YIAY have an announcement

  • Published on: 10 September 2019
  • Tickets NOW available!! REEEEE http://www.jacksfilmslive.com
  • Runtime : 4:18
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  • Pointless
    Pointless   1 months ago

    So is it just that Jackbox game: Quiplash

  • Michael Hanna
    Michael Hanna   3 months ago

    I’m glad you’re not Jake Paul nobody would go be at his 21 and up show

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin   3 months ago

    The fact that I can't tell if this is real is a credit to how good Jack is at what he does.

  • ichi
    ichi   3 months ago

    damn wish i lived in la

  • joei blatt
    joei blatt   4 months ago

    People go to his show, I'm too poor to go to any other youtube shit. I know his will be the cheapest tour.

  • Anønymøus -
    Anønymøus -   4 months ago

    the title actually makes sense because the way YIAY is pronounced is the same as the the word I is pronounced in danish. So, to me, you are just saying I have an announcement.

  • Huston Manning
    Huston Manning   4 months ago

    That suggested videos card is way too eerily similar to what mine actually looks like.

  • The End
    The End   4 months ago

    We all know he's just gonna set it up so that he will win. I mean if he can't show us he's funny he can atleast try to convince us.

  • Shay. W.
    Shay. W.   4 months ago

    John we all know no one is showing up to the 21+ show. Your entire fanbase is 12 year olds.

  • L3Dominus
    L3Dominus   4 months ago

    At 17th of November is my birthday

  • Hjimpie_splatoon
    Hjimpie_splatoon   4 months ago

    Imma explain why there are two showsAll ages: its simple, just a family friendly show21+: or you can call it: “furries only”Have fun there...Me? Oh i cant come... im not a furry... and im from Holland...

  • Who is joe?
    Who is joe?   4 months ago

    Phase one: yiay live livePhase two: yiay 500Phase three: the kidzbop quiz 2Phase four: minecraft let’s play

  • Carl Z
    Carl Z   4 months ago

    You shitheads better go to this so he comes up to Canada. Or at least near the border.

  • Spooky
    Spooky   4 months ago

    Anyone else get jabaited @ 0:10?

  • Lol2heaven
    Lol2heaven   4 months ago

    I want this in Ireland 🤣🤣

  • Blur OverDrive
    Blur OverDrive   4 months ago

    Its funny how only the All Ages version is the one sold out but not the 21+

  • koala201211
    koala201211   4 months ago

    Unfortunately, I don't have airplane money

  • Moo0505
    Moo0505   4 months ago

    Love the beginning! I’m glad he started addressing us properly!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood   4 months ago

    I love that jacks like the one us youtuber who would actually come to Ireland if he went "beyond" a national tour😀😀

  • alex
    alex   5 months ago

    Why do you have a beard

  • Amy Mitman
    Amy Mitman   5 months ago

    great, another chance for my submission to get rejected IN PERSON.

  • Josh Meadows
    Josh Meadows   5 months ago

    Im going to atholton in a few years im in middle school