• Published on: 15 January 2019
  • I spray painted daddy and a peepee on my brothers brand new car warp XD

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  • Runtime : 21:39
  • Dolan Twins Grayson Ethan Spray painted car prank Prank


  • Leah S.
    Leah S.   5 hours ago

    G: “You spray painted my car for a prank?!!!”E: .... no?? 🥺

  • Belly Button Lint
    Belly Button Lint   7 hours ago

    I can tell the difference because Grayson is a d-baglol JK love you guys

  • Legacis Vlogs
    Legacis Vlogs   1 days ago

    I really thought it was that washable spray paint 💀💀

  • Happy Tears
    Happy Tears   1 days ago

    Omg I wish he knew stores actually sell washable spray paint lol

  • Rotten Queen
    Rotten Queen   1 days ago

    Ethan the entire video:it’s washable, you just need soapGrayson the entire video: ITS NOT WASHABLE ETHAN!

  • Rotten Queen
    Rotten Queen   1 days ago

    Ethan: how much cursing do I want in this videoGrayson: yes

  • X jasmine X
    X jasmine X   1 days ago

    10:38 Grayson- whatthefudkfnyoutalkinbout

  • Taya tron
    Taya tron   2 days ago

    I died when Grayson really tried to scrub off the spray paint 💀💀

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar   2 days ago

    As a professional car wrapper it does not take more than a month to wrap a car. Im sure they are over charging him

  • Lara
    Lara   4 days ago

    Grayson does cute and funny prank Ethan does ones that can cause heart attack 😂😂

  • Félicité
    Félicité   5 days ago

    He should’ve put the washable paint over the top of the spray paint so it looks more like His own car but when gray tries to wash his off it won’t come off because the permanent paint is under it

  • Mysvie
    Mysvie   6 days ago

    He probably should have used like liquid paint for walls not aerosol. There’s also window paint that’s very opaque. You should’ve used the window paint then used the toxic washable paint for your car. And then the spray paint plus the non toxic paint on top of graysons car.

  • Mary Mueller
    Mary Mueller   6 days ago

    e: well you wrapped my car in the last video gray: IT WAS F*CKING CHRISTMAS PAPER

  • Priya Khan
    Priya Khan   6 days ago

    If that was me I would ask where the spray paint was and covered it all up 😂

  • BMXBoyTom 2009
    BMXBoyTom 2009   1 weeks ago

    I’m disappointed and I’m s 10 year old kid! This is a serious act of vandalism and could severely damage someone’s property! I hope you don’t do this again.From a kid

  • Beatriz Carracedo
    Beatriz Carracedo   1 weeks ago

    WAIT ethan looks frustrated when he starts the video or is it just me 😅😅😂😂

  • Karlee Rambo
    Karlee Rambo   1 weeks ago

    never thought i would hear ethan say, "time to wake up grayson."

  • William Moore
    William Moore   1 weeks ago

    Who else looked at Ethan's black diamond bracelet and remembered the "SISTER SQUAD" god I miss them

  • Elia Simon
    Elia Simon   1 weeks ago

    Grayson at 13:21 omgggggggg I’m shocked he didn’t murder Ethan

  • Jasmin Hermosillo
    Jasmin Hermosillo   1 weeks ago

    Ethan was up before Grayson and he said He had just woke up. How did Grayson not realize something was up

  • Bok
    Bok   1 weeks ago

    First two videos of 2019 used as the last line of verse 2 (https://twitter.com/SongParodist/status/1166929473691799552?s=20) of song parody about the Dolan Twins.

  • Jose G Rivera
    Jose G Rivera   1 weeks ago

    Greyson was about to blow and turn into ninja, but he actually a awesome brother, he hold kicking Ethan’s ass

  • Leonardo Rosado
    Leonardo Rosado   1 weeks ago

    plot twistEthan put the washable paint on grayson's car and puts the permanent paint on his own car 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Gaara's A Serial Killer

    "Just wash it harder." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That_1_cat !
    That_1_cat !   2 weeks ago

    second hand embarrassment had entered the chat

  • Kambry
    Kambry   2 weeks ago

    You should have used the washible color hair spray so it would look like the real thing

  • Jemima Pearson
    Jemima Pearson   2 weeks ago

    Imagine if Grayson caught Ethan spraying a penis on his car 😂

  • Angelicco
    Angelicco   2 weeks ago

    Why are Grayson's pranks cute and funny and Ethan's pranks are hardcore af omg