Bologna 2-3 Milan | The Rossoneri is back on track with a second victory in a row | Serie A

  • Published on: 08 December 2019
  • AC Milan wins the second consecutive game, still away, and rises to -1 from Napoli. Goals by Piatek, Hernandez and Bonaventura | Serie A

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  • Runtime : 4:14
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  • Leo Cavinton
    Leo Cavinton   3 months ago

    If theo didn't play, milan would win 2-0. That's better than 3-2

  • EL nino
    EL nino   3 months ago

    why not just spell like that PIANTEK.. why ?? of course there is different A but why just spell it easy?

  • geomatiq
    geomatiq   3 months ago

    Where can i watch these games.. im in us

  • Oluwafemi Owolabi
    Oluwafemi Owolabi   3 months ago

    That Theo Hernandez goal looks like a training ground rehearsal. See Piatek skips the ball with the expectation that Theo would pick it up. And he's scored from that position twice now. At least we can see a goal-making tactic.

  • Fake Wei
    Fake Wei   4 months ago

    Aye Jack with a sweet curl

  • The PiTer
    The PiTer   4 months ago

    Piątek has scored penalty look like Lewandowski

  • MountainMan
    MountainMan   4 months ago

    Theo scored twice and made penalty.What a performance 😆👌🖤❤

  • Richio
    Richio   4 months ago

    Why do the commentators pronounce Piatek's name Piantek as if there was an n in his name?

  • Jonata TV
    Jonata TV   4 months ago

    Não tenho visto o paqueta nos últimos jogos do millan, aconteceu algo?

  • Zjava
    Zjava   4 months ago

    Karny wykonany ze zwolnieniem jak Lewandowski. Piątek podpatrzył Roberta na treningu reprezentacji. Brawo!!👍💪

  • Martpio Law
    Martpio Law   4 months ago

    Missed Bonaventura. I hope ricrod is searching for a new club

  • Denis
    Denis   4 months ago

    Forza Milan <3

    DEE DUBZ   4 months ago

    I wanted Suso to replace Ozil but we're stuck with that lazy £350,000k a week mope

  • mr merl
    mr merl   4 months ago

    how the mighty have fallen

  • Kelvin Addae
    Kelvin Addae   4 months ago

    Why are the fans caged at the Italian stadia

  • PeteR GobliN
    PeteR GobliN   4 months ago

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that this commentator actually pronounced all of the names correctly?

  • MrEmi92
    MrEmi92   4 months ago

    Theo 1:14😀Theo 1:49😧

  • i can fly
    i can fly   4 months ago

    Yes!! This is Milan i know! Forza milan!