Taytum and Oakley WONT GROW UP! (*BIG BABIES*)

  • Published on: 17 July 2019
  • Taytum and Oakley do NOT want to grow up! We need them to take steps forward not backwards! Its hard enough with a newborn baby!!!

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  • Runtime : 15:27
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  • Kushi Gooo
    Kushi Gooo   11 hours ago

    I’m all to this channel but do you know why because I watch your channel every morning

  • Ofelia Olague
    Ofelia Olague   1 days ago


  • Andytae
    Andytae   1 days ago

    Kyler. and mad. Baby girl I hope you know I love is a little better but I will be in a little later than I wanted 😁 to see you if I was to get with the program to see the gets home from school today so we are going back to work

  • Lexi Nurse
    Lexi Nurse   3 days ago

    Kyle and Madison I love you Fish fam

  • Abeer Ayesh
    Abeer Ayesh   6 days ago

    you and the twins should swich lives for 24 hours

  • Nia Siwa
    Nia Siwa   2 weeks ago

    Hi I’m a new sub and I love the twins they are SO AND TO CUTE please notice me because n YouTube never notice me

    RIHANNA ORTIZ   3 weeks ago


  • No Name
    No Name   3 weeks ago

    That mother is an idiot.

  • Lelia Lewis
    Lelia Lewis   1 months ago

    Go rent a house in Florida close to spring ridge

  • Carolyn Fox
    Carolyn Fox   1 months ago

    hey you guys hope you had fun i bet you guys are tied of having to deal with 3 babys

  • Tongtatongjai2
    Tongtatongjai2   1 months ago

    How OLD are THEY?! β€”β€”β€” β€”β€”β€”

  • Antonina Janiszewska
    Antonina Janiszewska   1 months ago

    Instead of showing silly faces 😜 at them u should of tickled them

  • Summers World
    Summers World   1 months ago

    Hey you scrolling down the comments Kyle says don't grow up Kyle pleas grow up

  • Uzma Imad
    Uzma Imad   1 months ago

    Hi Taytum and Oakley..... You are so CUTE.....

  • Sambath Sok
    Sambath Sok   1 months ago


  • Matthew Tan
    Matthew Tan   1 months ago

    You should do a big baby doing workout

  • Matthew Tan
    Matthew Tan   1 months ago

    When you said won’t grow up and if I was them I would be embarrassed