought the joke was that a poptart is all crust but that’s just cruel

  • Alexandra Draper
    Alexandra Draper   6 months ago

    I feel like crust only foods would be okay if they were given dips 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • gal kynzy
    gal kynzy   6 months ago

    Who is the narrator of this episode, i like his voice and i feel so familiar

  • TLN Bulldog
    TLN Bulldog   6 months ago

    Do a video of eating puertorrican food

  • Philyrah Savea
    Philyrah Savea   6 months ago

    Mikaela: the crust is the best part........5 seconds laterLuis: the crust is not even the bet partMe:🤔

  • Miranda JRP
    Miranda JRP   6 months ago

    If only you did the real version (uk) of pigs in blankets then at least you would’ve still had bacon! 😂

  • fastcookie
    fastcookie   6 months ago

    "always more cookie" I APPROVE :)

  • Avoid
    Avoid   6 months ago

    Ill eat the pizza crust 😊

  • Taylor Voshell
    Taylor Voshell   6 months ago

    am i the only one that thinks that the crust is the best part of a pop tart🤔

  • Amal Ziad
    Amal Ziad   6 months ago

    Hi it's react app I get fast access to videos fb insta and much more