GETTING DUMPED! Brutal But Honest Answers On Family Feud USA!

  • Published on: 14 February 2020
  • You're dumping me because?! Steve Harvey can't believe some of these answers!
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  • Runtime : 11:8
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  • Charlie10Tango
    Charlie10Tango   3 weeks ago

    Hold up there Steve... what's up with #5 answer at 9:15, then the same #5 is different at 9:30 when the next person answers.

  • Lam Bo Xian
    Lam Bo Xian   3 weeks ago

    That guy trying to speak Chinese screwed up so badly. He should at least practise some convos at home before trying to "show off".

  • Edwina Jones
    Edwina Jones   4 weeks ago

    How to point out gold diggers:watch family feud. "Doesn't make enough money" 😂😂

  • mdooms76
    mdooms76   1 months ago

    Broke...ONLY $500k?! Wow!

  • lunatic
    lunatic   1 months ago

    hey it would be nice to see the correct answers

  • Jordan Go
    Jordan Go   1 months ago

    how was anniversary not there

  • Anime4U
    Anime4U   1 months ago

    6:17The real answer is die.Imagine that your loved one dumped you in order to "protect" you from the pain and grief. Assuming this person his on his death bed and will die.Only for you to find out the real reason after their death.And Maybe I've been watching it much kdrama....

  • John Smith
    John Smith   1 months ago

    I was like "oh how brutal can they be?" And 10 seconds in I got to see a street fighter fatality

  • Karina Andreson
    Karina Andreson   1 months ago

    That is one disrespectful douche-bag, plus she is ugly and fat too.

  • dance Pudge
    dance Pudge   1 months ago

    Yes this answer is fine to your mommy and daddy and your praying grandfather

  • Felisha
    Felisha   1 months ago

    2:20$500k? As in 500,000 a year? My math isn't that good, but that's half a million American dollars in a years time. That's wealthy to upper class status. That's no where near poverty. You have enough to buy a mansion. Jeez! lol

  • Felisha
    Felisha   1 months ago

    0:03Well if he can't work his small dick like a pair of lesbian fingers, then yes, there is an unhappy vagina on stage.

  • Apez19
    Apez19   1 months ago

    So ur telling me its still ok to dump ur gal on wedding day but not on valentines day??wow thats new to me..

  • Taurus
    Taurus   1 months ago

    1:12 Steve is low key looking at them titties

    TRAC ATAK   1 months ago

    AHHAHAH 3:25 GIRL IN GLUE.. popped out.. man i gotta start watching this show....

  • Skaixx
    Skaixx   1 months ago

    That first woman is so low quality LOL

  • Apex
    Apex   1 months ago

    500K... wtf greedy needy mfs XD

  • Diego Reyes
    Diego Reyes   1 months ago

    Ok... how could that answer (Small Penis) not be on the board but Total Man-Whore is?😐😑😁😆😂🤣

  • Demetrius King
    Demetrius King   1 months ago

    "His penis is too small." First answer she could think of, lmao

  • E-cat 5713
    E-cat 5713   1 months ago

    good sign! i still can get a girl

  • Riki Roman
    Riki Roman   1 months ago

    In my opinion. I complete disagree with Bradshaw becuase the only way we can honor the soldier the men and woman of our military who are fighting for our freedom is by standing up and at least solute to the flag and say thank you. People who don't stand up or take a knee are just disrespectful and childish.

  • Tomo Polic
    Tomo Polic   1 months ago

    And what was the worst day a man could dump his fiance?

  • E. Paige Sergent
    E. Paige Sergent   1 months ago

    I recently ended a relationship, mainly bc the man thinks EVERYTHING & ANYTHING is reason enough to break up. I was exhausted with his inability to regulate his emotions & angry outbursts. Dodged a bullet on that one!